At night, the bridegroom dies


This year, Gu Qiji was asked by his parents to tell him about his next marriage. The bride was Guan Lamei, 40 li away from Guanjia village. On the wedding day, Ouyang Qi, Gu Qiji's good friend, and bu Qingyun make an appointment to make a scene in the cave. The two sneak into the attic above the new house and prepare to listen to each other while they are all eyes mixed.


After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, the full-fledged guests left one after another. After Gu Qiji saw off the guests, he came to the new house with tired face. Maybe it's because he was busy all day, Gu Qiji didn't rest with the bride immediately, but sat at the table drinking tea and chatting. At the end of the third watch, they still didn't have the meaning to rest. Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun in the attic decided to leave because they couldn't see the room.


Just as they were about to leave, Ouyang Qi suddenly chuckled, "I can't afford this kid.". After that, he took out a short knife and threw it down from the crack in the floor to scare the new couple. Finally, the two met the next day to visit, then snickered from the attic slipped down, each back home.


The next morning, Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun came to Gu's house according to their agreement, only to see Guan Lamei, the bride, sitting in the room, but Gu Qiji, the bridegroom, disappeared. Bu Qingyun asked strangely, "where is the bridegroom's official?"


Guan Lamei replied nervously, "he went out to buy something, and then he came back."


The two answered. Ouyang Qi found the dagger he left last night in the room. Bu Qingyun asked Guan Lamei with a frown, "how was last night? Didn't you see anything strange?"


Guan Lamei hesitated for a moment, took a short knife out of her sleeve, and said, "I don't know who it was last night, but I lost this knife from the attic. It almost didn't scare us to death."


Ouyang Qi hears the words and looks down. Seeing that Guan Lamei has his own knife in his hand, he hurriedly walks over and says with a smile, "why? A knife scares you two like this?"


Guan Lamei said, "whose knife is this?"


Ouyang Qi took the knife and said, "it's mine. I dropped it from the attic last night."


Guan Lamei took the knife back from Ouyang Qi's hand and asked, "is it really yours?"


Bu Qingyun also said with a smile, "of course, it's him. Last night we hid in the attic and wanted to listen to the room. I didn't know how you didn't sleep. Ouyang Qi dropped this knife from the attic and wanted to scare you..."


Bu Qingyun's voice didn't fall. Guan Lamei's face changed. He stood up and grabbed Ouyang Qi. He cried, "you are the one who killed my husband."


Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun are stunned at this. They don't know what happened. When the family member heard the cry, he hurried to come over and saw Guan Lamei crying to the crowd. "Last night, my bridegroom and I were drinking tea at the table. Suddenly someone dropped the knife from the attic and stabbed it on Gu Lang's temple. Poor Gu Lang fell to the ground and never woke up. I was in a panic for a while, and I had a heart to cry. Suddenly I thought that if the cry was heard, my family would come here. When my family came, it would be revealed. There are so many people in the cave, who is the murderer? So I hid the body of the bridegroom under the bed and wiped the blood on the ground. This morning, I lied that the bridegroom was going out to see who would ask for the knife... "


As he said, Guan Lamei dragged the body of xinlangguan from under the bed. As expected, the man had been dead for a long time.


Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun never thought that there would be human life in the cave last night. They were stupid. At the sight of his son's tragic death, Gu's parents were so distressed that they trapped Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun, and a group of people rushed to the county government.


A good friend goes to prison, and the bridegroom returns his soul


Leiyang heard of the murder case, and hurriedly went to the court for questioning. Because of the presence of human evidence and evidence, as well as the confession of Ouyang Qi and bu Qingyun, the case was tried very quickly, and the county magistrate did not investigate it any more. Although he was killed by mistake, Ouyang Qi was put in prison and bu Qingyun was beaten for 20 boards. Ouyang Qi's family suddenly heard the news. Although they felt something strange, they couldn't say why.


Gu's family is even more gloomy. Gu's father and mother didn't expect that the day of his son's wedding would be the time when Yin and yang are separated. After dealing with Gu Qiji's affairs, Guan Lamei lives in a seclusion in the house every day. She is vegetarian and recites sutras. She doesn't go anywhere except to her mother's house once in a while. When they see their daughter-in-law, they are widowed as soon as she enters the house, but they love her very much.


It was three months in a flash. Just as all the dust was falling, a man in his twenties and a servant suddenly came to Gu's house and claimed that he was Gu Qiji, his son. Gu's father looked at the man in front of him and said, "my son is dead. How can he still be alive?"


When the man saw Gu Fu, he immediately fell to his knees and cried, "Dad, I'm really your son! I'm alive, and I'm dead."


Seeing Gu's surprise, the servant who came with the man said, "he is my son. He died of an emergency a few days ago. Unexpectedly, he woke up on the day of burial. His family was very happy to see him wake up. As a result, he said he was the son of Gu family in Leiyang. Gu Qiji died just after he got married. My family suspected that he was a reborn man, so I had to accompany him to come and verify it. "


With half a doubt, Gu asked several personal matters of his own family, but he didn't want the man to answer them clearly. Gu called his family to recognize them one by one, which was not bad at all. When Gu's mother saw this, she no longer had any doubts. She went up and cried with her son in her arms.


The man cried for a while and asked, "where is my new wife?"


"At home," said Gu


Said, leading the man to see Guan Lamei. At the sight of Guan Lamei, Gu's mother pointed to the man and said, "this is my son, your husband Gu Lang!"


Seeing Guan Lamei didn't believe it, Gu's mother narrated it over and over again. Who knows that Guan Lamei said decidedly after listening, "how can I recognize a man I don't know as my husband when my husband is dead?"


Gu said, "he must be my son. If he is an outsider, how can he know the trivial things in my family and recognize so many family members?"


Guan Lamei still refused to recognize him, shook his head and said, "even if there is such a thing, I can only recognize his soul, not his person."


Gu's mother loves her son so much that she can't help being anxious, but she doesn't know how to explain it. Guan Lamei saw this and said, "if you have to let me know you, let him tell you the whispers that my husband and I said on the day of marriage. It's also a proof."


The man didn't wait for his mother to ask questions, so he took the initiative to tell the two men's words in detail that night. After listening, Guan Lamei cried, "you are really Gu Lang!" then they said.


So far, the man lived in his home, and the strange news of the wedding night's strange death, and a few months later, the death of a corpse, was passed down as a wonder in the southern Hunan generation, which attracted everyone's admiration.


Peng Shilang, the truth of the strange case is clear


Soon afterwards, Peng Xueqin, the minister in charge of the Ministry of military, visited Lianghu and Liangguang and arrived in Leiyang. After hearing this, he frowned. Peng Xueqin refuses to believe in the theory of returning a soul with a corpse, so he transferred Ouyang Qi's case of mistakenly killing Gu Qiji to read it carefully. He not only felt that the case was full of flaws and doubts.


The next day, Peng Xueqin sent a secret investigation of the man's old home to find out the man's home forty miles away from Guan Jia village, named Guan Feng. Peng Xueqin couldn't help but secretly rejoice, so he sent people to invite him to the Yamen to have a banquet. During the dinner, Peng Xueqin said to the man, "you are a reborn man, a auspicious sign in southern Hunan. Today, I will hold a banquet and treat you. I will recommend you to the emperor to be an official."


"Gu Qiji" immediately after hearing this, he was very glad to say thanks, and he was drunk. Peng Xueqin suddenly asked, "Guan Feng, where is your home? What is your father's name?"


The man replied vaguely, "my family is in guanjiacun, and my father's name is guanfugui..."


Peng Xueqin heard a sneer and slapped the table. Suddenly, several trappers rushed in and threw the man into the cell. At the same time, Peng Xueqin sent people to arrest Guan Lamei and asked, "Guan Lamei, what is the relationship between you and Guan Feng?"


When Guan Lamei heard the word "Guan Feng", her face turned to dust. She confessed, "the little girl and Guan Feng are lovers of childhood. They married Gu Qiji because of their poverty. On the day of marriage, Gu Qiji died. This was the time when Guan Feng and Gu Qiji set up this opportunity to return the soul from the dead. They wanted to be a long-term husband and wife, but they didn't expect to be seen through by adults. They asked for forgiveness. "


Peng Xueqin hears the words and says, "so, Gu Qiji must have been hurt by you two, right?"


Guan Lamei was startled by the question, and quickly kowtowed on the ground. She cried, "I dare not do that thing that is harmful to human life, even though I am not good at it. On that day, the little girl and Gu Lang were drinking tea and chatting in the room. Suddenly, they heard a sound outside. Gu Lang opened the door and looked at him and said, "Hey, what are you doing?" the little girl thought he saw an acquaintance. Who knows to hear Gu Lang suddenly frown hum, fell on the ground like this. The little girl hurriedly went out to have a look. Only then did she find that someone had run away from Gu Lang with a knife stab. The little girl was so scared that she vaguely recognized that the man was Guan Feng. She thought that Guan Feng hated Gu Lang for taking his sweetheart, so she came to revenge, so she didn't dare to make a statement. When I got back to the room, I saw a knife on the ground. I knew it was left by the man who made the cave on purpose, so I had an idea. He dragged Gu Lang's body into the room and hid it under the bed. The next day, he blamed the man who killed Gu Lang on the owner of the knife. I thought it was planted for Guan Feng. I didn't want to go home. Guan Feng didn't come that night. That's why I know that I saw the wrong person that night... "


After hearing this, Hu Xueqin not only frowned deeply, but also asked, "since that night's pass was not in the future, how could you mistake it for pass?"


Guan said in a low voice, "it was dark at that time, and the man ran away in a hurry. I just saw that his back and figure were similar to Guan Feng, so I admitted my mistake."


Peng Xueqin silently nods when he hears the words and asks him to put them in the women's prison. He then raises Guan Feng for trial and confirms what Guan Feng said with Guan Lamei, which confirms what they said. Then, he called on two capable captors to quickly find out who was making troubles in the cave on the day of Gu Qiji's marriage, especially those with a similar figure to Guan Feng. It's not hard to find out. They went to Gu's house for a detailed investigation and soon found out clearly. Although there were many guests in the cave that night, only three people were similar to Guan Feng.


The next day, Peng Xueqin ordered people to bring the three people in front of him and stare at them for a long time. The back of the three people who looked straight at them was cold, which made them take out a brush and make them write their names on the paper in turn. Let's wait for three people to write. Peng Xueqin points at one of them and snaps

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