LCS赛区首位女选手Remilia去世 Remilia去世的原因是什么-看世界

LCS赛区首位女选手Remilia去世 Remilia去世的原因是什么


When it comes to LCS, are you familiar with it? Remilia, the first female player in the competition area, is a very good professional player. However, recently, it was announced that the player died. The contestant had sex change surgery before he died. The girl who was only 24 left us like this. So what is the cause of Remilia's death? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


Remilia, the first female player in LCS, died


Just yesterday, a sad news came from the LCS competition area, that is, Remilia, the first female player in history, died on the night of December 28, Beijing time. She passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 24! The player is still in his prime of life, so he left the world. When it comes to this player Remilia, I think everyone is not familiar with her, right? She was a man before her career and later had sex change surgery. But the operation failed and left a serious sequela.


The strength of this player is very high. Used to work for the Ren team. As for the failure of transsexual surgery, the boss of the team at that time gave him a promise that as long as he entered the LCS, he would help him realize his wishes and change his life. Because of this boss, he found a deformation mechanism at will, which led to the failure of plastic surgery, leaving a very serious sequela, and the nerves in the lower half of the body were seriously damaged.


At that time, he took part in the competition as a deformed female player, which naturally caused a great sensation, various external pressures, various harassment and so on. In addition to the failure of the operation, it has caused great damage to the heart and physiology. Because of this, the owner of Ren team was forced to sell the LCS League places by fist.


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