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敏感肌日常的护理工作 让你变得越来越美



Sensitive skin friends are always very sad, red on their faces when they can't move. In fact, as long as they do a good job in daily skin care work, sensitive muscles can also be treated in a gentle manner. Let's learn about it together.


How to carry out daily care for sensitive muscles


1. Anti allergy skin care products should not be less


As for the special skin, we must avoid the problem of too thin cuticle. We can consider using anti allergy skin care products. Such skin care products have a good effect and can easily help solve the problem. After washing your face, it is very good to choose skin care products with anti-inflammatory effect. Women with thin cuticles are best not to use foundation, because it is easy to attract outside dust, and choose a good cream to prevent allergy.


2. Control oil secretion


The cuticle is thin, and the oil secreted by the face is gradually reduced, which leads to the skin's resistance becoming weaker and weaker. But for this kind of women, they don't need to wash their skin every now and then. In the cold and dry season, their oil secretion is very little, and their moisturizing becomes the primary task.


3. Wash face correctly


No matter which season, if you want to keep skin moisturized, you should not choose hot water to wash your face, but use warm water to wash your face, because hot water has a strong sense of stimulation, which is easy to cause serious burden on vulnerable skin. Warm water is not only very effective in cleaning face, but also can be used with cold water to clean face, help shrink pores, and don't worry about stimulating pores. This simple daily care method has a good effect on basic skin care! Don't forget to apply a layer of isolation cream after cleaning every time.


4. Skin care products with good moisturizing ingredients are the key


In cold winter, we have to choose skin care products with very good moisturizing effect. Some women are used to moisturizing facial mask. This is a very good method. However, the mask can not only absorb the corresponding beneficial nutrients, but also remove the trace moisture from the skin.


Moderate cleaning


1. Do not use cleanser with strong cleaning power, such as cleanser for oily skin.


2. Wash your face no more than twice a day.


3. The temperature of face washing should not be too high or too cold. The temperature is good.


4, use less cleansing mask, 1~2 times a month.


5. Do not use facial exfoliation products, and consider using them when the skin returns to normal.


6. Do not use toner with alcohol or slippery (slippery because too much surfactant is added).


Use cosmetics with caution


essential oil


Essential oil with small molecular weight, good permeability and good sense of use brought by natural fragrance has become a hot category in recent years. However, the use of essential oil is very particular. A little carelessness will have a negative impact on the skin. What's more, the quality of essential oil in the market is different. If the quality is not good, the negative impact will be greater.


Avoid sensitive strategy: do not use essential oil, if you have to use it, then grasp two points. First, choose a large brand of reliable high-quality essential oil, second, use less, low concentration is the best.


Fruit acid, salicylic acid, vitamin A acid products


This kind of product is not suitable for thin skin women, especially in spring. When this kind of product is used, there will be obvious exfoliation of cutin, and the skin will be in the condition of thin protective layer, which will naturally cause allergy.


Avoid sensitive strategy: do not use this kind of product, or use it in winter. If it must be used, it is recommended to use it under the guidance of dermatologist. During the use, simplify other supporting maintenance products, and use only pure moisturizer to reduce skin irritation.


Cosmetics containing pharmaceutical ingredients


Pay close attention to skin care products with drug ingredients, especially high-power sunscreen. It can be said that each kind of chemical sunscreen is not good for the skin. The higher the concentration, the greater the application amount, the greater the risk of causing allergic inflammation.


Avoid sensitive strategy: if not necessary, do not apply too much high multiple sunscreen, for the skin, high multiple sunscreen is a high concentration of chemical immersion injury. At ordinary times, you can use the foundation with low sunscreen value, and often wear sunglasses, umbrellas and other physical sunscreen methods.


Active ingredients with too high concentration


Over nutrition is a common problem for many urbanites, as well as for the skin. If the concentration of active ingredients is too high, it will lead to excessive nutrition of the skin. The skin is like being pickled, which is easy to cause rubella, pustules and itching.


Avoid allergy strategy: reduce use and avoid interlacing different brands of high activity products (such as cream) in the short term, and don't overuse too nutritious products, so as to avoid the accumulation of nutrition process on the skin and cause negative effects.


Surfactants, preservatives, spices


Many materials have shown that surfactants, preservatives and fragrances in cosmetics are the main causes of skin allergy. More and more people think that the plant formula is safer, but they don't know that the natural active ingredients are more prone to corruption, so more preservatives need to be added to keep it fresh. In addition to fragrance, fragrance can also bring more stimulation to the skin. And surfactants, if exposed to too much, will also make the skin rough and sensitive. What's more, spices and preservatives are small molecules that can easily penetrate into the cutin barrier of the skin and be absorbed directly by the skin. Although there are restrictions on the dosage, there is still the possibility of inflammation for this sensitive skin.


Anti sensitive strategy: select products with no fragrance, small package and short shelf life. Cleanser, choose non foaming mild cleanser. The lotion should be swayed and frothy, and the foam will disappear quickly, because it shows that it contains less surfactant. We should choose products with more scientific packaging, which can avoid bacteria invasion as much as possible, and do not buy products with wide mouth bottles.


Keep sensitive muscles away from these three foods


1, areca


Maybe people in the North haven't eaten betel nut, but for people in the south, especially in Fujian and Guangdong, it's a kind of food that can be seen everywhere. People who have eaten areca know that when they eat areca, their face will turn very red. In fact, this is because areca nut contains alkaloids, which is an irritant substance that can accelerate the blood circulation in the body and lead to capillary expansion. Capillaries are one of the basic reasons for the formation of facial red blood, so if there is red blood on the face, say goodbye to betel nut as soon as possible.


2, chili peppers


Many people, especially the northerners, Hunan people and Sichuan and Chongqing people, are not happy. But. Authoritative research has found that the spicy taste of pepper is not only a taste sensation, but also a pain caused by capillary rupture. One of the root causes of red blood on the face is the excessive expansion of subcutaneous capillaries, which leads to the rupture of capillaries. Therefore, it is a necessary skill for red blood silk to abstain from spicy.


3, barbecue


Barbecue belongs to spicy food, which can irritate the skin. In addition, barbecue also contains many carcinogens produced by the manufacturing process, which are easy to enter the body through the skin and seriously affect the skin health. At the same time, barbecue will reduce the utilization rate of protein, and sufficient protein is the necessary nutrition in the repair process of red blood skin. Therefore, although eating barbecue is pleasant, it is not suitable for the red blood group.


If your skin is very sensitive, then the most important thing you have to do is "nourish". No matter in daily care or diet, as long as you can stick to it, you will be able to see your changes.


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