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新妈产后丰胸招重塑好身材 产后丰胸最佳时间



After childbirth, a series of changes will appear in the body of the new mother, especially the breast. During pregnancy, the breast will be enlarged and naturally shrink after childbirth. If you don't pay attention to it, it will be easy to droop and even become shriveled. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to have a breast enhancement after childbirth. Besides, postpartum is also a good time for breast enhancement. Hurry to see how to do it with 360 common sense.


The best time for postpartum breast enhancement


Experts pointed out that the best time for postpartum breast enhancement is after 6 months of postpartum, or after 6 months when infants stop breastfeeding. 6 months before the postpartum period is not suitable for any breast enhancement, because the baby needs to be breastfed within 6 months, and at the same time, it needs to restore vitality. Early breast enhancement, although it can achieve results, will also cause certain harm to women themselves.


In addition, after 6 months of postpartum, breast enhancement before and after menstruation is the best. Women's body contains female hormones, but only when luteinizing hormone and estrogen have a synergistic effect, can breast growth be enhanced. From the beginning of the first menstrual cycle, hormones have been playing a role in driving breasts from flat to plump. Therefore, in the middle of every month, these 10 days are also the best time for postpartum breast enhancement. From the 11th, 12th and 13th days of menstruation, these three days are the best time for breast enhancement, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th days are the second best time, because the hormones affecting breast fullness are secreted in equal amount in 24 hours, which is the best time to stimulate breast fat accumulation and thickening.


How does postpartum breast enhancement work?


1. diet


First of all, we should strengthen nutrition in diet, eat more high protein foods such as soy milk and eggs, and supplement more important active elements such as zinc and chromium to promote the generation of human sexual characteristics and the formation of sexual function. Especially chromium element, it can promote the absorption of glucose and transform into fat in breast and other parts, so as to promote breast fullness, so as to solve the problem of how to breast after childbirth.


2. Sports


In recent years, how to breast augmentation after childbirth has become a hot topic of concern for female friends. There are all kinds of breast augmentation products on the market. Some people even risk their lives to breast augmentation. In fact, our first concern is breast health and how to improve the breast line, rather than risking our lives to do breast augmentation surgery. The breast itself has no muscle tissue to support or cling to the sternum. It is composed of glandular tissue, connective tissue and adipose tissue. It is supported by a layer of skin outside, so this part of skin needs special care to avoid premature relaxation and sagging. In addition, if the blood circulation is not smooth and the fat tissue is loose, the breast will also droop. Although the breast tissue has no muscle and cannot be enlarged by exercise, exercise can strengthen the breast muscle below the breast, and the developed breast muscle can make the breast protrude, which makes the breast look fuller. Therefore, it is beneficial for the even development of the chest to do chest expansion and deep breathing exercise sooner or later.


After weaning, you may as well do some simple chest exercises, such as chest expansion, stretching, push ups and so on. These sports can focus on the exercise of chest muscles, so that women's chest muscles are more developed, so that the chest is more straight and elastic. In addition to sports, postpartum breast enhancement also requires new mothers to pay attention to the posture of standing and walking, and always keep the posture of chest and abdomen. These postures are very helpful to prevent chest sagging.


3. massage


Massage the breast can promote the transport of fat in the lymphatic vessels of the chest, which can play a role in breast augmentation. Especially swimming, for young women, is an ideal activity of body building and breast augmentation. Water not only has the "massage" effect on breasts, but also is conducive to abdominal and lumbar muscle exercises, and can achieve the effect of eliminating excess body fat and maintaining slim and graceful posture.


Put the right palm on the top of the left breast, start from the lower part of the clavicle, push down evenly and gently to the root of the breast, and then push back according to the original route. Practice 20-50 times on each breast.


Before going to bed every night, apply a hot towel to both sides of the breast. After hot compress, directly massage both sides of breast with palm, from left to right, massage 20-50 times.


Push the right breast laterally from the middle of the chest to the armpit with the palm of the left hand, and then bring the breast tissue back with the belly of five fingers. Repeat 20 times.


New mummy can start these methods after weaning, but breast massage can also be carried out during lactation. When massaging, the strength should be moderate, not too strong. These massage methods are also helpful to prevent postpartum ptosis.


6 tips for breast care:


1. Choose a suitable bra to wear every day. No matter how strong the breast was before, in order to prevent the disease, we must wear bras every day to provide good support for the growing breast; it is important to choose the right size bras.


2. Apply some natural skin care oil to protect breast skin and reduce friction.


3. Keep the nipple clean, coat the nipple with vegetable oil, soften the surface scale and scab, and wash it with warm water.


4. After weaning, don't lose weight quickly, extend the time of body building plan to more than one year, and avoid "shrinking" of chest caused by improper weight loss.


5. Massage the chest every day: circle your hands around the breast 20 times from the inside to the outside, and then do it 20 times in the opposite direction; open your fingers, gently grasp your two breasts with your hands, more than 15 times.


6. In case of sagging breast, massage with essential oil in time.


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