In today's highly developed commodity economy, when a cultural person becomes popular, we will think that there will be a team behind it, operating from the aspects of capital, publicity, packaging, etc., so as to attract the social eyeballs, let these eyeballs see the culture, see the cultural person who expounds the culture, right, culture is to see.


Paying attention to connotation and disdaining hype, Mr. Kong said: "what's the saying of heaven? What's the action of four seasons? What's the interest of all things?" God said a word? But the four seasons are still running, and everything is living and metabolizing.


When Mr. Kong said this, he probably didn't realize that the reason why he was famous in the world and had been a saint for two thousand years, and now he is still in the top ten on the list, is that someone has a financial group operating for him.


Who is this man? Which consortium is this?


Legend of Confucian Wealth:


Confucius' students made the rich list 2000 years ago


The story of Confucius' traveling around the world must have been known to all of us. However, I had a long time ago doubt: don't think that there was no plane, high-speed rail or ship in ancient times, so there was no need to pay for travelling abroad. Mr. Kong and a group of fans formed a group of "donkeys" to go out for a long journey. How about the road fare? Now, take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou to Wuhan, it can be done in four hours at most, and eat a bowl of instant noodles on the road to get the stomach. The spring and Autumn period is different. Walking slowly and consuming too much on the road. One bowl of instant noodles can't solve the problem of food and clothing. Each person has dozens or even hundreds of bowls of instant noodles. Who will pay for the trip?


Zigong is good at predicting the market


It should be from insiders. Who is it? Let's check the rich list to see if there is any relation between the rich and Confucius. Look at the "rich list" in "rich list". Look for the rich women over 2000 years ago. There are, there are Bai Gui, there are Eh, there are Zigong! Who are Zigong? Weiguo, a student of Confucius. This man's surname is Duanmu. His name is grant. His other name is gong. Duanmu is grant to Daoming temple. It sounds like a handsome man in meteor garden.


What is Duanmu? Sima Qian's rich list has his information. Duanmu gave his classmates a degree certificate in the hand of Mr. Kong. After working for a while in the Wei government, Duanmu resigned and went into business. He seems to have the sixth sense of investing in the capital market, can predict the rise and fall of the market, can be keen to capture the profit point of the market, and can step on the investment opportunity without too much market data analysis. Mr. Kong also said that Duanmu's business specialty lies in "conjecture". He can guess where the bull is in the market, and when Xiong Er gets out and accurately judges the market. As a result, he has tried repeatedly, "conjecture (conjecture) is repeated" and "conjecture" is repeated. Cao Lu business between the two places, lucrative, to become the spring and Autumn period and Fan Li than the next rich. Today, this skill is a God.


Among the students, there are such gods and men. The teachers and students all have dozens of bowls of instant noodles. This is not my nonsense. In Wu Hui's ancient business history of China, he said, "Confucius and Zigong, a big businessman, live together. At least Zigong does business and supplies Confucius and his peers who travel around the world."


In addition, Duanmu students can use their international influence to save teachers and students by using the power of a country. Teacher Kong and his students were besieged in chenguo. They didn't have food or personal safety. Duanmu invited them to move the superpower at that time: Chu state. They raised troops to rescue everyone.


Of course, our expectation for the ancient sages can't stay on the dozens of bowls of instant noodles. We have to say something far-reaching and noble. Let's see how Duanmu students pack and publicize for teachers.


Saints also need to pack:


To hype a teacher's erudition through the event of giant bones?


Mr. Kong has been famous for thousands of years. He used to be the highest sage in the world, but now he is also a respected national sage. We should admit that Mr. Kong has a lot of connotation. However, the connotation is the smell of wine. The society is the lane. When the lane is deep, it is difficult to get out the smell of wine, and someone has to shout. If this is a big financial group, it will be more effective with half the effort. This is the call for Duanmu to give students.


There is a record in Sima Qian's rich list that Duanmu students often take a lot of money to swim among the princes and advertise for their teachers with their wealth and diplomacy. Therefore, Sima Qian, the winner of the rich list, summed up: "if Confucius is famous in the world, then Zigong will be one after another." It is Duanmu (Zigong) who makes Confucius famous all over the world.


For example, Duanmu and the king of the state of Wu and Yue are iron brothers. It is said that they also go to Duanmu's house to drink tea in person. One year, the state of Wu beat the state of Yue and dug out a giant's skeleton in Kuaiji. A bone alone can fill a carriage. What is this? Who should I ask? The state of Wu thought of asking Confucius. Who urged Confucius to ask? I guess it was Duanmu. Confucius lived up to Duanmu's plan and gave the answer: "this is the skeleton of Fangfeng, a giant more than 1500 years ago (more than 4000 years ago)." This may be the "giant skeleton" event planned by Duanmu schoolmate. Through this event, Confucius teacher's erudite reputation spread all over the world.


Duanmu students do propaganda for teachers is a record of conversation. Through these conversations, let's see how Duanmu students packed teacher Kong.


Plan Confucius as a palace image:

  鲁国的大夫叔叔很赞赏端木的才干,于是说:“子贡同学比他老师强多了。”端木立即抛出他的宫殿论加以驳斥:和老师比起来,俺就是一堵墙,一堵肩膀高的墙,俺的学问就像墙里面的家具,房子,别人不用踮起脚尖就能看得清清楚楚;咱老师那可是高墙深宫,墙里头金碧辉煌的宫殿和宝物,你们这些凡夫俗子就算把脖子拉长到天上去,也不能领略其中的奥妙,“不见宗庙之美,百官(房屋)之富”。这是《论语 子张》里的谈话记录。

Lu's doctor uncle appreciated Duanmu's ability, so he said, "Zigong's classmates are much better than his teachers." Duanmu immediately threw out his palace theory to refute: compared with the teacher, I am a wall, a wall with high shoulders. My knowledge is like the furniture and house in the wall, and others can see it clearly without tiptoeing; our teacher is a high wall deep palace, a magnificent palace and treasure in the wall, even if you ordinary people stretch your neck to the sky We can't appreciate the mystery, "we can't see the beauty of the temple, the wealth of the officials (houses).". This is the conversation record in the Analects of Confucius.


Plan Confucius into the image of sun and Moon:


Or refute the words of Uncle sun Wushu, the doctor of Lu state. Duanmu raised the image of the teacher from the high wall and deep palace to the sky. He said: today's seven or eight eight cattle people in various countries are only slightly higher hills, which can be climbed. Our teacher, that's the sun and the moon in the sky. No one can cross the sun and the moon. You don't cherish the opportunity, you deny yourself to our teachers, you slander and belittle our teachers, just like human beings belittle the sun and the moon. Are the sun and the moon affected by half of your gross money? "Zhongni, the sun and the moon, too, have nothing to do with it."


The image of Confucius in the sky:


For a while, Mr. Kong seemed to have an image crisis among the students, reaching the twilight period of idols. The new generation of students, Chen Ziqin, 40 years younger than Confucius, may have made more money than their teachers because their elder martial brother is better than their teacher. They even said, "elder martial brother Zigong, I think you are much better than your teacher." Duanmu immediately taught this little younger martial brother who didn't know the height of the world: ziqinclassmate, please pay attention to your words. A word can reveal your intelligence. Our teacher's height is just like the sky. You can climb up the ladder until you die and can't reach the height of the sky. "You can't climb even if you are in heaven."


Boasting about Confucius in front of foreign heads of state:

  端木同学和齐景公会谈,端木同学宣称:孔老师像天一样高远,像地一样深远,像江海一样喝不完。齐景公都觉得害臊,说:端木先生,您吹得过火啦。端木同学继续坚持并深化对老师的赞美:我这些赞美就像捧一把土去填泰山,根本不能增添泰山的伟岸。这是《韩诗外传 卷八》的记录。

Duanmu talked with Qi Jinggong. Duanmu declared that teacher Kong is as far away as the sky, as far as the earth, and as endless as the river and the sea. Qi Jinggong felt ashamed and said: Mr. Duanmu, you blew too much. Duanmu students continue to insist on and deepen the praise to teachers: my praise is like holding a handful of soil to fill Mount Tai, which can not add the great shore of Mount Tai at all. This is the record of volume 8 of Han Shi waizhuan.


Planning ideas:


Set off the teacher with the students

  孔子确实有内涵, 在古代是货真价实的圣人,但孔子的“圣”是为他身后几百年的人准备的,当下很难被理解。可能由于没有机会,孔子的管理能力一直没有很好地显示出来。

Confucius does have connotation. In ancient times, he was a real sage, but Confucius' sage was prepared for people hundreds of years behind him, which is difficult to understand at present. Perhaps due to the lack of opportunities, Confucius' management ability has not been well demonstrated.


It can be said that Confucius was great, but he was not persuasive enough at that time.


As a student, Duanmu really realized the greatness of the teacher, but he couldn't find any evidence to convince the people in the world. So he used two methods: one was metaphor, which was to elevate the teacher to the height of Mount Tai, sun, moon and sky at once, so that people could identify Confucius's "Saint" from the perceptual big space thinking; the other was to set off that Duanmu's classmates were the most remarkable in the hearts of the people in the world When Jiaojia, lecturer and businessman looked up to him, Duanmu pointed to his top and said, "look, there is a mountain outside the mountain, and the teacher is still on my head? The students are all in this way, and the teacher is not in the sky yet?" then Duanmu gave the students these metaphors and foil, relying on their own financial resources and popularity, to promote and sell around.


It should be admitted that Confucius didn't inspire Duanmu's classmates to hype like this. The most appreciated student of his family is Yan Hui, who didn't do anything important. However, he still has to thank Duanmu for giving, and Confucianism also has to thank Duanmu for giving. The idea of success, in any case, is inseparable from successful planning. Culture always needs creative communication.


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