I believe that a lot of small partners know that many teams have changed a lot in this transfer period. However, RNG, as a team that many netizens and fans pay close attention to, although it is all huaban, at present, Casa leaves the team and only confirms that xiaolongbao can join in. There is no other news at all. What's the matter? Why doesn't anyone go to RNG? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


What's the matter with no one coming during the RNG transfer period


For this year's transfer period, we must all see what momentum, many teams are starting to recruit, but some teams are stable. For example, RNG, this time not only the top player Casa of the team left, but also one player didn't want to come. Although the YM team of PDD is going to xiaolongbao, he hasn't played a game after all. So after all, we need some more stable players. Many netizens think that RNG didn't do anything in this transfer period, and none of the players wanted to come.


However, for this problem, the big man in the e-sports circle, Yifeng, revealed on Weibo that "this time, RNG didn't say no action, but the price was very high, but no one was willing to come to RNG."


RNG's fans are really upset about this revelation. RNG is still willing to pay for some powerful players, but the point is that no one is willing to come.


However, when no one came to letme for RNG live broadcast last time, they also talked about the single position on RNG. It's really the pressure of public opinion. As long as it doesn't play well, it must be the dog's bloody head being sprayed. Of course, not only the single position, the tiger world game didn't wave well, it's just going to hit the road. Who else do you think would dare to come to RNG?


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