When it comes to the personal ethics of professional players, surely everyone will think of the former player condi? His private life was a bit of a mess, but it was solved later. However, in recent days, aiming player of KT team in Lck competition area has been involved in sexual abuse scandal. What's the matter? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!


What happened when aiming, a KT player, got involved in a sexual assault scandal


When it comes to aiming, you should not be very familiar with him. He used to be from AFS team, but now he is ADC of KT team. Recently, he was exposed on the Internet about a sexual assault on underage girls, which is still very serious. For the exposure of this incident, aiming also quickly sent a response to this incident.


For aiming, there is a real relationship between the two people in private, and they have been in touch. But aiming said he wanted to be more focused in the new season, so he wanted to break the relationship. Because of this incident, the damage to the woman is relatively large, and the feelings of the woman are not considered. As for the rumors of sexual assault, I hope you can restrain and stop it.


As for the development of this matter, there is no more below.


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