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聪明女人皮肤都是这么补水的 日常护肤补水技巧分享



Every woman loves beauty. In order to make her face and body more watery and white, women will try their best to replenish water in various ways. However, in the process of replenishing water, women will always make various mistakes. Instead of being able to replenish water, they will be more and more dry. Let's learn from 360 common sense.


How to moisturize women's skin


Drinking boiled water


People do need to drink more water every day. However, if we drink a large amount of water in order to replenish the water, it will easily increase the burden on the kidney, and may also take away the electrolytes and minerals in the body, affecting the body's function. In addition, if you drink too much water, your body's metabolism will accelerate. Even if a large amount of water is transported to skin cells, before the water reaches the destination, it has been metabolized by your body, which can't play the role of water supplement.


Oil absorbing paper


If the skin is in balance with water and oil, it is a better state. Some girls like to have oil on their faces. In order to remove the oil, girls like to use oil absorbent paper frequently. They think that as long as the oil is absorbed, the skin can reach the state of water and oil balance. However, if you often use oil absorption paper to absorb oil, it is easy to stimulate the sebaceous glands of the skin, and then secrete more oil, which destroys the balance of water and oil.


What should women pay attention to in skin moisturizing


1, avoid using mask everyday: excessive use of mask will not guarantee skin's moisture. If you use a mask containing alcohol, fruit acid and other ingredients, too much application will irritation facial skin, making it vulnerable.


2. Do not replace the facial cleaning products: autumn and winter are not hot summer, and the face is no longer oily. If you still wash your face with the cleaning products used in summer, it will make your face dry and dry, and it is more likely to cause sensitive symptoms, such as redness, peeling, itching, etc.


3. Avoid exfoliation every week: Although exfoliation can help skin regain luster, too frequent exfoliation (for example, more than once a week), or the use of several exfoliation products at the same time, will make the cuticle become thinner and thinner, lose the ability of water storage and resistance to external environment damage.


4. Don't use make-up water to moisturize: some people hate the feeling of oily on their faces. Many people don't touch oily maintenance products at all. After washing their faces, they only use moisturizing make-up water, thinking that the skin will be tender and bright, but they don't know that it can't absorb enough water, but make the skin dry.


Drink water supplement


I. peach blossom tea -- dried peach blossom (available in shops selling dried flower box aromatherapy) 4G, wax gourd 5g and poplar bark 3G. Place these three samples in a cup, make them with boiling water, cover them, drink them after 10 minutes, and make them repeatedly 3-4 times a day. This kind of tea can remove black spots and whiten the skin.


2. Safflower tea -- 5g for safflower and sandalwood, 2G for green tea and 30g for brown sugar. After brewing in boiling water, cover it for 5 minutes to drink. A daily dose will make your skin clean and bright.


3. Lemon tea: peel the lemon and cut it into pieces (remember to peel it, because the lemon peel juice will make melanin precipitate). Add sugar according to your taste and drink it in water. Often drink lemon tea, will let your skin restore luster and elasticity.


Water replenishing skills




Sleep enough at any time, sleep enough, eat well, cool down, look in the mirror before you go out, not to make up, to make a lion roar. Take a deep breath and try to pull your tongue down when you exhale. Look up at the center of your brow and make a long low roar. This action can increase the elasticity of the skin and improve the blood supply of the face quickly. It will definitely make you more beautiful.


Diet conditioning


Mung beans and lilies are good things. Skin care is very important. Pay special attention to diet, sleep, mood and other aspects. Only when you take good care of your body can you get twice the result with half the effort.


Moisturizing fruit 1: Grape


Grapes Nourish Qi and blood, strengthen spleen and stomach. They have high nutritional value and sweet taste. They have always become auspicious symbols in the form of fruits. Although the sugar content of autumn grape is high, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body, and proper consumption will not cause too much burden.


Moisturizing fruit 2: Kiwifruit


Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which can not only whiten the skin, but also improve the anti-oxidation ability of the skin, effectively whiten the skin, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the anti-aging ability of the skin.


Moisturizing fruit 3: white peach


The jubilant white peach is the most popular fruit in autumn. The big white peach, which is sweet and watery, can nourish the vital energy, nourish the Yin and promote the body fluid. If you bite it, the flesh with the fragrance of flowers will conquer the taste buds immediately. Besides, it is rich in glue, and it makes it a beauty product. Who doesn't want to run like a peach with blush?


Moisturizing fruit 4: Persimmon


Persimmons don't mature until autumn, and orange red to golden fruits are indeed the best reflection of this season. Fruit taste sweet and astringent, cold, into the lung, spleen, stomach, large intestine, Qingre Runfei, enjoy it, after the season will wait for the next year.


Moisturizing fruit 5: Citrus


Citrus's mild personality makes it the king of fruit in autumn. Mature autumn is the best product to absorb the essence of the world. Its benefits needless to say, just thinking of its fresh taste can eliminate the autumn dryness and refresh your mind.




Mistake 1: mix hydrating with moisturizing


Replenishing water is to directly replenish the cuticle cells of the skin with the required moisture, moisturize the skin, improve microcirculation, and enhance the skin moisture. Moisturizing is just to prevent the evaporation of skin moisture, which can not solve the problem of water shortage.


Myth 2: skin hydration does not mean body hydration


Water shortage of skin does not mean water shortage of body. Drinking more water can not solve the fundamental problem, because only a very small amount of water is added to skin cells. To solve the problem of water shortage, moisturizing cream is the best choice.


Misunderstanding 3: neglect the water shortage that leads to skin aging


The decline of skin water content directly leads to skin dryness, yellowing, darkening, dullness, relaxation, early generation of wrinkles, etc. Therefore, we must pay attention to the problem of skin water shortage, especially in autumn, we should pay more attention to skin moisturizing.


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