身体的变化也是一种预警 10种不适竟是身体在求救-看世界

身体的变化也是一种预警 10种不适竟是身体在求救



Everyone's body changes, there will be many different, like a variety of occupational diseases, neck pain, shoulder pain, or low back acid and other problems. For such a situation, if it occurs for a long time, we should pay attention to it. Changes in the body are also a warning sign that the body may be in danger. In daily life, we need to pay attention to our body changes. Many people often have neck pain and fatigue, which has an impact on our health. Let's follow the 360 common sense website to see what the problems are?


10 kinds of discomfort are the body asking for help


1. Tooth decay. In addition to not talking about oral health, pressure is also one of the causes of cavities. Pressure can also make people grind their teeth from time to time in their sleep, and the teeth will become more and more fragile. Walking is good for relieving joint pain, improving bone health and preventing tooth decay.


2. Acne. Acne is a barometer of the level of physical and mental stress. If there are red rashes and pimples on the abdomen, cheeks and arms, you should think about your recent physical and mental state. Deep breathing can prevent the spread of acne, but we should pay attention to skills. When inhaling, lift your hands up. When exhaling, drop your hands 5-10 times a day.


3. Forgetting things. Studies have shown that long-term stress does cause memory problems. However, once the stress disappears, your brain will return to its original level. Experts say exercise makes people think quickly. Walking, climbing stairs and dancing can improve their memory.


4. Neck pain. Stress can affect the skeletal muscle system, resulting in muscle acid, contraction and even spasm. Meet this kind of situation, can try deep breath 5-10 times, massage muscle hair tight place gently. If the neck muscles "middle move", you can try to gently rotate the neck, do not use too much force.


5. Eyelid jumping. Medically called blepharospasm, it can also be triggered by pressure. If we deal with more detailed work for a long time, this kind of problem will easily appear. People with more eyes should watch the scenery outside the window every 20 minutes, or close their eyes to rest, and the symptoms will subside.


6. Bite nails. This situation is a psychological self-protection behavior induced by stress. Distract yourself by biting your nails. At work, for example, when answering a customer's phone call, you can take a piece of paper in your hand, knead it into a ball, while answering the phone, knead and squeeze it to release the pressure.


7. Gastrointestinal discomfort. Are you always busy with your work, too nervous, and upset? In particular, if we pay too much attention to some problems, we will feel anxious, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms. In work and life, attention should be paid to: three meals should be regularly and quantitatively, not overeating or eating before going to bed; eat less stimulating food, avoid the stomach damage caused by tobacco, wine, raw and cold; regulate the work rhythm, ensure adequate sleep, so as to relieve the work pressure and maintain a peaceful state of mind.


8. Numbness on one side. A lot of cerebral hemorrhage will appear before the face, arms, fingers numbness, especially ring finger!


If you often feel numbness of the left and right sides of the body, you should consider whether there is a problem with small blood vessels in the brain. If numbness is accompanied by weakness of the upper or lower limbs, the situation will become more critical. It may be arteriosclerosis, which usually lasts for several hours to several days. If not treated in time, it will develop into hemiplegia and paralysis.


9. Swelling of feet and eyes. The kidney filters about 200 liters of water every day. Once the valve fails, the water will not flow out. If there is too much water, there will be edema.


10. Irritating cough + chest pain. It's like choking a grain of rice in the airway, and the body's stress response leads to uncontrolled cough, which is irritating cough. If there is blood in the sputum at the same time, it may be an early symptom of central bronchogenic carcinoma. Because of the small tumor growing on the bronchial mucosa, the human body would like to expel it like a piece of rice choked in the trachea.


In addition, chest pain also accounts for more than half of lung cancer patients, especially peripheral lung cancer, chest pain can be the first symptom. That's because the cancer infiltrates the pleura. Chest pain is often fixed in the lesion site, and the early stage is intermittent pain and discomfort. Changes in posture, deep breathing and coughing can aggravate it.


We need to pay attention to some uncomfortable symptoms. When we encounter these problems, we need to adjust them in time. In our daily life, we need to know more about these abnormal conditions and improve our health in time. As long as you do this well, it will be better for your health to have these awareness.


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