In fact, the Emperor didn't really visit the mountains and rivers when he visited Jiangnan. He was afraid of the rebellion of the people in the south of the Yangtze River, so he came to the south of the Yangtze River in the name of visiting the mountains and playing with the water to find out the truth.


At that time, there was a monk in Jingci temple in Nanping mountain, Hangzhou, called defamation. This monk doesn't pay attention to chanting sutras and meditating. He likes to talk about world affairs. To speak, to speak, to scold, without scruple. Just because he spoke reasonably and scolded interestingly, the common people liked to get close to him.


When he arrived in Hangzhou, I heard that there was such a monk, he got a pimple on his brow and thought: this old monk must be an old man of hidden mountain forest who doesn't keep his duty. I'm going to hear what he's destroying. Then, he changed into a blue shirt, took a gold drawing folding fan, dressed as a scholar, and went to visit Jingci temple, shaking and swinging, naming the monk who would slander him.


When the defamatory monk came out of the temple, Emperor Qianlong saw him and asked:


"Is the teacher's father slandering the monk?"


Slander monk replied: "yes, I am slander monk, slander monk is me."


Emperor Qianlong asked again, "did the teacher's father become a monk when he was young, or did he become a monk halfway?"


Slander monk said: "I am a monk halfway. Scholar, what do you ask me to do? "


Qianlong and concubines


Emperor Qianlong didn't have a word to say. He glanced at the monk's broken cassock and said, "I heard that the teacher's father is a virtuous monk. Why is he wearing this scarlet coat like a loofah tendon?"


Slander monk smiled: "when I was young, I also wore rich clothes! Later, the rich dress was torn by the wild dog, so I became a monk and put on the hemp skin cassock! But although I wear rags, my mind skill is right. It's no more magnificent than those masters in official uniforms, who secretly steal men and prostitutes. "


Emperor Qianlong suffered a sullen stick when he was in charge, but he couldn't attack it. He thought bitterly: This slander of monk is worthy of reputation! I have to find a way to deal with his crime. He had a bad abacus in his belly and a fake smile on his face. He asked the slander monk to lead him into the temple to play.


They went into the gate of Jingci temple and saw the people nearby chopping bamboo to make incense baskets. Emperor Qianlong's eyes turned. He picked up a piece of split bamboo and slandered the monk on the green side. He asked, "teacher father, what's your name?"


Slander monk said: "this is called bamboo skin."


Emperor Qianlong turned the bamboo pieces around and defamed the monk on the white side. Then he asked, "teacher, father, what is this called?"


Slander and Shangdao: "this, we call it bamboo meat."


Emperor Qianlong frowned and said with a wry smile, "what a fresh name!"


The defamatory monk hit haha and said, "old guest, now that the world has changed, the name has to change with it!"


Emperor Qianlong had to be quiet because he had eaten shriveled. At that time, I was in a great mood to kill people. If slander monk according to the old name, the green side of the bamboo piece is called Mei Qing, and the white side is called Mei Huang, the Emperor Qianlong will seize the pigtail and falsely accuse him of "exterminating Qing", "exterminating the emperor" and killing his head. Emperor Qianlong took bamboo slices to slander the monk, just to find a fault with him.


Emperor Qianlong went to the Mahavira hall to worship the Tathagata, and then went to the arhat hall to see the Buddha. Finally, they came to Xiangji kitchen.


Xiangji kitchen is the kitchen in the temple. Emperor Qianlong looked around and saw a load of bean sprouts resting under the stove. By chance, a little dog came and threw a bubble of urine on bean sprouts. Emperor Qianlong looked in his eyes and asked, "teacher father, is this bean sprout clean?" Slander monk said: "bean sprouts in water, water long, of course, is the cleanest thing!"


Emperor Qianlong snorted and said, "there's dog urine on it. How can you say it's clean?"


Slander monk ha ha laughs: "as the saying goes, if you don't see, you will be clean, if you don't hear, you will be true. If you don't see it when you see it, isn't it clean? Why are you so serious about this little thing! For example, some people, day and night by the world people curse, but he pretended not to hear, but also thick cheeky boast that he is a saint


When Emperor Qianlong heard this, he was furious, but he was afraid of revealing his identity. I want to find another fault, but I can't think of the problem for a while. I was in a dilemma when I heard a peddler outside the back door of the kitchen shouting loudly: "tea eggs Tea egg He had an idea. He said he was hungry, so he took the chance to buy tea eggs and slipped away from the back door.




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