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补肾秘方 一分钱都不花的中医补肾秘方



Tonifying the kidney has always been something we need to pay attention to, because the kidney is good, the body can be good, but kidney deficiency is a situation that many people will have, so what should we do? In fact, there are many secret recipes for tonifying the kidney. Apart from these secret recipes, what are the methods for tonifying the kidney? Let's get to know with Xiaobian!


There are so many ways to invigorate the kidney, we need to know in detail, so as to know what is the most suitable way for us. Some people in order to tonify the kidney crazy eat health products, in fact, health products eat so much, not necessarily can tonify the kidney.


Recipe for invigorating the kidney


1. kneading umbilicus


The umbilicus is the foundation of a body's vitality, which is closely related to the viscera, meridians and limbs. Patients with functional impotence and spermatorrhea can lie on the bed in the morning and evening every day, knead the navel with the index finger for 5 minutes, and hold on for 2 months, then it will get obvious effect. In addition, you can also massage the Guanyuan point, which is located 3 inches below the umbilicus. This point has the effect of strengthening the kidney yang. You can use the finger pressing method to massage and stimulate this point, or use the left and right hands to rotate around the umbilicus alternately to massage this point.


2. kidney and kidney


The waist is the house of the kidney. Stimulating the points of Mingmen and Shenshu in the waist is helpful to increase the kidney qi. Mingmen point is located under the second lumbar spine, at the same level as the navel; Shenshu Point is located 1.5 inch beside Mingmen point. First, press Mingmen point with finger pressing method, and then rub two palms together until the palm is hot. Then place them at Shenshu Point respectively, and massage the waist up and down until there is heat. One time in the morning and one time in the evening, about 200 times each time, can invigorate the vital gate, invigorate the kidney and absorb Qi.


3. rub your feet


Yongquan point is located in the front 1 / 3 of the foot palm and the sunken part of the flexed toe, which is the place where the turbid Qi drops. Regular massage can benefit the essence and tonify the kidney, strengthen the body, prevent premature senility, relax the liver and eyesight, promote sleep and appetite, and has certain curative effect on vertigo, insomnia, tinnitus and other diseases caused by kidney deficiency. After rubbing the palms with both hands, rub the center of the right foot with the left hand and the left foot with the right hand, once in the morning and once in the evening, 300 times each time.


4. pinch Valley Road


Valley path is the anus. It can accelerate the blood circulation around the pelvic cavity, delay the aging of sexual organs, and has a good effect on preventing and curing premature ejaculation and low sexual desire of women. At the beginning of the exercise, you can contract and relax for 3 seconds, and then gradually extend to contract and relax for 10 seconds, 10 minutes each time, twice a day.


The above methods of massage acupoints are simple and feasible, and will not hurt the body, so we can use them at ease. In addition to the above methods, there are other kidney tonifying methods that we can try.


Tonifying kidney


Tonifying kidney and anti-aging


Salt water soak feet to promote blood circulation, can let the effective components of salt water into the kidney and heart, so as to achieve the effect of Tonifying the kidney. Second, saltwater feet can remove the cold of feet, and add pebbles to grind feet at the same time, it can improve the effect, promote the continuity of human vein, have the effect of sleep and anti-aging, and can treat colds, even enhance memory, make the brain feel relaxed.


Remove beriberi and clean feet


Because of the efficacy of salt, salt water has a very good efficacy of disinfection and sterilization. Feet can be cleaned by soaking in salt water. Salt water can exfoliate feet. Because salt has the function of exfoliation, so put salt into hot water to soak feet, you can use the heat in hot water to enhance the function of exfoliation.


Reduce fire and improve health


Salt has the functions of clearing fire, cooling blood, detoxification, etc. if you are easy to get angry and have a dry and hot constitution, you can try this way.


Don't make mistakes in tonifying the kidney again


There are many ways to invigorate the kidney, but there are many misunderstandings. We should pay attention to avoid these misunderstandings, because these misunderstandings will make us unable to achieve good results in invigorating the kidney, and not only do they harm to our health, but also outweigh the gains and losses.


Myth 1: paranoia and tonifying the kidney


Tonifying the kidney is often mistaken for strengthening the kidney yang. There are a lot of animal and plant hormones such as velvet antler and deer whip in the market, and chemical drugs all amplify the effect of aphrodisiac unilaterally.


Error 2: tonifying the impatient kidney


Invigorating the kidney is often in a hurry to achieve success, pursuing rapidity and ferocity, and seeking immediate results.


Mistake 3: plunder and tonify the kidney


The use of drugs results in a short period of kidney strength, resulting in a healthy overdraft.


Myth 4: hormone invigorating the kidney


Taking a large number of supplements containing hormones has great side effects, which will cause new physiological problems.


Error 5: extensive tonifying the kidney


It is very slow to make tea, wine and stew with Chinese herbal materials.


Myth 6: black food for tonifying the kidney


Think that all black food are kidney tonic, will not identify the nature of food.


Mistake seven: supplement the form with the form


Superstition "to shape and shape", eat animal kidney to achieve the purpose of Tonifying the kidney. Like to eat pig waist, sheep waist, bullwhip, pig liver, chicken kidney and other animal liver.


Conclusion: we should all know the secret recipe of Tonifying the kidney of traditional Chinese medicine. Many of the secret recipes don't need money, so we should master these methods to help us tonify the kidney, but in addition to the methods described above, we need to understand the misunderstanding of Tonifying the kidney to avoid entering these misunderstandings.


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