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睡眠质量不佳 失眠调理的十个小方法



With the rapid pace of work in modern society, people need to face a variety of pressures, resulting in insomnia. Especially for young and middle-aged people, work and life need to spend a lot of energy. If the quality of sleep is poor, it will be harmful to health and daily life. So what method can insomnia be recuperated? Let's follow 360 common sense net to learn about it.


The harm of insomnia


1. Insomnia will lead to hypoimmunity. The secret lies in the fact that sleep produces a sleep factor called parietal acid on human body, which can increase the number of leukocytes, activate macrophages, enhance the immune function of human body, and effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses.


2. Long term insomnia will accelerate the aging of human body and shorten life span: it is found that the decline of deep sleep will lead to the obvious decrease of growth hormone secretion, and the amount of growth hormone secretion determines the degree and speed of aging. From 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., it is the most active time for cell necrosis and regeneration in the body. If you do not sleep at this time, cell metabolism will be affected, and people will accelerate aging.


3. People need to get rest and energy through sleep: sleep at night is not good, the brain is prone to ischemia and anoxia, accelerate the death of brain cells, cause dysfunction of cerebral cortex, cause autonomic nervous disorder, and even lead to neurosis.


4. The long-term insomnia of middle-aged and old people will cause hypertension, and the outbreak of myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases is 25% higher than usual.


Some ways to recuperate insomnia


1. Learn to release the depression in your heart; in daily social life, you will always encounter a variety of problems that are difficult to solve, making people feel depressed. If long-term depression is accumulated in your heart and cannot be released, it will lead to insomnia. Therefore, to solve the problem of insomnia, it is necessary to solve the problem that leads to insomnia, but in fact, it is often difficult to do. So learn to let go of this repression. For example, you can spit out bitter water to close friends. You will be surprised to find that after spitting out the bitter water, although the problem has not been solved, your mood has been much better.


2. Try to solve the problem that leads to your insomnia. It is born to solve the problem. If there is a problem, you should face it bravely. Some problems do not need to be solved, and gradually disappear with the passage of time; some problems, which cannot be solved at present, may be solved in a period of time; some problems, through their own efforts and the help of others, will be solved quickly. When you encounter problems, you should be able to judge the situation and work hard for it. Maybe you will feel tired in the process of working hard and get a sweet sleep.


3. Learn to relax yourself; listen to classical music for a while before going to bed, and let your mind constantly roam. Slowly, you will fall asleep. If possible, you can find some warm or inspirational movies, which will add some positive energy to your heart and offset the negative energy that makes you insomnia.


4. Learn to calm your mind before going to bed. If you still can't sleep in bed, you don't need to worry. You must slow down your mind and don't have pressure. Everything goes with the flow. You should know that the key to sleep is calm.


5. Increase exercise properly; exercise is a very effective way to treat sleep. After an exercise, you will feel very tired. After taking a bath, you can try to sleep. As long as we stick to proper exercise, it will certainly help to improve sleep.


6. Soak your feet before going to bed. If you are still bothered by insomnia, try to increase your sleep by soaking your feet before going to bed. Before going to bed, you can use the hot water to bubble your feet. It's better to have a little sweat on your forehead. You can also use the steady Maishu exercise massage or the hollow grindstone to rub it to promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality.


7. Massage the temples to increase sleep. Massage temples and Baihui acupoints several times a day, comb your hair with health care wood for 5 minutes, so as to keep your mood comfortable, relieve your worries and eliminate your worries.


8. Ginger: the smell of ginger has a calming effect, which makes the cerebral cortex inhibited. Smelling these smells can help you fall asleep. The method is very simple and easy: about 15 grams of ginger will be cut up, wrapped in gauze and placed on the pillow, smell its fragrance, then you can fall asleep safely. This method is generally used in 10 days to 1 month after sleep will be significantly improved


9. Chrysanthemum tea: it has a moderate calming effect and is a perfect natural means of confrontation for nerves or bodies that cannot relax.


10. Honey: put a small amount of honey into your warm milk or vanilla tea, which can make your brain stop producing the pheromone, a recently discovered neurotransmitter related to keeping awake.


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