男士也需要护肤 男士护肤需要注意温和清洁-看世界

男士也需要护肤 男士护肤需要注意温和清洁



In the past, when it comes to skin care, people always thought that female friends care about skin care, but now more and more male friends begin to pay attention to skin care. So what skin care problems do men usually have? The following 360 common sense network will tell you about the common problems of men's skin care, several major problems to be careful!


There are many tips that most people don't know about in men's skin care. Mastering these skills will make your skincare work more efficient with less effort and make your skincare work easier. Today, I'd like to talk with you about men's skin care skills, so that you have the right concept of skin care.


Men's skin care should be gentle and clean


Many men especially like cleansing products with strong cleaning power. The most typical is soap based cleansing. After washing, the face is as fresh and clean as the dishes. But products with strong cleaning power will definitely damage our skin barrier, which will cause our skin to be sensitive and fragile in the long run. Therefore, men should not excessively pursue strong cleaning power, gentle and effective cleaning is enough.


Men's skin care, pay attention to toner, don't pat hard


We can often see many boys slapping their faces when using toner. Some of them are just like slapping their ears. When the toner is finished, their faces are red and swollen. In fact, the toner really only needs to be gently pressed on the skin. If you pat the skin hard, it will turn the toner into small drops and splash into the air, which will cause waste.


Men's skin care recommended to wipe toner


Many men think that the function of toner is to replenish water. There is no other function, but it is not. One of the most important functions of toner is to wipe the aged horniness with cotton pad. Men's cuticle is usually thicker than women's, so it is more likely to cause acne due to excessive keratinization, so it is very important to wipe the toner with cotton pad to remove the old cuticle from the skin.


Men's skin care lotion is not a necessity.


Many men with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel that skin care products should be used in complete sets and steps. Cleanser, toner and lotion are no less. But in fact, if you are a big oil field boy, you can save the emulsion step. Because the main function of the emulsion is to moisturize, and for a strong oil secretion of boys, moisturizing their own secretion of oil is enough, then follow the use of moisturizing lotion that really adds insult to injury.


Common problems of men's skin care


Men's skin care beware of "pressure mountain"


1. Fine lines increase


It is easy to produce fine lines due to frequent high pressure. Collagen produced by cells at the bottom of the skin can repair damaged skin in time.


However, the excessive pressure constantly oppresses the skin, which will damage the fibroblasts. The amount of collagen produced by the fibroblasts can only reach 1 / 3 of the normal amount, resulting in wrinkles.


2. Dark complexion and color spots


In the process of causing color spots and excessive melanin, stress is a key inducement of pigment disorder. This is because the nerve endings of the skin record emotional stress, and excessive production of melanin is a response of the skin to stress.


3. Easy to make skin red, swollen and sensitive


Over stimulation of the skin can easily cause DNA damage of skin cells, which will harm the skin's self-protection function, eventually lead to skin redness and allergy, and further lead to skin crisis and premature aging.


Several bad habits "boost" the skin


1. Often forget to wash your face


According to the world's leading skin experts, many male friends' skin problems are caused by incorrect face washing methods.


Even if we stay in the air-conditioned room and don't go out without make-up, there will still be dirt, sebum, sweat and residual skin care products on our skin every day, so it is necessary to wash our face.


2. The skin is too dry


Skin water shortage is one of the main causes of aging, and long-term air conditioning environment, lack of water supply in the body, emotional stress caused by skin pressure, will make the skin dry and water deficient.


Our moisturizing work is to give the skin proper water and oil, so that the moisture stays on our faces and is not evaporated. The lotion with moisturizing effect or the refreshing cream product is a good choice.


Almost all skin problems are related to UV! Overexposure may also lead to skin cancer.


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