Why do men need skin care


1. Shaving


The intimate contact between the blade and the skin is more or less an irritant to the skin. Frequent shaving will make the facial skin constantly exfoliate and renew, accelerate the metabolism of the skin, and lead to the relaxation of the skin.


2. The role of hormones


The male skin is generally oily, with pH value of 4.5-6.0. Due to the over frequency of hormone activity stimulating sebum secretion, there is more oil and sweat secretion. When the exuberant secretion is not cleaned and dredged in time and the pores are blocked, the skin will have acne. And if there is no timely treatment when the acne grows, it is likely to leave a permanent scar because of cell necrosis.


3. Disdain for skin care


Many men think that skin care is the patent of women. Men have better be masculine and don't need skin care. So the problems of dryness, water shortage and oil lustre come naturally.


4. Excessive outdoor sports


Men prefer outdoor sports, such as golf, football, basketball, swimming, etc., to expose their skin to the sun for a long time. The sun will cause damage to the skin, such as sunburn, sunburn, and accelerate skin aging.


5. From pressure


Men are under more pressure than women. Swiss authority beauty and psychological research institutions found that mental stress can lead to endocrine system disorders, long-term psychosomatic dysfunction. As a result, the skin is dry and loose, lose luster, and the skin color is morbid. This phenomenon is called "messy skin syndrome", which will accelerate skin aging and hinder skin fitness.


6. Poor way


Smoking, staying up late, all kinds of wine and meat entertainment, irregular diet, may lead to endocrine disorders in the body, and the skin is also affected. The face of people who often smoke is dim; the face of people who stay up late is blue, and the dark circles are obvious; the skin of people who have too much social intercourse is oily; and the irregular diet will cause acne.


What are the taboos of men's skin care


Taboo 1: save the use of skin care products, and put back the extra parts.


Analysis: deteriorated or unclean daily chemicals will not only beautify the user's skin and hair, but also may make the skin rough or produce pigmentation. Therefore, when using cleaning or maintenance products on weekdays, first of all, it is necessary to avoid using unclean fingers to dig out the products in the bottle / box, so as to prevent bacteria from infecting the unused parts in the bottle; if the cosmetics are not used up, remember not to put them back into the bottle, so as to avoid contamination. After using the cosmetics, wipe the residual stains left at the bottle mouth with a paper towel, and then tighten the cover.


Taboo 2: I am used to washing my face with clear water in the morning. Anyway, I cleaned it the night before.


Analysis: after a whole night's metabolism, the skin is not as clean as you think. Normal use of facial cleanser to wash the face, while thoroughly cleaning, gives the skin the initial protection of the day, makes the skin calm and comfortable, and prevents problems.


Taboo 3: face massage, the longer the better.


Analysis: the time of facial massage should be appropriate, not too long or too short, it must depend on the skin type, skin condition and age. The right way is: Generally speaking, the massage time of neutral skin is about 10 minutes. The massage time of dry skin is generally 10-15 minutes. The massage time of oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes. Allergic skin is best not to do massage.


Taboo 4: every time after washing your face, you will dry the water on your face with a towel.


Analysis: men often use dry towels on the skin vigorously rub, this will hurt and stimulate the skin, let the skin long fine lines. The right way is: after washing your face, press the water with towel or tissue paper to dry, which is much lighter than the pulling and damage to the skin with dry method. Especially when there is acne on the face, the towel paper must be used instead of the towel, and the water shall be sucked out by pressing, so as not to cause bacterial infection.


Taboo 5: when applying eye cream, the habit is fast and hard. It's done in three or two times.


Analysis: eye skin is the most vulnerable part of the face. If you apply it hard or pull it excessively, it will cause more and more wrinkles. The correct way to apply eye cream is: Gently apply it to the skin around the eyes with the middle finger pulp. The movement should be slow and light. You can gently flick around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.


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