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4种情况下容易晕车 支招预防晕车有方法



Nowadays, the main means of transportation for people to travel is by car, but some people will suffer from dizziness, nausea, cold sweat and vomiting due to taking the car. Especially in the case of sudden braking, turning or starting, it is more likely to produce this situation, which is often referred to as carsickness. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Easy to get carsick in 4 cases


Before we teach you how to stop carsickness, let's first understand what situation or who is more prone to carsickness:


1. People who are overworked or have poor sleep are also prone to carsickness.


2. If you eat too much or starve too much, you will be more likely to get carsick.


3. Some ear diseases may also cause carsickness.


4. In the closed space on the vehicle, when the air is not circulating or there is other odor stimulation, it is easy to make people carsick.


Tips: there are seven ways to prevent carsickness


After knowing that people who are prone to sudden death and have carsickness and the situation of carsickness, we need to know how to prevent carsickness:


1. Take carsick drugs. People who often get carsick can take some carsick drugs before taking the bus, and take them in proper amount according to the drug taking instructions.


2. Pay attention to avoid eating too much or not eating before driving.


3. It is not suitable to overwork before taking the bus.


4. When riding, you can choose to sit in front of the car to reduce the turbulence, lean your head back slightly on a fixed position, and close your eyes, so as to reduce the head vibration and dizziness caused by flying objects. You can also try to open the window moderately to ensure ventilation and fresh air.


5. It can contain a piece of ginger in the mouth or stick it on the navel. Ginger has a hot and strong smell, which can effectively prevent carsickness. If the smell is too pungent, you can also put ginger slices under the nostrils, so that when breathing, the spicy taste of ginger will also stimulate the brain, and also play a role in preventing carsickness.


6. About an hour before taking the bus, take the fresh orange, fold the orange skin outwards and inwards, aim at the nostrils, spray the fragrant oil mist in the orange skin into the nose, stimulate the brain nerves, and avoid dizziness and carsickness.


7. Drinking a cup of warm boiled water with appropriate amount of vinegar before driving can also prevent carsickness.


When we get on the bus, we can take these things with us



We'll slice the ginger first. You can put the ginger on your navel and then tape it on. You can also put ginger in your mouth, or more simply, take the sliced ginger and put it in your nostril to smell, which can also play a very good role. These methods are very effective. Every time I take a car, I will stick ginger slices on my navel and put ginger in my mouth. Carsickness never happens again.


Aeolian essence or cool oil


The flavor of Aeolian essence and cool oil is very strong. Open the bottle cap to smell directly, or put a few drops on the temple and massage. This is a common method used by one of my colleagues. Once when we were on a bus tour, she felt sick in her stomach. She must have been a sign of carsickness. She took out the essential balm and smelled it, which made her feel more comfortable immediately.



Find a water cup or mineral water bottle, put a few spoonfuls of vinegar, and then use warm boiled water to make vinegar drinks. They can be used as drinks before or in the car. It's easy to cool the drink. My stomach is not very good. I dare not drink cold drinks at will. So I always go to the station after eating and drinking hot vinegar drinks at home. Some friends around me also think this method is better. If there is no such disease as gastric ulcer or gastritis, try this method.


Sour food


You can prepare some sour food for yourself, such as lemon, plum and other fruits or candied snacks. It can be used as a snack in the car.


You can take all the food I listed above for backup, which is safer. You can also choose only a few of the better ones, such as ginger and vinegar, which can be used together for the best effect.


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