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画好眼妆技巧大集合 浓密的纤长美睫极具视觉冲击力



Eye makeup is a lot of details piled up, which requires us to focus on smaller local makeup. Eye makeup skills Collection, looking for the eye makeup tips you need. Let's follow 360 common sense net to learn about it.


Eye shadow does not drop off small tricks


If you want to keep your Eyeshadow permanent, you must have foundation on your eyelids.


Dip a small amount of water on the eye shadow brush or eye shadow stick, then use the tissue paper to absorb the moisture attached to the eye shadow, then dip the eye shadow brush quickly into the eye shadow powder to press the makeup. This trick can make eye shadow difficult to drop and the color of eye shadow is more durable.


How to curl your eyelashes


Tips for eyelash brushing: look down, expose the root of the eyelash as much as possible, insert the eyelash brush into the root of the eyelash for 2-3 seconds, then pull it towards the tail of the eyelash, make fine adjustment when the eyelash liquid is not dry, and brush the eyelash more densely.


Those who lack experience in brushing eyelashes can use eyelash baffles or cotton pads to gently put them on the eyelids so as not to get the mascara out of bounds.


Draw Eyeliner skills


There is one major drawback to painting the eyeliner in front of the mirror: your hands will interfere with your vision and you can not see clearly the process of painting.


It is recommended to put the makeup mirror on the table below the face, then lift it up to a 45 degree angle with the table, hold the elbow on the table, lift up the eyelids with one hand, and look down at the mirror, so that the whole root of the eyelash is swept at a glance.


How does eye makeup spend easily?


Asians because of the relationship between the eye shape, it is difficult to avoid the trouble of Eyeliner opening, and although the inner Eyeliner makes eyes more sexy, but it is one of the most difficult to maintain makeup.


First use the eyeliner with soft pencil and high extension to depict the inner liner to find the exact position. Then use the waterproof and anti halo eye liner to strengthen again, so that we can say goodbye to the embarrassment of "Xiong Maoyan" every afternoon.


The trick to successfully paint the eyeliner is the use of eyeliner and eyeliner.


If you want your eyes to look big and divine, it is necessary to draw eyeliner. However, many people complain that it is difficult to draw the eye liner and draw beautiful eye liner. Indeed, the quality of the eyeliner will affect the quality of the entire makeup. Now let's introduce how to paint the eyeliner easily. The combination of eyeliner and eyeliner can create elegant and vivid beauty. First of all, use the black or dark brown eyeliner to fill the eyelash gap. Small Eyeliner Pen will be easier to color when applied. Another important point is that the eyeliner should not be too sharp.


To adjust the eyeliner drawn in step 1, use eye liner. Try to draw near the eye, so that the painted eye liner is located slightly above the eyelash root.


In order to make the make-up look more natural, the tip of the cotton stick can be dipped in a little color on the eyeliner, starting from the 1/3 at the top of the eye to gently open the eyeliner and blurring the outline of the eyeliner. The upper and lower Eyeliner of the inner corner should also be slightly stained to make it more natural.


When drawing the eyeliner, the upper eyelid is slightly thicker and the lower eyelid is slightly thinner.


When drawing the eyeliner in the direction of the eye, first draw a slightly shorter position than you want, and then gently outline it so that you can create the impression of being able to do well.


Dense and long eyelashes have a strong visual impact:


Mascara is not only easy to use, but also can significantly enhance the impression of the eye. But because of its simple use, it is more likely to lead to improper use, making its effect half the effort. To avoid this, we will introduce basic mascara brush techniques. Use the magic of mascara to create a pair of attractive electric eyes with thick eyelashes.


When you brush mascara, you can see clearly that the whole eyelash is not easy to fail. You can place a mirror below and gently unfold the eyelids with your fingers, so that the eyelash brush can touch the root of the eyelash. First use the eyelash brush to move around the brush, then brush from the root of the eyelash to the tip of the lash, while applying mascara to make the eyelash curl upwards.


When you brush your eyelashes, place the mirror above your face. Because when you look up, it's easier to brush your eyelashes. It is more convenient to use the brush head to coat vertically, and it is not easy to fail.


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