Hello, everyone. This is a story about xipao, the last king of Myanmar. Welcome to pay attention.


More than 100 years ago, there were royal families in many Asian countries. After World War II, most countries embarked on the road of democratization. Today, more than 20 countries still retain the royal family.


The hero of this issue is xipao, the last king of Myanmar. He married three younger sisters for the throne, but he still couldn't save the country's decline. Now his descendants are crowded in the slums.


Xipao was born on January 1, 1859, and was the last king of gongbang Dynasty in Myanmar. During his reign, he tried to unite with the French colonists to maintain the rule, but it strengthened the British determination to seize Myanmar. With three failures, the whole of Burma fell to Britain.


The father of xipao was Mindong, the 11th king of bangdynasty, and his mother was a concubine who could not be loved. Myanmar has always been advocating tin robe, which has been appreciated by the father and the mother because of their mastery of Buddhism. Therefore, the position of Prince has always been relatively consolidated.


As a child, xipao grew up in a complex court environment, so it knows better than ordinary children. Xipao knew that the birth mother's strength was weak, which was not very helpful to his rule in the future, so he began to flatter houmindong, the king of Zhonggong.


This queen is not a general person. She is not only strong in character and greedy for power, but also has only one daughter under her knee. At that time, the royal family of Myanmar had an unwritten rule that marriage should be carried out within the family to ensure the purity of blood.


Queen Mindong thought that xipao was more controllable, so she married her eldest daughter to him. However, the Queen's second daughter, Supa Yao Lai, was as strong as her mother, and she came to "smash the field" directly when the couple got married.


In this way, Supa Yao Lai took the initiative to give up her arms and became the Crown Princess of Myanmar. After that, Queen Mindong worried that her two daughters could not hold the tin robe together, so she married one of her daughters.


Xipao's marriage to three half sisters was also a helpless act, totally for the support of the central palace and the maintenance of its own rule. It's a pity that SopA Yao Lai is a strong woman. Even if she married her two younger sisters, her husband who is still disciplined is not close to women.


Su PA Yao Lai gave birth to five daughters for Xi Pao successively, which resulted in that Xi Pao had no male successor. Although xipao married three younger sisters and consolidated the rule within, after the third British Burmese war broke out, the Burmese royal family was uprooted and xipao himself was imprisoned.


On January 1, 1886, xipao abdicated and became the last king of Myanmar. Since then, Myanmar has become a province of British India, where xipao and his wife and daughter were placed under house arrest in lednajiri, India, where they ended their lives.


However, the outcome of the descendants of xipao is not good, especially the eldest princess has always been poor, even when she died, she had no money to bury. Myanmar's princess, but ended in such a sad ending.


Until now, the descendants of xipao had settled in India and never returned to their hometown. Nowadays, the descendants of Burmese royal family are crowded in the slums. Even people don't know that these people are descendants of xipao, who were born noble.


History is always written by the victors, and most of the ending of the last king is miserable. The fate of Xi Pao and the emperor of our country is very similar. They are both born out of time and unable to return to heaven, and finally become the victims of history.


Xipao's life was full of helplessness. In order to succeed, he married three younger sisters successively. Even when he ascended the throne, he met the fierce British colonists. Nowadays, the descendants of xipao are all crowded in the slums, which is exactly in response to the sentence "there is a seed in the king's head.".


Once a glorious land, now it is only a slope of loess. They are the princesses of Myanmar, and future generations are not allowed to bow to life.


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