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隋文帝的儿子杨俊简介 历史上隋朝杨俊怎么死的?



Chen Sicheng is the third son of Yang Jian and the younger brother of Sui Yangdi. She likes to be a woman but not a man. It's a pity that she's just a single love. In history, Yang Junying died early, only 29 years old, so how did he die?


Yang Jun, the son of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty


About Yang Jun




Date of birth: 571


Date of death: 600 years


Father: Yang Jian, Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty


Mother: Empress Dugu


Brother: Yang Guang, Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty


Title: King Qin


In 586, Yang Jun, a 15-year-old man, was promoted to the commander of Shanyang Taoist army, the chief inspector of the 30 general managers, over 100000 people on land and water, and the top-ranking festival in Hankou. At first, Yang Jun did a lot of things, so he made Emperor Wen very happy and even made an order to reward him. After that, he began to build luxurious palaces, which were extremely luxurious and gorgeous.


How did Yang Jun die


Yang Jun had many concubines, and Cui, his princess, was very jealous, so she was indignant and poisoned the melon Yang Jun ate. Yang Jun was not well and returned to the capital. Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty, because of his extravagant and arrogant life, removed his official position and became a pure king. He stayed in the palace in peace. Later, Yang Jun's health became worse and worse, and he could not get up. Later, Yang Jun felt ashamed and scared of what he had done, so he became more ill.


More than a year later, Yang Jun was in critical condition before he was restored to the post state. Ding Chou died in Renshou Palace on June 20, the 20th year of emperor kaihuang's reign. All the luxuriant relics of Yang Jun were burned by Emperor Wen, and all the tools for dying were ordered to be thrifty so that future generations could follow suit.


Life of characters


Yang Junsheng is benevolent, benevolent, and reveres Buddhism. He once asked to be a monk, but Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty refused. In the sixth year (586), he was promoted to the commander-in-chief of Shanyang Daoxing army, the chief inspector of the thirty, with more than one hundred thousand water and land, and tunhankou as a high-class and economical place. Chen Jiang, Zhou LuoPeng, Zhou fashang, etc., sent tens of thousands of troops to parrot island. Cui Hongdu, the general manager, requested to attack. Yang Jun was worried about casualties, so he didn't agree. Zhou Luo and others also came to surrender one after another. So he sent an emissary to see him and cried to the emissary and said, "it's because I made a contribution, but I didn't make any contribution at all, so I feel quite ashamed." When Emperor Wen heard of this, he praised Youjia and gave him the general manager of Yangzhou, the military officers of 44 prefectures, to guard Guangling. After more than a year, he was transferred to be the general manager of the 24 states and other military affairs.


At first, Yang Jun did a lot of things, so he made Emperor Wen very happy and even made an order to reward him. But after that, he began to be extravagant gradually. In addition, he violated the system and set off usury, which made the people's officials feel great pain. So Emperor Wen sent envoys to investigate. As a result, there were more than 100 people sitting in company. Even so, Yang Jun did not change his behavior and continued to build luxurious palaces, which were extremely luxurious and gorgeous. Whenever he had special ideas, he took up tools to make utensils and decorated them with gorgeous jewels and jade. He also made seven treasure curtain fences and water halls for his concubines, painted powder walls with incense and built gold steps with jade. The beams and columns were surrounded and decorated with bright mirrors to do all they could. As long as there are guests here, Yang Jun will sing with them.


Yang Jun also had many concubines. However, Cui, his princess, was very jealous and resentful. He poisoned the melon. Yang Jun was not fit and returned to the capital. Because of his extravagant and arrogant life, Emperor Wen removed all his official positions and made him a pure king, asking him to stay in his palace in peace. Liu Sheng, general of zuowuwei, remonstrated: "the king of Qin has no other faults, but he has wasted some, and I think I can forgive him." However, Emperor Wen believed that the law could not be violated, so no matter how Liu Sheng advanced, Emperor Wen just felt more and more angry. Later, he came to say: "the fault of the king of Qin is not so serious. Please think twice." Emperor Wen said, "I am the father of five sons. If I act according to your words, how can I not make a special law for the son of heaven?"? In those days, you can kill Guan Shu and Cai Shu. Since I'm far away from Duke Zhou, how can I do anything illegal? " In the end, I still didn't listen to the advice.


Later, Yang Jun's health was getting worse and worse, and he could not get up, so he asked the emissary to show his thanks. Emperor Wen told the emissary, "I'm trying so hard to create a great cause in the fortress. I want to be a model for passing on the world, and my subordinates should also keep the great cause. I don't know how to blame you for your failure as a gentleman. " So Yang Jun was ashamed and scared, and became more ill. Duhuangfu, the chief governor of the state, asked for the restoration of the office of the king of Qin, but he still didn't get permission. More than a year later, Yang Jun was in critical condition before he was restored to the post. On June 20, the 20th year of emperor kaihuang's reign, Ding Chou and Yang Jun died in Renshou palace. Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty mourned for the loss of the dynasty, while empress Dugu stopped eating and suffered. All the luxuriant relics of Yang Jun were burned by Emperor Wen, and all the tools for dying were ordered to be thrifty so that future generations could follow suit. When the aides of the Royal Palace asked for a monument to be erected, Emperor Wen said, "if you want to keep your name, it's enough to record it in a historical book. How can you use the monument? If the descendants can't preserve their family property, the stone steles will only be used as town stones in the future. "


Cui, the princess of Qin, because of her poison to the king, ordered her to be abandoned and died. Many officials believed that there was an ancient saying that "mother values children, and son values mother". If the mother is guilty, the son is also guilty, just like the past of empress Guo. So the mourner of the Lord Qin's mansion was an official, not the son of the king Qin. Yang Jun's eldest daughter, Princess Yongfeng, is only 12 years old. She is very sad for her father's death. After the funeral period, she is vegetarian. Even when she dies, she weeps instead of eating or drinking. Wang Yan, the leader of the army, was very loyal. After Yang Jun's death, he fasted for several days, and then Emperor Wen gave him medicine and extra officials. However, on the day of Yang Jun's burial, Wang Yan died with tears, and Emperor Wen lamented and buried him next to Yang Jun's tomb.


After Emperor Yangdi ascended the throne, he still made his son king of Qin. In the chaos of Jiangdu, Yang Hao was established as emperor and was killed soon, while another son, Yang Zhan, was also killed by yuwenhuahe.


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