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木瓜丰胸的正确吃法 快来Get日常丰胸食物



In order to enhance the charm of individual women, a kind of movement mainly relies on external force to shape the shape of the chest. Common breast augmentation methods are: Food breast augmentation, that is, by adjusting the diet, using the nutrients in vegetables to achieve breast augmentation. Let's follow 360 common sense net to learn about it.


Breast enhancement food


1. Papaya, fish, meat, fresh milk and other foods rich in protein can be breast healthy.


2. Soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peaches, sesame, corn and other seeds and nuts are effective breast foods. You may as well eat more.


3. Orange, grape, grapefruit, tomato and other foods containing vitamin C can prevent chest deformation.


4. Celery, walnuts, red kidney beans and other foods containing vitamin E are helpful for chest development.


5. Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli, broccoli and sunflower seed oil, are good for hormone secretion.


6. Foods containing vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pig liver, also contribute to the synthesis of hormones.


7. Stewed chicken with milk: stewed chicken with milk and tender chicken, with breast enhancement effect.


8. Drink some soup containing Chinese medicine ingredients, such as stewed pigeon soup with Ziheche. Materials include Ziheche, angelica, Beiqi, jujube and pigeon. Ziheche is placenta hormone, which is rich in hormones and hormones. Angelica, jujube and Beiqi can nourish Qi and blood, while pigeon can strengthen body.


9. Drink carp soup made of Huangjing, angelica, Atractylodes macrocephala, Yunling, carp and ginger. Because carp has the effect of strengthening the body, while Atractylodes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, combined with chest effect.


10. Drinking more Shengui Zhuxin Decoction also has the effect of Nourishing Qi, blood and chest.


Breast enhancement recipes and methods


I. correct way to eat papaya


1. Papaya with wrinkled skin has the best breast enhancement effect


Only wrinkled papaya can have breast enhancement. Wrinkled papaya is authentic. There is also a kind of fake product that looks very bright. It can't have breast enhancement, so we must choose it first. The outer surface of the wrinkled papaya is purplish red or reddish brown, with irregular deep wrinkles, the profile edge is curled inward, the pulp is reddish brown, the center part is sunken, brownish yellow, the seeds are oblate triangle, and most of them fall off. It is hard, slightly fragrant and sour.


2. Papaya has better breast enhancement effect


In fact, papaya has the effect of promoting milk, the development of breast depends on the secretion of human estrogen and prolactin. Generally speaking, the stronger the secretion of estrogen and prolactin, the better the development of breast. Papaya stewed with ice sugar and tremella, milk stewed with papaya, snow clam stewed with papaya, etc. are the sweets that people like very much. However, the content of carotene, vitamin C and B group vitamins are almost destroyed in the ripe papaya, and the content of fruit acid is also greatly reduced. The most pity is that papain also denatured at high temperature. So, papaya is born to eat breast enhancement effect is good. Although eating papaya raw can achieve breast enhancement effect, it does not mean that there is no breast enhancement effect in papaya products. If you don't like to eat papaya raw, you can try to make papaya breast recipe.


II. Papaya breast enhancement recipe


1. Stewed papaya with coconut milk


Ingredients: 1 papaya, 100 ml coconut juice, 100 ml milk, proper amount of crystal sugar.




1) remove the seeds of papaya, cut it into pieces and put it into a bowl, and pour in coconut milk, milk and sugar.


2) put the processed materials into the steamer, steam over high heat for more than 30 minutes, until the pulp is soft and rotten, take out.


3) after the sugar water is cooled, refrigerate for about 20 minutes, with better flavor.


2. Stewed papaya with Tremella


Ingredients: 15g tremella, 1 papaya (medium-sized, preferably natural smoked), 10g North apricot, 12g South apricot, proper amount of crystal sugar.




1) soak the tremella in clear water and wash it.


2) peel papaya, remove seeds and cut into small pieces.


3) remove the clothes from the north and South almonds, wash them, put them together with tremella and rock sugar into a stew pot, add some boiling water to stew for 20 minutes, and then eat them.


3. Papaya and lotus seed milk


Ingredients: 600g ripe papaya, 3 cups fresh milk, 25g lotus seed meat, 2 red dates, proper amount of crystal sugar.




1) select the fresh and ripe papaya, remove the skin and core, cut it into granules, and reserve.


2) wash the lotus seed meat and red dates with clear water.


3) remove the heart of the lotus seed, and keep the red and brown lotus seed coat; remove the core of the red date for standby.


4) put papaya, lotus seed meat and jujube into the stewing cup, add fresh milk and proper amount of ice sugar, and stew in water until the lotus seed meat is ripe, then it can be eaten.


4. Papaya cream


Ingredients: papaya 600g, milk 1 cup, coconut half cup, sugar 200g, corn flour 3 tbsp.


Practice: papaya to the core, peel and cut into grains. Boil with two cups of water and sugar, then put in papaya seeds, then add milk and coconut milk, and boil slowly. Use a small half cup of water to boil the cornmeal, gradually add it to the milk sauce, and cook until it thickens.


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