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上官婉儿简介死因 历史上的上官婉儿和武则天



Brief introduction of female officials in history: Shangguan Wan'er, also known as Shangguan Zhaorong, was a female official, poet and imperial concubine in Tang Dynasty. A granddaughter of Shanxian County, Shaanxi Province (now Sanmenxia, Henan Province), who was killed by shangguanyi, was assigned to the inner court with his mother, Zheng, as a maid. At the age of 14, she was in charge of the imperial palace for many years because of her wisdom and good writing. She was known as the "Prime Minister of women". What is the relationship between Shangguan Wan'er and Wu Zetian?


About Shangguan Wan'er


At that time, Shangguan Wan'er was granted Zhaorong, with more power. She had a prominent position in the political and literary circles. She was then in charge of the decrees of the inner court and the outer court as the imperial concubine. It was suggested that the library should be expanded and a bachelor should be set up. During this period, he presided over elegance and evaluated the world's poetry and prose on behalf of the court. At that time, most of the CI ministers collected their poems. Thirty two poems were collected in the whole Tang Dynasty. In 710, King Linzi (that is, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty) launched a coup of Tang long, and was killed at the same time as empress Wei.


Shangguanhong, the great grandfather of shangguanyi granddaughter, the Prime Minister of Shaanxi Province, was a eunuch of Jiangdu Palace at that time. In the first year of Linde (664), shangguanyi was killed by Empress Wu because she drafted an imperial edict for Emperor Gaozong to abolish Empress Wu. Shangguanwan'er, who was just born, and her mother Zheng's were sent to the court. During the period of being a slave in yeting, under the careful training of his mother, Shangguan Wan'er read poems and books carefully, not only could he recite poems and write, but also could understand official affairs with extraordinary intelligence. In the second year of Yifeng (677), Shangguan Wan'er was summoned to the palace by Wu Zetian and asked to make a proposition on the spot. Shangguan Wan'er's prose is not a little bit more than a second, and the prose is clear, the words are luxuriant, the language is beautiful, it really seems that it has been constructed for a long time. Seeing this, Empress Wu Zetian immediately ordered her to exempt her from the status of servant and let her take charge of the imperial edict. Soon after, Shangguan Wan'er was executed for disobeying his will, but Wu Zetian spared his literary talents and granted him a special pardon, which was only a tattoo. After that, Shangguan Wan'er carefully served and catered to Qu Yi, which made Wu Zetian more happy.


From the first year of Tongtian (696) (from the records of jinglongwenguan and the old Tangshu as the holy calendar year), he was asked to deal with Baisi playing table, participate in government affairs, and become increasingly powerful. In the first year of Shenlong (705), after the restoration of emperor Zhongzong of Tang Dynasty, Shangguan Wan'er was appointed to draft the imperial edict, which was deeply trusted and worshipped as Zhaorong. Zheng's mother was appointed as the wife of peiguo. In the past two years, with the support of empress Wei and Princess Anle, five kings including Zhang Cambodian, Huan yanfan, Jing Hui, Yuan Shuji and Cui Xuanwei were successively designed and demoted, and their power was overwhelming. Shangguan Wan'er had an intimate relationship with her. In the imperial edict, she often respected Wu family and suppressed the royal family, which made Prince Li chongjun angry. In July of the first year of Jinglong's reign (707), Li chongjun and Li duozuo, the general of zuoyulin, ordered more than 300 soldiers to kill Wu Sansi and Wu chongxun, and killed more than ten of his relatives. They also led the soldiers to enter the gate of Suzhou, knock on the gate of the pavilion, and hunt for Shangguan Waner. Shangguan Wan'er hurriedly fled to Tang Zhongzong and empress Wei, and said: "the idea of Prince Guan is to kill Shangguan Wan'er first, and then kill the queen and Her Majesty in turn." Empress Wei and Zhongzong were angry for a while, so they took Shangguan Wan'er and Princess Anle to the Xuanwu Gate to escape from the front of the soldiers. Liu Jingren, the general of the right badminton forest, led more than 2000 people to fly to the Taiji hall and guard themselves. The prince was defeated and killed.


After that, Shangguan Wan'er often persuaded Zhongzong to set up a large number of Zhao Wenguan scholars, who were widely called to be officials of CI studies in the dynasty, and gave many banquets and amusements, poems and harmony. Shangguan Wan'er took the place of Zhongzong, empress Wei and Princess Anle at the same time every time. She wrote several poems together. The poems were beautiful. Most of the people chanted and sang them. As for the poems written by the ministers, Zhongzong ordered Shangguan Wan'er to evaluate them. They ranked first, and they often rewarded Jinjue with incomparable value. Therefore, poetry and Fu are popular both inside and outside the court. Zhongzong sent people to build rocks in Shangguan Wan'er's house through the pool, which was extremely carved and often entertained the ministers. At that time, the Imperial Palace was wide and sparse, allowing officials to enter and leave at will. Shangguan Wan'er then bought and built houses outside the palace with some Palace officials, often connecting with them, and some people sought important positions for them. Cui Shi, a middle school waiter, was introduced to Shangguan Wan'er after he had an affair with Shangguan Wan'er. Before long, Cui Shi was impeached by Li Shangyin, the imperial history, and demoted to the foreign state's Sima for his crime. Because Shangguan Wan'er and Princess Anle were his reasons, he was restored to his original position.


Jinglong four years (710), the growing power, Shangguan Wan'er and attached to Princess Taiping. In June, after emperor Zhongzong of Tang was poisoned by Empress Wei and Princess Anle, Shangguan Wan'er and Princess Taiping drafted the imperial edict together, and made Li chongmao, king of Wen, the crown prince. Empress Wei knew the politics and decided the government affairs with Li Dan, king of Wei. In July, Linzi King rushed into the palace with Yu Lin's soldiers, killing empress Wei and her party members. Shangguan Wan'er leads the palace people to greet her with candles, and gives Liu youqiu the imperial edict she and Princess Taiping proposed. Liu youqiu takes the imperial edict and talks about it at Li Longji's place, but Li Longji does not allow her to kill Shangguan Wan'er. In the early years of the first Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty sent people to collect Shangguan Wan'er's poems and compile them into 20 volumes of anthologies to make Zhang Shuo preface them. This collection is now lost, and only 32 poems are collected in the whole Tang poetry.


How did Shangguan Wan'er die


Although Shangguan Wan'er, by virtue of her intelligence and wisdom, is in the power of Wu, Wei, Li and other major political forces to control the country, she is only a small Zhaorong after all, and has no power of her own. The surging wind and clouds in the court also make her tired of coping with it. In May 710, Zhongzong died suddenly, which made Shangguan Wan'er feel crisis. Empress Wei intended to take charge of the power alone, and asked Wan'er to draft an imperial edict with three key contents.


The first is to make Wang chongmao the crown prince; the second is to know the political affairs; the third is to make Li Dan, the prime minister, advise on the political affairs. However, empress Wei was not satisfied. She was ready to follow Wu Zetian's example. She arranged her own party and people for the political posts of the Jiangtai Pavilion, the power of internal and external forces and the central forbidden army, which undoubtedly made the royal family of the Tang Dynasty feel a great crisis. Princess Taiping and King Linzi, Li Longji, decided to start first.


On July 21, Li Longji led his troops into the inner palace, claiming that "Wei killed the first emperor by poisoning himself and plotted against the whole country. This evening, he will kill all Wei". Most of the badminton army turned against him, and the Wei party was killed before it could respond. It was known as the "Tang Long coup". The Shangguan Wan'er, who had a close relationship with empress Wei, was also in the process of killing. Wan'er led the palace people to greet her with candles and showed Liu youqiu the imperial edict she and Princess Taiping had drawn up to prove that she was standing with Li Tang's clan. Liu youqiu asked for Li Longji's favor with the imperial edict, but Li Longji knew that it swayed from side to side. If she let it go, she would be regretful, and then she was beheaded.


In fact, Shangguan Wan'er planned very carefully in the coup. She contacted Princess Taiping early. However, she did not reckon that Li Longji, who was brave and resolute, was the one who led the troops into the palace. Although Li Longji and Princess Taiping fought against empress Wei together, they actually had their own concerns. In addition, Wan'er has found her right and left in the political struggle again and again, which shows her intelligence in mind, but also exposes her weakness in political morality. She is a person without any political integrity and political stand. Therefore, Wan'er's cleverness was wronged by cleverness in this coup. Instead of being a life-saving straw, the imperial edict in her hand became a sharp sword stabbing at her.


Shangguan Wan'er and Wu Zetian


Wu Zetian leaned on Shangguan Wan'er as his confidant, and even made friends with her in bed. Shangguan Wan'er is at the beginning of her love. She can't be moved. With Zhang changzong's beautiful appearance, she can't be bumped by the heart of the earth like a deer. One day, Wan'er and Zhang changzong flirted with each other in private. Wu Zetian saw them. She pulled out a gold knife and inserted it into the bun in front of Shangguan Wan'er. She hurt her left forehead. She said angrily, "you dare to come near me and forbid me to commit crimes." Thanks to Zhang changzong's kneeling for her, she can be forgiven. Wan'er stabbed a red plum flower at the scar because of the scar on her forehead. However, she was more charming. Ladies all think it's beautiful. Some people secretly use rouge to redden their forehead, and gradually there is this kind of red plum makeup in the underground palace.


After that, Shangguan Wan'er carefully served and catered to Qu Yi, which made Wu Zetian more happy. From the first year of the holy calendar, he was allowed to deal with the Baisi table and participate in the government affairs, which made him more powerful.


In the first year of Shenlong, Zhongzong of Tang Dynasty was restored. After Zhongzong ascended the throne, the regime was controlled by Empress Wei. Zhongzong was displaced all his life, lived precariously, and developed a weak character. Empress Wei, however, devoted herself to learning from Empress Wu Zetian and colluded with her daughter Princess Anle to control the court. As early as when Gaozong died in the Tang Dynasty, Shangguan Wan'er was sixteen years old, and her mother had already passed away. This Wan'er is good at decorating. Her thrushes are pasted with emerald, and she flirts with the emperor Zhongzong. Later, Zhongzong was abandoned and imprisoned in Fangzhou. Only empress Wei and Zhongzong emperor were in the prison and suffered a lot. After Zhongzong's restoration, when he was in power, he summoned Wan'er to be lucky and formed a Luan Fengjiao, which was recorded as Jieyu, granted her mother Zheng's name and became the wife of peiguo. She also ordered Wan'er to draft an imperial edict.


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