为什么职场上小人总是能够混的好 学会三点你也行-看世界

为什么职场上小人总是能够混的好 学会三点你也行



Many people in the workplace are full of disgust for villains in the workplace. They hate villains in the workplace. They despise them from the inside. When they see that villains mix well, they will feel very uncomfortable. "Sooner or later, he will end up, and villains will eventually have a day of retribution". However, the fact is that villains have been aspiring, and you have been very depressed. So why can villains always mix well in the workplace? Here are three things to try. If you learn, you can also become a professional.


1. Prepare in advance to identify all potential enemies


In the workplace, many people don't know who their rivals are even in the end. And villains always prepare in advance, identify all potential enemies, and take advantage of opportunities to eliminate them, or make leaders have a bad impression of them, so that they can not compete with themselves. There is a cloud in the art of War: anticipate the enemy's first opportunity and defeat the enemy to win. You have to know in advance who may be your potential enemy, and in the future you may compete with you for interests and positions, so you can prepare in advance, and then you will win at the starting line. When you need to fight, you have finished the work, and others will not be able to compete with you. The way to identify opponents and potential enemies in advance is to see who can threaten you to obtain this position and gain this benefit in the future. For example, if you are a new employee, then the old employee is your potential enemy. If you want to be the leader's confidant, then the leader's confidant is your potential enemy. If you want to be the Department Director, then the person who has the strength to be the director is your enemy.


2. Be free from moral constraints, and do nothing but use its extreme


The reason why villains are annoying is that villains are never bound by morality. They will choose to hurt you. Even if you are his friend, he will still choose to step on your shoulder. It's because villains have nothing to do with their extreme, so they will not hesitate to use black materials, slander their opponents, dig traps and trap their opponents, and defeat them. As the ordinary people of traditional culture baptism, they will not choose to use such methods because of moral sense, sense of justice and other reasons. This is not to say that when you are faced with interests, you should not be soft hearted. You should do it as soon as you can, say bad things behind your back, or use black materials to achieve your goals. If you want to succeed, some means must be used. If you don't choose to knock down your opponent, he will knock you down. You have no third choice.


3. Know how to hold the thigh and attach to power


Many people, baptized by traditional culture, will always regard the behavior that is not inferior to the powerful as noble, and the behavior that is inferior to the powerful will be despised. That's why in Chinese culture, Tao Yuanming, Li Bai are always respected, Qin Hui and he Zhu are despised. But when you don't have power, when you are weak, you don't know how to hold your thighs, and you don't know how to rely on power, then others may be able to make you feel better with one finger. The villains just don't have these restrictions. They know how to hold their thighs, rely on power, and lean back on the trees to enjoy the cool. In the story of the fox pretending to be a tiger, the fox takes advantage of the tiger's power to make other animals feel afraid, the same is true of villains. Villains clearly realize this, so it's very easy to rely on power, use power and eliminate opponents. But ordinary people can't get over this barrier in their hearts. Even for the sake of so-called integrity and self-esteem, they fight against power and finally break their heads. The worse the workplace gets. There is nothing to look down on. When you don't have strength and ability, depending on power is the best shortcut to your growth and success. The most precious thing in the workplace is time and opportunity. If you miss the opportunity, it may take you several years to get on the top. As time goes by, you may be old, too old to be promoted.


To sum up: in the workplace, many people don't get along well because they don't know how to create opportunities for themselves. Villains in the workplace are exactly the opposite case. They will especially create opportunities for themselves, so that they can show themselves in front of leaders, let leaders pay attention to themselves, and get opportunities for promotion and reuse. Many people can't see that the villain is successful. They always use the spirit of Ah Q to win. They think that evil will prevail and villains will suffer. However, at the end of the day, you will find that villains are not suffering, but you are suffering. Of course, we are not advocating to be villains, but the three reasons why villains mix with the workplace are worthy of our reflection and reference. Prepare in advance and identify your potential enemies. 2. Some means are necessary and some moral restraints can be abandoned. 3. There is no shame in knowing how to hold your thighs and attach yourself to power. If you follow the above three points, then you can also become a professional leader. Why can a villain always mix well in the workplace? Learn these three points, and you can also become a professional leader.


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