相信很多小伙伴都知道,PDD作为主播而言可以说是脾气非常好的了, 经常在直播间都是和大家有说有笑的。然而近日,PDD在直播的时候突然怒怼水友,弹幕也是有点不忍直视啊,各种不好听的话都发出来了。PDD直接口吐芬芳怒怼水友。赶紧一起来看看是怎么回事吧~!

I believe that many little friends know that PDD, as a host, is very good tempered, and often talks and laughs with everyone in the live room. Recently, however, PDD suddenly got angry with Shuiyou during the live broadcast, and the barrage was also a little intolerant. All kinds of unpleasant words came out. PDD directly spits out fragrance and angry water friends. Hurry up and see what's going on ~!


What's the matter with PDD live angry and angry


PDD's recent live broadcast is a double row of Hanfu with others. People who often watch PDD's live broadcast should know that. But recently, when PDD was chatting with Shuiyou while waiting for the game live, it saw a bullet screen saying, "only playing low-end games to find the sense of existence, and the anchorman is all Internet beggars." Because of this sentence, PDD is also directly fried! Start to spit out fragrance directly and teach keyboard man a lesson.


PDD says that you are so powerful. Why don't you go to work like me when you install B in my live studio? Built a team? What are you going to do with me. Some people like to find a sense of existence. Respect is mutual. You don't respect me. Why should I give you face? Many water friends also agree with PDD's words. We all know the strength of PDD. Although it's not as good as before to build a live team, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. Remember this sentence!


As for the Internet beggars, the way for PDD to make money is not simply live broadcasting, but there are many ways. PDD is also a direct friend of the water said: "the most important thing is, I live more than you, ask you angry?"


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