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西魏废帝元钦简介 史上一夫一妻制的皇帝



Yuanqin (525-554), the second term of the Western Wei Dynasty, the son of yuanbaoju, Emperor Wen of the Western Wei Dynasty, was born in Fanyang (now Beijing) in 525 ad. he was a Jinshi in the 17th year of Datong (552). In 551, he ascended the throne, using the year number of Emperor Wen. Last year in 552, he was called the first year. Yuan Baoju reigned for 17 years, died in 551, and was succeeded by Yuan Qin. During the period of yuan and Qin, they dominated the government and fought many times with the Eastern Wei Dynasty. Military and political reforms in the Western Wei Dynasty. In 554, he was abandoned by yuwentai and poisoned to death.


Life experience


Yuanqin, the eldest son of yuanbaoju, Emperor Wen of the Western Wei Dynasty, and empress Yifu. In the first year of Datong (535), he became the crown prince. In 551, the 17th year of Datong, Yu Wen, the imperial concubine, became the empress. Later, Yu Wentai, the daughter of Quan Chen, was determined to be virtuous and virtuous. She was deeply loved by Yuan Qin. They loved each other very much. For this reason, Yuan Qin did not purchase concubines. In the end of the Western Wei Dynasty, the power was in the hands of Yu Wentai. Many yuan family members were worried and indignant about the existence of the imperial power. At the end of the second year of emperor abolition (553), Yu Wentai was murdered by yuan liemi, the Minister of the state. In the first month of the next year, the emperor was indignant about yuan lie's death. He conspired to kill Yu Wentai and regain the power. Lin huaiwang Yuanyu and Guangping Wang yuanzan listened to their advice. Li Ji (the second son of Li Yuan), Li Hui (the second son of Li Bi) and Yu Yi (the second son of Yu Jin), the son-in-law of Yu Wentai, respectively, took charge of the forbidden army respectively, so they conspired to vent and were abandoned by Yu Wentai and placed in Yongzhou. Change the king of Qi, Yuan Kuo, to Emperor. In April, he was killed by Yu Wentai, and the empress Yu Wenshi was also killed for being loyal to the Wei family. There is no posthumous title, so it is called emperor abolition.


Monogamous emperors in history


Yuanqin, the grandson of Yuanyu, the king of Jingzhao in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the eldest son of yuanbaoju, Emperor Wen of the Western Wei Dynasty, and the second emperor of the Western Wei Dynasty. Yuan Qin was very cute and cute since he was young. He was appreciated by Yu Wentai, the general of the Northern Wei Dynasty. From the age of seven, yuanbaoju entrusted Yuanqin to Yu Wentai, hoping that he could get experience in the military camp. "It is only because of the public that a son is born; it is also because of the public that a son is born; it is just because of the public that a son is born" (Beishi · zhoubenji). Yuan Baoju's words to Yu Wentai mean that whether Yuan Qin is a promising child in the future depends on you, Yu Wentai. You should take him with you. This military experience shaped Yuan Qin's brave and resolute character, which led to the tragedy that he was abandoned and killed in the future. At the end of the third year of Yongxi (534), yuwentai poisoned yuanxiu, the filial emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty, and set up yuanbaoju as the emperor to establish the Western Wei regime. Thus, the Northern Wei Dynasty was officially divided into the Eastern Wei Dynasty and the Western Wei Dynasty. The Eastern Wei Dynasty was under the sole power and the Western Wei Dynasty was under the control of yuwentai. In the first month of the first year of the Western Wei Dynasty (535), 11 year old Yuan Qin was made Prince as his first son. Although the emperor was founded, the state affairs has the final say of Yu Wen Tai, and yuanbaju is actually a puppet. Fortunately, yuanbaoju was able to understand the situation. During his reign, he cooperated with yuwentai for a long time, and the monarchs and ministers were safe. In order to continue to control the government in the future, yuwentai took the initiative to marry yuwenyunying, his daughter, to Yuanqin. Yuanqin and Yuwen Yunying were childhood sweethearts and had very good feelings. In March of the 17th year of Datong (551), yuanbaoju died, and Yuanqin took the throne. Yuwen Yunying was named Queen. Yuwen Yunying was very interested in the martyrs since she was a child. "It's good to display women's pictures and set them around". When she became the queen, she was more "ambitious and bright". Yuanqin not only "favored the Imperial Palace" but also "didn't set up the imperial concubines" (Biography of the imperial concubines in northern History). No concubines, no other concubines except the empress, which not only has the fear of father-in-law Yu Wentai factors, but also Yuan Qin Yu Wenying "deep" embodiment. In Chinese history, the emperor who clearly recorded that he had only one woman in his life was probably only Yuanqin.


Yuanqin was very specific to Queen Yuwen and concerned about state affairs. When he was still prince, Yuan Qin despised his father-in-law, who was willing to be a puppet, and was dissatisfied with his autocratic father-in-law. So he secretly made up his mind that he would never be manipulated by others after he ascended the throne. In spite of his ambition, the power was still firmly in yuwentai's hands, and Yuanqin could only follow the old order. Yuwentai is also really capable. In just two years, it not only expanded its territory, but also made the country prosperous and stable.


In February of 553, yuwentai resigned as prime minister and chief executive of dahangtai, and only served as the commander of all the military forces at home and abroad, in order to let Yuanqin take charge of more political affairs. In this regard, Yuan Qin, who has been dreaming of dogmatism in the court, is obviously not satisfied. In November, "Shangshu Yuanlie murders yuwentai. If something goes wrong, Tai kills it.". Whether the case of Yuanlie had anything to do with Yuanqin or not is not clearly stated in the historical books; however, Yuanqin had "complaints" about Yuanlie's death (Beishi · Wei Benji). It can be inferred that Yuanlie may be a confidant of Yuanqin, and the murder of yuwentai should be the instigation of Yuanqin. After Yuanlie's death, Yuanqin could no longer sit down, so he stepped up the "plot against Taishi Tai" (").


In the first month of the third year of Yuanqin (554), Yuanqin told Wang Yuanyu of linhuai and Wang yuanzan of Guangping about the action plan, hoping to get their support and help. The case of Yuanlie has aroused Yu Wentai's vigilance. With Yu Wentai's military power in hand and many wings, the two princes feel that they have no chance to win. "They cry and remonstrate, but the emperor doesn't listen" (Beishi · Wei Benji).


At that time, Li Ji, Li Hui and Yu Yi, the other three sons-in-law of Yu Wentai, were in charge of the forbidden army, and they were all Yu Wentai's "mental Brawn". Yuan Qin was eager to kill Yu Wentai, but he suffered from no one around him. He was so absurd that he wanted to unite with the three men to launch a coup against his father-in-law. He was really in a hurry to go to hospital. As a result, without waiting for Yuan Qin to start, the three told Yu Wentai in advance, "it was Wei who was the mastermind to vent.". Yu Wentai saw that Yuanqin didn't know what to do, so that in February of that year, he "abolished the Lord of Wei, set up Yongzhou, and established his younger brother qiwangkuo", and the emperor's career of Yuanqin ended.


Two months later, Yuanqin was "poisoned" by yuwentai (Zizhi Tongjian). He was thirty years old and had the posthumous title of emperor nullified. After Yuanqin's death, Yuwen Yunying was in agony, and soon followed Yuanqin's death by "being loyal to the Wei family" (Biography of imperial concubines in northern History). Open up Hongmeng, who is the love? It is not so much that queen Yuwen died "loyal to Wei Shi", as that she was dissatisfied with her father and fought with death, loyal to her husband and died for love. Yuwen Yunying is the first empress in Chinese history to die for her husband. This virtuous feat may be a consolation to the dead Yuan Qin, the real monogamous emperor in Chinese history.


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