Name: Li Dan


Surname: Male


Nationality: Han


Occupation: the fifth and seventh term of Tang Empire


Birth and death: 662-716 A.D


Length of service: 6 + 2 = 8 years


Father: Li Zhi




Heir to the throne:


Favorite hobby: Leisure


Biggest specialty: let it be


Biggest disadvantage: no ambition


Biggest advantage: no ambition


Greatest achievement: becoming the most abdicated emperor in history


Biggest mistake: no chance to make mistakes


The greatest happiness: finally let all the power seats out


Biggest pain: forced to be emperor by his sister and son


Biggest enemy: no


The greatest ideal: to live a life in peace


The biggest compromise: give up all power


Maximum martial arts: None


Maximum Cultural Governance: None


Current address: Qiaoling, 30 Li northwest of Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province


[classic records]


Longji We thought that the temple should not be without a master, and that all opportunities should not be temporarily opened. And from people's expectation, because of the policy and prohibition It's not my original intention. It's the intention of Princess Taiping, crown prince, kings and county officials. (the imperial edict of persuading emperor and Prince Fu Shiguan in the whole Tang Dynasty)


Longji, Princess Taiping and others believe that there can be no monarch in the temple, no one can take care of everything in the country temporarily, and follow people's expectations to determine policies in the palace Therefore, it is not my original intention to conform to the wishes of the people. It is really the meaning of Princess Taiping, crown prince, kings and county officials.


Ancient writings: courteous, filial, studious, gongcaoli, especially the book of exegesis (the book of the old Tang Dynasty, the book of Ruizong)


He is humble, respectful, filial, friendly, fond of learning and devoted to calligraphy, especially to exegesis.


[character story]


Let the world go


Li Dan is Li Xian's younger brother. His temple name is "Rui". Rui means very smart. Why does Li Dan get the title of Rui?


Like Li Xian, Li Dan was the son of Wu Zetian, who helped her to the throne of God and then kicked her to the throne. However, unlike Li Xian, Wu Zetian never "oppressed" Li Dan as she did against him. On the contrary, Li Dan was given the surname of Wu, and he was allowed to be the heir of the emperor to prepare for his death.


Compared with Li Dan, Wu Chengsi's and others are trying to win the throne, and Li Xian's final restoration is also an accident. Only Li Dan, from the beginning, has always been Wu Zetian's voluntary wish to pass the throne on to him. Why is Wu Zetian so optimistic about Li Dan?


Wu Zetian made it clear that she wanted to take over Li Tang's mountains and rivers, but she tolerated Li Dan for six years. What's the reason. In fact, the answer is Li Dan's temple name - "Rui". This child is so smart that he is so smart that he looks down on power and fame and really knows what he needs. He lived a happy life. He didn't fight for anything, but he didn't suffer from any wrongs. Life has given him too many twists and turns, but he has resolved all these tribulations one by one, or honor or disgrace remain calm.


What is this not great wisdom? What is not Rui?


The most intelligent embodiment of Li Dan is that he once let the world three times in his life, thus becoming the emperor who gave up the most times in Chinese history.


Ordinary people fight for a place in their lives, but Li Dan gets the world three times, but three times he lets it out easily, one for his mother, another for his brother and three for his son.


The first time Li Dan got the world was after Zhongzong was abolished, Wu Zetian made him emperor in the same month.


After Ruizong ascended the throne, he was not like his brother Li Xian, but like a upstart, he was also a wife and father-in-law. As for Ruizong, the throne of emperor seems to be nonexistent. He still lives in the deep palace quietly. Practice his calligraphy and read his books.


Wu Zetian was satisfied with his attitude and didn't rush to get rid of him so that he could step by step ascend the throne. It can be said that Empress Wu can become a empress smoothly, which is inseparable from Li Dan's good cooperation. If this Dan doesn't cooperate at all, or doesn't actively and seriously cooperate, then Empress Wu's road to the emperor will be more troubled. Of course, she can force Li Dan to obey, just like Li Xian, but what's the good for her? After all, they are her own son.


Li Dan is always very considerate of his mother's meaning, can understand his mother's difficulties and obey her everywhere, so Wu Zetian is not eager to let Li Dan step down. On the contrary, when the conditions are not fully mature, she would like to see Li Dan in office, because Li Dan is the one who can really cooperate with her. When the conditions for Wu Zetian to ascend the throne were ripe, Li Dan offered the throne and asked for his surname before Wu Zetian came to ask for it. This is Li Dan.


Li Dan's request for Wu's surname is really powerful, because after all, he is Wu Zetian's own son. How close are several nephews of Wu's family to Wu Zetian, but their own son? Since the emperor can be the empress, what can't the son follow his mother's surname. Li Dan's move made Wu Zetian very happy: "this child still thinks I am his mother-in-law, really understand me." So I happily agreed to Li Dan's request. On the one hand, I accepted Li Dan's throne, and on the other hand, I gave Li Dan the surname Wu. So Li Dan became Wudan Besides, as the only son of Wu Zetian (Li Xian has only his own daughter-in-law in mind, not the same mind as Wu Zetian), Wu Zetian naturally made Wudan the heir of the emperor, and always insisted on the same. No matter how many twists and turns and crises there were, Wu Zetian didn't give up his position as heir.


Wu Zetian carefully protected the throne of emperor Wudan's heir, but in the end, Wudan himself let the throne out.


Before that, Wu Zetian had recalled Li Xian to Luoyang. Otherwise, he could not have a coup As a result, as soon as Li Xian came back, Li Dan said he was ill and would not go to the court again. He insisted on giving the throne to his brother.


We should see Li Dan's intelligence in this matter. Why didn't he say to Wu Chengsi and Wu Sansi before? Because that's not what Wu Zetian meant. Now why give it to Li Xian? Because that's exactly what Wu Zetian meant.


Does that mean that Wu Zetian's attitude towards him has changed? No, on the contrary, Wu Zetian hoped that Li Xian would inherit the throne just out of a kind of love for Li Dan (or Wudan). Wu Zetian knew that Li Dan was really not interested in the throne, and never cultivated his own friends. Li Xian, on the other hand, is different. Although he has been seemingly honest in Fangling these years, his wife, Webster, has never really given up her ambition. There are many people in the DPRK who are related to them. If Li Xian ascends the throne, Li Dan will have no objection. But if Li Dan ascends the throne, although Li Xian won't fight for anything, will Webster and his party let him go?


Moreover, as he grew older and older, those who supported Wu's family for fear of himself in the imperial court were more and more eager to "pull out the chaos anyway". Li Xian inherited the throne of Li Zhi, the emperor of Gaozong, while Li Dan held the throne by himself. If we really want to "restore Li Tang", it is obvious that Li Xian has more weight than Li Dan for those who support Tang. Then why bake Li Dan on the fire? However, Wu Zetian couldn't bear to take the throne of Li Dan's heir. However, Li Dan was smart enough to see his mind and asked to give the throne to Li Xian.


So Li Dan let the world go.


In May of Jinglong's fourth year, Zhongzong Li Xian was poisoned. In June of the same year, Li Longji, the third son of Ruizong, launched a royal forest army to attack the palace to kill Princess Anle, etc. Together with Princess Taiping, Ruizong will be restored. However, Li Dan was really not interested in the throne. He even issued a special imperial edict to persuade the emperor to be the emperor, such as Fu Shiguan, Prince Ji, etc. to express clearly that he was not willing to be the emperor, which was exactly the meaning of Li Longji and Princess Taiping.


After Li Dan's restoration, the two forces he faced in the DPRK were his son, Li Longji, and his sister, Princess Taiping. Li Longji is a rare "pure man" since Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty. He has no disease of superior softness. But Princess Taiping hopes to play the story of Empress Wu again and become a queen. There must be a conflict between the two, and the Emperor himself has no ability to balance the relationship between them.


Li Dan saw all this in his eyes and knew that it was rare for the Li family to have such a good man as Longji. If they didn't give full play, the men of the Tang Dynasty would have no chance at all in the future.


In the third year of Jingyun (712 A.D.), Li Dan formally issued an imperial edict to abdicate to Li Longji. From then on, he completely withdrew from the imperial power and enjoyed a free life. Li Longji, however, did not live up to Li Dan's expectation. After becoming emperor, he not only quickly eliminated the influence of Princess Taiping, but also used his power as a virtuous person. He created the Tang Dynasty, which is also the most glorious and prosperous age in the whole feudal history of China, the heyday of Kaiyuan.


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