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His wife was Yu. When he was granted the title of king of Langya, his mother was named Princess of Langya.


Before Sima Rui became the emperor, Yumeng's mother died. After Sima Rui became the emperor, he pursued the original match of Queen Yuanjing, and no queen was set up thereafter.


Sima Rui's stepwife is Xianbei.


At first, she was the palace maid of Langya palace. She was called "Yan Dairen". She was a white man with blond hair and blue eyes. Her son was the eldest son of emperor Jin Yuan. Later, she became the second term of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, namely emperor Jin Ming. Her second son Sima Lu [P ó u] was appointed general.


The third wife of emperor Jin Yuan was the sixth and youngest son of emperor Jin Yuan, the eighth emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Emperor Jin Jian Wen;


Zheng achun also has a daughter.


The emperor also had two concubines. Shi Yujie gave birth to simachong, the third son of the emperor, and was granted the title of king of the East China Sea.


Sima Huan, the fifth son of the emperor, was granted the title of King Langxie.


Why didn't Sima Rui, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, set up the empress after his mother died for many years?


The reason is that Sima Rui has a deep love for her.


Yu Mengmu, a native of Weihuang (now in the northwest of civil rights in Henan Province), is the official of the imperial clan simabao. After his death, he was awarded by the imperial court and the Marquis of Pingshan County.


Yu Meng's mother was admitted as a princess and never had children.


In order to make Yumeng's mother happy, simarui adopted simashao and Sima Lu, two royal sons of Xunzi, but ignored Xunzi's psychological tolerance.


Yumengmu was very jealous of Xunzi, and often slandered Xunzi in front of her husband. Xunzi knew that his position was low, and he always accepted it.


Because of the grudge of Yu and Meng's mother, Xunzi can't help saying some grumbling behind his back, which makes Sima Rui extremely angry, "gradually see thin", Xunzi gradually be ignored and fall out of favor.


In order to please his mother, Sima Rui simply drove Xun out of the palace and asked her to marry Ma Mou, a veteran of his own.


Yumengmu was not in the mood because the emperor expelled Xunzi, but her body went from bad to worse.


In the sixth year of Yongjia (A.D. 312), Yu Mengmu died of illness at the age of 35.


In the third year of Daxing (320), Sima Rui was the emperor's third year. He specially sent an emissary, Taiwei Wansheng, holding the Queen's ribbon, to the Taimiao temple to pray to the ancestors. He pursued the posthumous Yu and Meng's mother as "empress Yuanjing" and buried them in Pingling.


After his wife died and left, Sima Rui began to look for a new spiritual sustenance. This person was his concubine, Zheng achun.


Zheng achun, born in Xingyang, Henan Province, was born into a family of officials. His grandfather, Zheng He, was once Linji, and his father, Zeng Feng, was a grand guard.


When Zheng Achen was young, his parents died. He married Tian Mou, a Bohai native, and had a son.


After Tian's death, Zheng achun defected to his uncle and lived alone all the time.


In the third year of Jianxing (315), when Sima Rui was Prime Minister, he had planned to marry Wu's daughter. He accidentally found Zheng achun, a widowed woman, and thought she was more virtuous than Wu's, so he took Zheng achun as a concubine.


There is a saying called "piriyangchun", which describes that there are some words hidden in the heart but not said. Because of the taboo of Zheng achun, the birth mother of the emperor, "piriyangchun" has been changed to ".".


In the first year of Taixing (318), after Sima Rui became emperor, his concubine Zheng achun was granted the title of wife.


In the first year of Yongchang (323), Sima Rui, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty of Jin, died of illness. Sima Shao, the eldest son, became emperor of Jin and Ming.


Emperor Ming of Jin granted Zheng achun the wife of Jianping garden.


Xunzi, the birth mother, was granted the title of King Jian'an, who "set up the Dizhai" outside the palace and "worshiped Longhou". During the reign of emperor Cheng of Jin Dynasty, "respect is the same as".


In the first year of Xiankang (336), Xunzi died of illness. He gave it to the prince of Yuzhang.


In the first year of Xianhe (326), Zheng achun passed away and was later renamed as the imperial concubine of Kuaiji.


During the period of emperor Xiaowu of Jin Dynasty, Zheng achun was granted the title of Empress Dowager of Jianwen and buried in Jiaping mausoleum.


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