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做好择业前的心理准备 求职者需要的五个新技巧



The process of graduates' choosing a job is a complicated psychological change process. In the face of severe employment situation and numerous competitors, if you want to succeed in career selection, you can't do without sufficient psychological preparation and good competitive status. We should make good psychological preparation before choosing a job, eliminate psychological interference, and overcome several psychological obstacles. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Dependence Psychology:


There are two kinds of tendencies in job hunting: one is to rely on the majority of the herd mentality. The lack of independent opinions is not to make practical choices from their own actual situation, but to follow the example of others, to see others crowded into big cities and organs, and to be busy with themselves; the other is the tendency to rely on policies and others. It's not about active choice and competition, but about the fact that the state wants to win the bottom and that there is a policy of excellent students and excellent scores. We should wait for the school to implement the unit for ourselves. This mentality is also incompatible with the social reality of fierce competition.


Blind and confident Psychology:


Some students think that they have all kinds of advantages in career selection: excellent academic performance, good political conditions, bright school brand, strong professional demand, wide range of job-hunting, so blind self-confidence, high appetite for career selection, in the end, they tend to be frustrated in career selection due to overestimation of themselves, inadequate estimation of their own shortcomings and difficulties.


Inferiority and timidity:


Some students have successfully come to the University for four years, and they also have certain strength and advantages. In the face of fierce competition, they feel that they can't do it, which is not as good as others. Their inferiority makes them lack of competitive courage and self-confidence. When they enter the job market, they are afraid. They are uneasy to participate in the recruitment interview. Once in the middle of the frustration, more lack of psychological ability to bear, more feel that they really can not. In the fierce competition of choosing a job, this kind of psychological obstacle is the enemy of success, which must be seriously overcome.


The psychology of quick success and instant benefit:


Some students pay too much attention to their position and material benefits when they choose a job. They only want to go to big cities and institutions, to developed coastal areas, to units that earn more money and have good treatment, and even to abandon their major for the sake of temporary utility, rather than registered permanent residence, not to obey the distribution. This kind of psychology may give you some immediate benefits and satisfaction, but it is not a wise choice in the long run.


Loss and gain mentality:


Career choice is also a kind of grasp of opportunity. If you miss the opportunity, you will lose your hand with success. It is also a psychological obstacle that causes many graduates to fall into the mistake of choosing a job.


Five new skills for job seekers


Focus on work bottlenecks


You need to read the ads and investigate the employers to find out what kind of job bottleneck is behind the vacancy. When you understand or speculate about these bottlenecks in the company's development, you can be more prominent in the candidates.


Story telling


A simple and persuasive story will make it easier to show your abilities and attract the attention of hiring managers. "When the grand launch of our Q4 product was delayed for one month, I organized a bidding plan for foreign countries, which protected our account from being emptied, and earned us XX Yuan of reservation." This will make the hiring manager more aware of your capabilities.


Use popular words


Using popular, everyday words can easily distinguish you from many other job seekers who are constantly repeating the model. We can try to use specific, lifelike and focused examples, such as "I persuaded our sales manager to adopt the central agency area structure and increase sales by 14%", to replace the overused corporate language.


Highlight relevant achievements


You should highlight the achievements related to the previous work and this job. For procurement, you should make clear your key achievements in negotiation and negotiation. For marketing jobs, you need to tell the people who read your resume how you create and maintain a piece of data, as well as your writing and creativity. For human resources positions, you should describe your experience in solving difficult human resources problems many times.


Know your value


Before applying for a job, we should have a comprehensive and fair orientation of our ability. If you and your employer disagree too much about the value of your background, keep looking elsewhere.


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