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手术祛除眼袋法 做完手术要注意的事



Many people are born with heavy pouches, some of which are born with them. Pouch is a very distressing thing, because pouch really affects the beauty, some of which can be seen even after makeup, so many people will do surgery. Now follow 360 common sense net to see what should be paid attention to after pouch surgery?

眼袋,就是下眼睑浮肿,由于眼睑皮肤很薄,皮下组织薄而松弛,很容易发生水肿现象,从而产生眼袋。眼袋的形成有诸多因素,遗传是重要因素,而且随着年龄的增长愈加明显 。

The pouch is the puffiness of the lower eyelid. Because the eyelid skin is very thin and the subcutaneous tissue is thin and loose, it is easy to have edema, thus producing the pouch. There are many factors in the formation of pouch, heredity is an important factor, and it becomes more and more obvious with the increase of age.


Generally speaking, adults, especially women, will give birth to pouches between 25 and 30 years old. This is mostly the result of fat build-up. The best way to get rid of it is to get rid of it completely. Some people think that their pouch is not too obvious, always want to wait until the pouch is bigger to remove, this idea is wrong, and the result will be premature relaxation of the lower eyelid skin.


The way of removing pouch by operation


The technique of removing eye bags by operation is based on the specific condition of human skin, which adopts the technique of inner way and skin firming. From the root of the eyelashes, an internal incision was made to remove the outer, middle and inner fat spheres, and the loose muscles were attached to the periosteum of the frame to tighten the muscles. At the same time, the redundant loose skin was removed to make people look energetic. The incision line of pouch surgery is very fine, and it can return to normal in a short time without scar.


What to notice to finish pouch operation?


First, just after the operation, the eyes must be fragile, so you'd better not use them for a long time. Besides, you must rest your eyes more at ordinary times, so as to help the wound recover.


Second, some people are born with scar constitution. If they have an eye bag operation, they are easy to leave scars. Therefore, before they do it, they must be fully prepared. After the operation, they also need to have regular reexamination to see if the wound will leave traces and if there is any secretion. Usually, you should use sterile salt water or ointment prescribed by the doctor to wipe the eye bag. Don't use medicine to wipe the eye bag randomly, so the wound will be better quickly.


Third, the wound around the pouch should think quickly. We suggest that you eat more collagen, and there are many protein foods. These foods are very good for the recovery of the pouch wound. There is to eat more fruits and the like, vitamins are also indispensable oh.


Fourth, after the operation, sometimes the wound will be itchy because of dryness. At this time, we should not use our hands to pick it. If it is itchy, we should rub some medicine. We should also pay attention to the cleaning and do not infect it. We must not put water on the wound at ordinary times, or the wound will be infected and leave scars.


Fifthly, because the operation is thick enough, there must be some swelling. It is generally recommended that you apply cold compress to the wound. The first three days must be cold compress. It is better to keep it for 15 minutes each time. Generally, the swelling of eyes will be much better on the fifth day.


Sixthly, after the operation, we must not do any strenuous exercise, or the wound will crack carelessly, which is not conducive to the recovery of the wound. If the wound cracks, it may leave scars and so on. Don't exercise for the sake of beauty.


How is pouch more serious to do?


First, some eye care products actually have the function of removing eye bags. You can stick to eye cream, so that the eye skin will be improved. Friends with eye bags must stick to it.


Second, if the pouch is caused by edema, then you can take a frozen spoon to stick on your eyes every morning after you get up. If you think it's too cold, you can wrap it up with a small towel, so the pouch will be much better.


Third, some people's pouch weight is actually because the blood is not too smooth, so we need to massage our eyes a lot, so it will stimulate it a lot better, and there is some essence that can be used when massage. Vitamin E and so on not only remove the bags under the eyes, but also make the eye skin better.


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