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缓解头疼不吃药的方法 身边可以缓解头痛的食物

经常出现各种头疼,这在我们的生活中都是非常的常见,也是大家最容易出现的小症状。如果长时间的出现这些问题,对大 家也是很困扰的事情。大家都知道头部是非常重要的一个部位,而头疼也是一种不可小觑的病情,如果是偶尔的出现头痛之 后,我们是不需要吃药缓解的。那接下来和360常识网一起看看头疼不吃药的方法吧。

经常出现各种头疼,这在我们的中都是非常的常见,也是大家最容易出现的小症状。如果长时间的出现这些问题,对大 家也是很困扰的事情。大家都知道头部是非常重要的一个部位,而头疼也是一种不可小觑的病情,如果是偶尔的出现头痛之 后,我们是不需要吃药缓解的。那接下来和360常识网一起看看头疼不吃药的方法吧。

All kinds of headache often appear, which is very common in our, and is also the most easy small symptom for everyone. If these problems occur for a long time, they are also very troubling for everyone. Everyone knows that the head is a very important part, and headache is also a disease that can not be underestimated. If there is a headache occasionally, we do not need to take medicine to relieve it. Let's take a look at the headache and no medicine with 360 common sense.


How to relieve headache without taking medicine




The study found that dropping a little capsaicin into the nasal cavity can effectively relieve headache. At home, stuffing your nostrils with chili peppers has the same effect.


Stretching exercise


Stretching the neck and shoulder muscles can help relieve muscle tension and headache. Specific actions include trying to look up and shrug.


Head point massage

这种方法通常只对紧张性头痛有用,能够分散头部的注意力,也能改善头部的血液循环,从而缓解头痛。基本上头部的保健 穴位都可以按,比如太阳穴、风池穴、印堂穴等,还可以揉捏后颈部,放松一下颈肩部肌肉。

This method is usually only useful for tension headache. It can distract the head and improve the blood circulation of the head, so as to relieve headache. Basically, the health points of the head can be pressed, such as temple, Fengchi, Yintang, etc., and the neck can be kneaded to relax the neck and shoulder muscles.


Tea or coffee


Caffeine can improve the efficacy of analgesics. Studies have shown that caffeine relieves headaches half an hour faster than painkillers.


Peppermint oil


Peppermint has therapeutic effect and has long been regarded as a natural medicine for headache.


How to prevent headaches?


Keep a regular routine

这一点对很重要,对预防头痛更加重要,如果你常常头痛,建议你从这一点开始做起,按时睡、按时起,会大大降低你 头痛发作的概率,当然,如果哪一天你突然打破了规律,头痛基本上就逃不掉了。

This is very important to prevent headaches. If you often have headaches, it is suggested that you start from this point, sleep on time and start on time, which will greatly reduce the probability of your headache attack. Of course, if you suddenly break the rule one day, the headache will basically not escape.


Keep the surrounding environment comfortable

长期处于让自己不舒适的环境中也会造成情绪焦虑和紧张,诱发头痛,一旦这些不舒适的情况解除了,头痛也自然就会缓解 了。比如要常常开窗透气,避免室内氧气供给不足;留心周围有没有电流或电磁引起的高频音;去除刺鼻气味,太刺鼻的香气 和臭气都会让人焦虑紧张。

Being in an uncomfortable environment for a long time will also cause emotional anxiety and tension and induce headache. Once these uncomfortable conditions are relieved, headache will naturally be relieved. For example, it is necessary to often open windows for ventilation to avoid lack of indoor oxygen supply; pay attention to whether there is high frequency sound caused by electric current or electromagnetism around; remove pungent smell, too pungent smell and odor will make people anxious and nervous.


Scientific movement


Persisting in exercise will make us happy in body and mind, keep away from disease, and have better effect on eliminating headache. A new Swedish study has found that regular cycling can help relieve migraines. Regular moderate intensity cycling can reduce migraine attacks by 90%. The scientific explanation is that exercise helps release more of the peptide compound endorphin, which is a self-made "analgesic" in the body. In addition to cycling, brisk walking and swimming can achieve the same effect.


Although we recommend staying active, exercise can also cause headaches. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the amount of exercise.


Learn to face pressure


Mood swings and stress events can also cause headaches, which are very common in the presence of anxiety and depression. Keeping an optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life can prevent headache.


Self physical therapy, local sports


According to different types of headache can choose physical therapy to alleviate. Wrap a hot water bag with a hot and damp towel, or use an ice bag, put it on the forehead or pain area, you can relieve the pain.


Secondly, it is suggested to try shrugging to relieve headache. The specific method is: first relax the neck muscles to calm the mood; stand or sit down, relax, inhale, try to make the shoulders close to the ears for 2 seconds, then exhale to relax, repeat 3 times.


It is recommended to have some food around to relieve headache:


1. Potatoes: rich in potassium, which can relieve the headache caused by hangover due to excessive drinking;


2. Almond: magnesium can relax blood vessels and prevent headache;


3. Watermelon: it is rich in water content and can provide important mineral elements such as magnesium for the body, which can prevent headache to a certain extent;


4. Whole wheat bread: it's mainly healthy carbohydrates, which can ensure sufficient brain energy and relieve headache;


5. Sesame: it contains a lot of vitamin E and magnesium, which can promote circulation, stabilize estrogen level and prevent menstrual headache;


6. Spinach helps to control blood pressure and relieve headache indirectly;


7. Yoghurt: it is rich in calcium and probiotics, which can avoid headache signal due to calcium deficiency in brain.


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