According to foreign media reports, the real estate portfolio value of Zara founder amancio Ortega in the past 18 years totaled nearly 78 billion yuan by the end of 2018. It is worth noting that over the past six years, Ortega has invested more than 21.1 billion yuan in real estate in the United States, and is the landlord of Amazon, apple and Facebook. It is understood that amancio ault has moved to real estate since he removed the chairman of the group in 2011. Now he has built a global real estate empire, including Facebook, Amazon's offices in Seattle, and a large area of Oxford Street in London.

阿曼西奥•奥尔特加出身贫困,13岁辍学去一家服装店当学徒。几年后,奥尔特加进入La Maja高级服装店工作。1963年,奥尔特加创办ConfeccionesGoa服装厂。

Omancio Ortega, born in poverty, dropped out of school at the age of 13 to work as an apprentice in a clothing store. A few years later, Ortega entered La Maja's premium clothing store to work. In 1963, Ortega founded confeciones Goa clothing factory.


In the 1970s, Ortega's clothing factory was on the verge of bankruptcy, so he decided to make a go of it and sell it himself, so Zara was born. With fashionable design and people-friendly price, Zara has risen rapidly and spread all over the world.


Since opening the first Zara store in La Coruna, Ortega has always adhered to the "fast fashion" business model. In 2018, his rental income alone reached 2.8 billion yuan.


A spokesman for the holding company said that Ortega would normally reinvest the rents it received, about 405 million euros ($447 million) immediately in pontegadea in 2018, while the holding company reinvested the dividends earned by Ortega in real estate, with a dividend of 1.6 billion euros ($1768 million) in 2019.

这位83岁的商业大佬在2011年卸任了集团董事长,但他仍然持有全球最大时尚零售商59%的股份,该零售商还拥有Massimo Dutti和Bershka等其它受欢迎的时尚品牌。 

The 83 year old business tycoon stepped down as group chairman in 2011, but still owns 59% of the world's largest fashion retailer, which also owns other popular fashion brands such as Massimo dutti and Bershka.  

据《福布斯》(又译富比士,Forbes)统计,奥尔特加目前是全球第六富有的人。他最新的大笔房地产交易在本月早些时候成交,Pongegadea控股公司以3.76亿欧元(4.15亿美元)的价格买下了脸书在西雅图的办公楼,以及位于同一城市的“特洛伊街区”(Troy Block)综合大楼,Pongegadea以7.4亿美元的价格购入亚马逊总部一部分的地产。

According to Forbes, Ortega is currently the sixth richest person in the world. His latest big real estate deal closed earlier this month, when pongegadea holdings bought Facebook's Seattle office building for 376 million euros ($415 million) and the Troy block complex in the same city, and pongegadea bought part of Amazon's headquarters for $740 million.


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