Is it revealed that Tang Yan has given birth to a son successfully. Although from the exposure of love, Luo Jin and Tang Yan have been disliked by many people. But they can't stand the happiness of the sweet love. Now they have been married for more than a year. They use their love as before to "face" the people who originally sang down their love.


And two months ago, Tang Yan announced her pregnancy on her personal social platform. PS: Tang Yan had been criticized by many gossip media before. When Tang Yan was filming, she was pregnant and had a big month.


Later, Luo Jin also forwarded the good news of his wife's love and shared the sweet moments with netizens. At the same time, it was the countdown of a three member model. Fans and netizens also sent blessings.


Although she announced that she was pregnant, Tang Yan still maintained her consistent style, keeping her pregnancy life a secret, and her personal social platform rarely updated and shared. Well, even if she is pregnant, Tang Yan is still living a low-key life as always, which is a circle of powder.


But after all, it's still the real strength of the Mesozoic Xiaohua. Tang Yan needs a certain degree of exposure even if she is low-key, and her new play is just around the corner, so Tang Yan also begins to share her pregnancy life. Record a video to give back to her fans and satisfy their curiosity about her pregnancy life.


From the video of Tang Yan's pregnancy business, she is still very careful. The whole video is just showing up, and all kinds of beautiful movements, either cute or funny. It has to be said that Tang Yan's face is not puffy, beautiful and not fat during pregnancy.


In a word, Tang Yan, a real person who appeared in the audience, didn't have a belly shot. Although he met the expectations of fans to a large extent, he didn't know how big Tang Yan's belly was, or how many months it was~~


Tang Yan did a good job of concealing the secret work, which also led to various gossip in disguise. It's not just that some netizens have revealed that Tang Yansheng has given birth! For a while, it caused netizens' heated discussion and many netizens' curiosity: premature birth? More netizens' regret. If only a few days later, they would be born. Such a family of three can be Sagittarius.


After all, it was the flow of small flowers in the Mesozoic era. Tang Yan, who was in the same echelon, had a high degree of topic. Moreover, the confidentiality of the previous pregnancy news was too high, which also secretly contributed to the hot topic after the birth. Therefore, in view of the hot discussion, the media also took the initiative to call Tang Yan's team, but unfortunately, Tang Yan's agent did not answer the phone.


But Tang Yan propagandist replies not clear, wants to understand the situation. Finally, the media verified the team of Luo Jin. Finally, the staff of Luo Jin responded: we don't know what path it is!


Obviously, Luo JinFang gave a clear answer in the end. It was another gossip, but Tang Yan didn't have a child.


After the matter is clarified, we can't blame all kinds of gossip. After all, netizens are also curious about how big Tang Yan is in the end? After all, she has just been in business, and has not photographed her belly, which undoubtedly stimulates netizens' gossip.


And the curiosity of netizens is also based on their concern for Tang Yan. Yes, looking at several newlyweds in the entertainment circle, Tang Yan and Luo Jin have always been a highly sweet and highly praised couple from their love to their marriage, because although they are idols, they have no gossip, especially Luo Jin, who has always been a good reputation.


Therefore, even if Tang Yan, the gossip, gave birth to a son, he was also curious with good intentions, looking forward to seeing Tang Yan and Luo Jin's further happiness. After all, he believed that he really loved the good actors who worked hard to perform, and he was more worthy of the rare love and family in the entertainment circle.


Look at Yang Mi's divorce in recent years, Li Xiaolu's divorce, Fan Bingbing's breakup, and the small flowers and big flowers of the Mesozoic era. Marriage and love have always been stormy. Happiness and longevity are precious to stars.


So to some extent, celebrity couples with high reputation, such as Tang Yan, Luo Jin and Zhao Liying, represent netizens' expectations for a better love and a happy marriage, right?


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