Friends who are interested in tomb, I will bring you detailed articles for your reference.


So far, we still don't know who the two women in Guan Yu's tomb are. All we can say about her birth date directly is bullshit.


The origin of rumor


In short, if you put Guan Yu's identity on the Internet, you will find a large number of articles by random search. In such articles or in such articles, you will find out how Guan Yu and his secret feelings, how Diao Chan likes Guan Yu and how he likes it.


But do mink cicadas really exist? It doesn't seem to exist.


Wait, if I tell this story like this, isn't it a little too abrupt? Let's talk about it first, and explain later.


Because Diao Chan and Guan Yu have such feelings, many people suspect that since Guan Yu likes Diao Chan so much, it's reasonable for Guan Yu to be buried with Diao Chan after his death. You can also have a pardon, right?


In addition, there is another rumor, which is how did Diao cicada die?


Different from our imagination, mink cicada didn't die of old age, but died of a myth.


In short: Mr. suagua told Guan Yu that mink cicada is reincarnation of fox spirit, which can produce a lot of mind stirring substances, which need to be removed as soon as possible, otherwise it is not very good for Guan Yu.


Then Guan Yu asked, how can it be removed?


Mr. suagua said: when the moon is full, Diao Chan will stand outside and cut off her shadow's head.


Guan Yu did as he did. He cut off the head of the shadow. Unexpectedly, the head of the Diao cicada was also cut off.


The truth


If you tell this passage in detail, it is that the Diao cicada is fake, and there has never been a Diao cicada in history. Among the so-called four beauties, only mink cicada's identity is 100% questionable.


Because the whole history, whether in the official history or in the wild history, it is difficult to find the shadow of Diao Chan. The reason why mink cicadas can appear is because of a book, which is called.


After that, there were rumors. For example, in Guan Yu's tomb, one woman was his wife, and the other was the tomb robber who died in it.


So far, such a statement has not been officially confirmed, and it can basically be judged that it is.


At present, it is a reasonable understanding that the two women in Guan Yu's tomb are one wife and one concubine. And these two women have some connection with Guan Yu.


Tragic Three Kingdoms


Next we need to talk about another rumor. The reason why it is rumor is that we have no way to prove its authenticity.


Once I went to a friend's house to be a guest, but the friend's house caused economic difficulties for some reasons, and there was no way to invite Cao Cao to eat meat.


Just as the friend was in a dilemma, his daughter-in-law came. Soon after, Cao Cao's table was full of meat.


How does this meat come from? I don't say you can understand it.


OK, what we need to talk about is Cao Cao's reaction after he knew this? Very simply, Cao Cao rewarded this friend.


In the period of the Three Kingdoms, especially in the turbulent period of the Three Kingdoms, it is not for nothing to say that men are like hands and feet and women are like clothes. Because that time seems to pay more attention to the brotherhood of their own, rather than the friendship between their wives and concubines. This may have a great connection with the past dynasties.


But the question is, what are we doing with this story?


Very simply, we only need to prove that women's identity and status were not valued in the Three Kingdoms period. Once it's clear, it's easy to understand why the two women in Guan Yu's tomb are unidentified. After all, we don't pay attention to it. We bury it there. Although the story is a little sad, it's mostly like this.


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