蜀汉灭亡之后为什么张飞的后人平安无事 也不看看他的老婆是谁-看世界

蜀汉灭亡之后为什么张飞的后人平安无事 也不看看他的老婆是谁



It's a question that many readers are concerned about why the descendants of Shu Han perished. Next, let's get to know with you and give you a reference.


No man is perfect, no gold is red. Even those who are the most powerful, loyal and heroic martial saint in the world, are proud, narrow-minded and unafraid.


Although Guan Yu is good at leading the troops in battle, he is arrogant and incorrigible. He doesn't know how to behave properly.


Guan Yu is a very special existence in the group. He is Liu Bei's righteous younger brother. Everywhere, Liu Bei protects him and dotes on him. He is Zhang Fei's sworn brother. If anyone dare to challenge Guan Yu's authority, Zhang Fei will pull out his skin for the first time.


So let him call him. Afraid of him, he wanted to betroth his daughter to Guan Yu's son. Admire him, in order to be able to get Guan Yu, Cao Cao hate not to get Thailand to do surgery.


Guan Yu lives in the dream that people weave for him, like a spoiled child, immersed in the lie world of "I am the first in the world".


In the 24th year of Jian'an, in the battle of Fancheng, Guan Yu led a large army to besiege Xiangfan and other places of Wei state. Cao Cao sent Yujin and pound's troops to rescue him. Guan Yu fought with Yu, who came to reinforce him. At that time, it was rainy season. It rained heavily for more than ten days. The Han River surged, so Guan Yu led people to dig a river bank and drown in the forbidden army. The seven forces were all stationed in the flat land and were drowned by Guan Yu. Many people were killed and injured by the Han River water. The commander was forced to surrender to Guan Yu. In this war, Guan Yu was so powerful that Cao Cao Cao wanted to move his capital.


After Yu Jin surrendered to Guan Yu, he was pardoned. After Guan Yu lost the north, Yu Jin was captured. Sun Quan sent Yu Jin back to the state of Wei in order to show his kindness to Cao Cao. Pound pound refused to surrender with "good generals don't fear death to survive, martyrs don't destroy the festival to survive." he also scolded Guan Yu, and with Liu Bei, Guan Yu killed pound in a rage.


There is no mistake in Guan Yu's killing pound. If the captives don't descend, will they let the tiger go back to the mountain?


But personally, Guan Yu's way of doing things is a little too small.


First of all, pound is boss Cao's favorite general. Pound's political value is higher than Pound's own life. Moreover, even if you want to kill pound, it should be decided by Liu Bei or Zhuge Liang. Of course, it's just emotional cognition. It's right to kill pound. However, when Guan Yu killed pound, his revenge was on his head, which not only angered the generals of Cao Cao's group, but also laid a curse on his own death.


When Guan Yu was defeated and left the city of wheat, they couldn't give up chasing him. Their purpose was not to capture him, but to kill him.


Lu Meng's purpose is the same as that of Xia Houyuan and Xu Huang. In those days, Sun Quan wanted to marry his daughter to Guan Yu's son. Guan Yu scolded Sun Quan as a "dog" and insulted Sun Quan's daughter as a "dog girl". All Jiangdong people know that Guan Yu's Kung Fu to offend others is higher than his kung fu to shame Sun Quan's daughter and dare not go out


After Pang de and Yu Jin were defeated by Guan Yu in the battle of Fancheng, boss Cao planned to move the capital to avoid Guan Yu's sharp edge. It can be seen that boss Cao was scared by Guan Yu, and the whole state of Wei hated Guan Yu, especially Pang Hui, Pang De's son, who wanted to kill Guan Yu to avenge his father's death.


After surrendering to the state of Wei, Pang Hui finally waited for the chance of revenge. Pang Huiguan, Pound's son, is a lieutenant general and a vassal. Pang would be the general in the army when he was fighting against Shu. After the surrender of Shu Kingdom, panghui captured Guan Yi, the descendant of Guan Yu, and killed all the people living in Shu. Only a few people escaped because they did not live in Sichuan.


Pang dezihui, with Zhong, Deng, shupo, shupo, to destroy the Guan family.


The cycle of cause and effect, bad karma. Guan Yu's arrogance not only harmed himself, but also his descendants.


If it wasn't for Pang Hui, the descendants of Guan Yu would be OK. After the surrender of the Shu Kingdom, Deng AI took lenient measures to win over the people, treated Liu Chan and others well, and strictly restrained the troops and prohibited the plunder.


The officers and officers of the imperial examination had nothing to do with them, and they were attached by suina, so that they could return to their old jobs.


But later Deng AI was trapped and disobeyed, and was sent back to Luoyang. Then Zhong Hui tried to rebel. The Wei army would not accept it. All the troops besieged Zhong Hui and killed him. Wei Gu sent Tian Xu and others to catch up with Deng AI and kill him. Wei army was headless for a while, burning, killing and plundering in Chengdu, "dead and bereaved". Pang Hui should take this opportunity to kill all the Guanyu family.


Although Zhang Fei is rude and irascible, he is not as famous as Guan Yu. He has never had any hatred with the state of Wei or with Guan Yu. Therefore, almost no one is bothered by Zhang Fei's descendants. Moreover, Zhang Fei's daughter is the empress of Liu Chan, and Zhang Fei's descendants are all relatives of the emperor. In order to buy the hearts of the high-level people in Shu, Wei also lists Zhang Fei's second son, Zhang Shaofeng.


Of course,


Another reason is that Zhang Fei's wife is Xia Houyuan's nephew daughter, who was acquired by Zhang Fei when she went out to collect firewood. Zhang Fei knew that she was a good woman, so she married her, and her daughter became the empress of Liu Chan, the emperor of the Han Dynasty. After the death of Xia Houyuan, Zhang Fei's wife helped to bury him. The reason why Xia Houyuan's son defected to Shu Kingdom was that he was accepted and entrusted with a heavy task was also related to his sister.


In the early five years of Jian'an, Shiba was from his sister's thirteenth and fourteenth years. In this county, he went out to pick wood for Zhang Fei. Fei knew his wife, and she was the queen of Liu Chan.


And Xia is in Caowei, which is a very high position. It is said that it is Cao Cao's own family, but it is only his father's adoptive son. However, Cao Cao and Xia Hou's family often walk around. Half of Cao Cao's rivers and mountains are fought down. They fought with Cao Cao in the South and the north, which can be said to be established.


With this relationship, even if the Sima family was in power at that time, it would give some face.


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