早晨能水嫩一整天的护肤步骤 不同肤质保湿方法各不同-看世界

早晨能水嫩一整天的护肤步骤 不同肤质保湿方法各不同



Winter climate is dry, many little sisters always feel very rough and extremely lack of water on their faces. Skin care experts believe that doing four things well in the morning can make their skin tender all day. Let's learn about it with 360 common sense.com.


Do four things in the morning, and you'll be able to stay fresh all day


1. drink water


Wake up in the morning and drink a cup of warm boiled water to replenish the water that the metabolism of human body is to go; water transport to the whole body helps blood circulation, at the same time, it helps to clean the intestines and stomach, helps to detoxify and moisturize the skin. (the best way to drink water is to take a small sip. Don't pour it in at once.)


2. wet compress


Before doing other skin care steps, you can use 3 to 5 minutes to make a wet compress to help the skin quickly replenish water. It is suggested to use ordinary wet make-up water instead of functional make-up water.


3. Cream Eye Cream


After wet compress, rub the moisturizing essence, then make eye cream for the eyes, then put the lotion on your face and slowly push it evenly.


4. beauty oil


After the above maintenance, if you want to make up your makeup, you can consider adding 2 to 3 drops of beauty oil in the foundation. It will make the moisturizing power of the bottom makeup stronger, makeup more comfortable, and the skin looks more tender. After that, make up and other steps to go out to work.


Different skin types have different moisturizing methods in winter


Dry skin: the water content of cuticle is less than 10%, the secretion of sebaceous glands is less, the skin is characterized by lack of grease and dryness, and the skin feels tight after washing. General dry skin or elderly skin should choose moisturizing skin care products with strong moisturizing function, which should be applied 3-4 times a day. Products can be moisturizing lotion, moisturizing essence, moisturizing mask, moisturizing lotion or cream.


Neutral skin: ideal skin type. The sebum secretion and moisture content are basically in balance, the skin surface is moist and smooth, the texture is fine, the skin thickness is medium and elastic, it can adapt to seasonal changes, and it is not sensitive to external stimulation. For neutral and mixed skin and middle-aged skin, moisturizing skin care products with a small amount of emollients can be selected appropriately, and applied twice a day.


Oily skin: sebaceous glands secrete exuberantly, and acne, seborrheic dermatitis and so on are easy to appear. Oily skin, as long as you wash your face well, you can use no moisturizing products, and minimize the use of oily skin care products; but in severe oil dry skin, you need to use moisturizing essence or moisturizing mask.


Mixed skin: a type of oily skin mixed with dry or neutral skin. It is usually oily skin on the forehead, alar and mandible, and dry or neutral skin on the cheeks and other areas of the face. This kind of skin care should be carried out in different areas.

敏感性皮肤:多见于过敏性体质者,对于内外界各种刺激较敏感,对日光等刺激的耐受性差。 这类建议选用无过敏源的医用保湿类护肤品。

Sensitive skin: it is often seen in people with allergic constitution. It is sensitive to all kinds of internal and external stimuli, and has poor tolerance to sunlight and other stimuli. It is recommended to choose medical moisturizing skin care products without allergens.


Beauty and skin care in winter


In winter, when the temperature is low and the humidity is small, the skin will become tight and dry due to the decrease of sweat glands and the secretion of skin glands and the loss of more water. Therefore, it is more important to do skin care in winter.


(1) before going out, you should apply some oily oolya moisturizing cream on the exposed skin, especially lip balm.


(2) reduce the frequency of washing face with hot water, 1-2 times a day, and use less absorbent washing products.


(3) massage the face skin frequently. Before going to bed every night, you can rub the palm of your hand and cover your cheeks for 1 minute, and then rub the whole face with residual heat, which can promote blood circulation and slow down facial aging.


(4) after face washing, apply oil skin care cosmetics. If there is a crack in the skin of hands and feet, apply some anti crack ointment.


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