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新手小白应该如何护肤 寒冬新手护肤需要应对的问题



In our reality, not all people know how to care for their skin at the beginning, and know how to make up, so for some skin care Xiaobai, how to skin care? Let's take a look at what we should pay attention to with 360 common sense.


How should Xiaobai protect skin


1. Protect skin without damaging skin.


Although a lot of high-end skin care products can make your skin better, some people may be sensitive or intolerant to some skin care products, so it is likely to damage your skin, so you must do skin care without damaging your skin.


2. Understand the skin type.


Everyone's skin type is different, and the skin care products chosen by different people are also very different. Therefore, as a skin whitener, you should know that the skin type is mainly divided into five types: oily, neutral, dry, mixed and sensitive. When choosing skin care products, you should also choose your own skin type.


3. Skin care order.


The order of skin care is very important. As long as skin care order is done, skin care can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The normal skin care order is to clean skin to use toner, then use sunscreen or isolation after eye cream, and finally use make-up.


Three points are enough for skin care


1. Cleaning.


When skin care, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the face, and the cleaning of the face may sometimes use makeup remover and cleanser. If there is makeup every day, no matter it is heavy makeup or light makeup, you should remove makeup, but do not over clean it, otherwise it may cause pimples or various skin diseases due to the imbalance of water and oil on the face.


2. Skin conditioning.


After skin cleaning, we should also pay attention to skin conditioning, and skin conditioning is mainly for the second skin cleaning is to ensure the thorough of the whole face. After cleaning the face, use toner, which can make the water reach some places that have not been cleaned, so as to play a second cleaning role, and have a certain conditioning effect on the skin.


3. Supplement nutrition.


For better skin care, we must pay attention to the nutrition of the skin, some eye cream and all kinds of essence are good substances that supplement the nutrition of the skin. Especially for some older women, it is necessary to enhance the nutrition of the skin.


What are the three misunderstandings of skin care


1. Cleaning is too hasty.


Only through thorough cleaning, can we let the face off the heavy burden and let every cell breathe freely. If a person always cleans the face in a hurry, some harmful substances may exist in the slit of the skin for a long time. In the long run, it may lead to facial pigmentation and even facial allergy.


2. Excessive concentration of nutrition.


When choosing skin care products and cosmetics, many girls will buy various kinds of cosmetics, such as whitening, moisturizing, moisturizing, replenishing and essence, so that they may cause excessive nutrients in skin care products and cause skin to be weighed. Therefore, it is better to choose suitable skin care products for proper skin care.


3. Blind skin care.


Because everyone's skin type is different, so the skin care products and skin care methods will not be the same. At this time, if you blindly follow the skin care methods on some public platforms, not only can't achieve the purpose of skin care, but also may harm your skin stability and damage your skin, so you must pay attention.


Just like we have only one life in our life, so we should make our life more brilliant. So everyone should take his face seriously to make himself look more beautiful in the most beautiful time, so use skin care products to make him look better, so that he can live more confident.


Winter skin care 6 don't


In winter, when the cold wind blows and the weather is dry, the dry skin will lose more water unconsciously. In the process of skin care, do not use the following skin care procedures:


1. Do not use alcohol containing cosmetics, such as toner or astringent. Because alcohol is easy to volatilize the moisture and oil of skin, you can use water-based toner instead.


2. Do not use deoiling and strong cleanser: especially for dry skin, you can use mild cleanser or soap containing grease instead.


3. Don't wash your face with hot water: hot water has strong degreasing power. Wash your face with hot water and wash away the oil in the skin. The water is easy to lose and the skin is more dry and itchy.


4. Do not overheat the room: when the indoor temperature is too high, the indoor relative humidity will drop, and the skin moisture will be easily lost.


5. Don't dry yourself immediately after bathing: it's not suitable to dry your face and body with a towel immediately after bathing. Take a bath in cold weather. When you leave warm water, everyone will dry themselves and put on clothes. However, to prevent skin dryness and itching, you should apply moisturizing oil and moisturizing lotion to keep moisture in the dry half of your body.


6. Glycerin can be used to keep skin dry.


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