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Qianling is a joint burial mausoleum with, which is located on Liangshan Mountain, Qianxian County, Shaanxi Province. Two tombstones stand in front of the mausoleum. In the west is a memorial to Li Zhi of Gaozong. Wu Zetian wrote the sacred records, which was written by three zhongzongs and engraved on the stele to praise the merits of Li Zhi's life. In the East, a stone tablet commemorating Wu Zetian has only 3300 squares without a word.


Wordless tablet


Since it has been a hot topic in the field of historiography and the people for thousands of years, people of different opinions have different opinions, and the wordless monument has been a mystery for thousands of years. There are four popular sayings at present:


First, Empress Wu thought that she was too much credit to express in words.


Second, Empress Wu thought she was ashamed to build a monument.


Third, Wu Zetian has left a wordless monument, which means that the merits and demerits of the thousand years will be judged by later generations.


Fourthly, Li Xian held a grudge against her mother, thinking that she was shamed when she usurped the Tang Dynasty and established the Zhou Dynasty, and deliberately refused to establish a monument for her.




In fact, there was no rule for setting up a monument in the imperial mausoleum before the Tang Dynasty. At that time, it was a very serious thing to set up a monument. Only major sacrifices and military achievements could be set up to commemorate it. For example, Yan Ran Leshi and Mount Tai Fengchan. After the emperor's death, he dared not use the steles. They were all in one and only had one or two words.


In the Tang Dynasty, these changes took place. The posthumous title of Taizong was "Wen". Li Zhi thought that Wen was not enough to express his father's achievements, so he added it as "wenwusheng" and then added it as "wenwudasheng daguanxiao". More and more later, to posthumous title actually up to 20 words.


Even so, we can't do the posterity's love for the dead, simply put up a monument in front of the mausoleum, and sing praises for the former Emperor. Therefore, since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a habit of setting up steles. Many steles in imperial tombs have been built by later generations.


The tombstone of Li Zhi, Emperor Gaozong, was set up by Wu Zetian and Li Xian. It has more than 5000 words. It is not dare to call it "the inscription of the sage" but "the record of the sage".


According to this principle, Li Xian should also write a eulogy article for his mother and engrave it on the monument to remember his mother. As the successor to his mother's throne, he is also the most suitable candidate. Therefore, it is impossible for Empress Wu to act on her behalf. She said that my tombstone didn't write anything before she died. Isn't that her own appearance!


In addition, Wu Zetian's imperial edict has made an interpretation of his life: "the temple, the mausoleum, to the imperial title, called Zetian the great saint queen." Cui Rong, a famous scholar at that time, wrote "empress Zetian's lament volume text", which also said: "if you don't get yourself, you should be called..." The arrival of artifact, the great fortune and bandit revolution... "


The imperial edict is equivalent to the tune Wu Zetian set for herself: after the death of the first emperor, as a housewife, living in the artifact temporarily is only a temporary measure. Before dying, she returned the artifact to Li Tang, who is still the daughter-in-law of Li family.


Photos of Empress Wu


It is said that Li Xian should take Wu Zetian's legacy as a model, respect his mother's legacy, write an article similar to "the sage's record", and sing praises to his mother. Moreover, it seems that the article has been written from the 3300 squares that have been engraved on the wordless tablet. So why hasn't it been engraved? What's the secret?


From the political situation at that time:


Wu Zetian was launched by five ministers led by Zhang and Cambodia. After Li Xian's restoration, he was very afraid of the five meritocracy officials, worried that they threatened their rule and wanted to bring them down. However, Li Xian's methods are neither many nor brilliant, relying on empress Wei and relying on her. What is the basis for supporting and attacking meritorious officials?


Li Xian then thought of a move. According to the historical records, it was said that "after the attack on the Wu family, he would not change his politics.". He forbids all the world to say "Zhongxing". Wu still has seven temples and enjoys sacrifice. In doing so, I want to let the five ministers know that my throne is Zhou Dynasty, and I admit her. Big week is not a revolution, but a succession. It's a coup. What's the credit!


Shenlong coup


In this way, although the five ministers were speechless, they were in conflict with their mother's edict. My mother said that Wu Zhou had passed, and I had changed back to Li's daughter-in-law; but Li Xian had to admit Wu Zhou in public opinion. This inscription is not easy to write. Even if it's written, it can't be engraved.


After that, the Tang Dynasty entered eight years of turmoil, during which seven coups took place. Empress Wei, women from all over the country wanted to emulate Empress Wu Zetian. As a result, Wu Zetian's title changed frequently. During the period of Princess Taiping's strong power, Wu Zetian got the title of "empress saint" again, which symbolized her ambition.


After Xuanzong defeated Princess Taiping and took the throne, the world was finally peaceful. Xuanzong determined Wu Zetian's title as "empress zetianshun", and made a conclusion that she was Li's daughter-in-law according to her grandmother's edict. However, Li Longji was more enlightened. At that time, there were many voices of denouncing Wu Zetian in the court and among the people. As a result, he didn't dare to take the risk to wade in this muddy water and build a monument for his grandmother.


Stills of Li Xian


Later, the conservative feudal scholar bureaucrats, standing on the position of maintaining the orthodoxy and monarchy, discredited Wu Zetian step by step and turned him into a historical sinner. Who dares to set up a monument and praise a sinner. Therefore, the tablet is still wordless.


The riddle of wordless tablet is not so complicated, it is just the result of feudalism ruling class competing for power and profit. The merits and demerits of Wu Zetian's life have been handed down in various ways, forming her unique charm.


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