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北齐武成帝高湛简介 不思国事沉湎美色的昏君



From 537 to 568, he was born in Jingxian County, Hebei Province. He was the fourth term in office from 561 to 565. He was the ninth son of Quan Chen in the Eastern Wei Dynasty. He was the same as his mother and younger brother, and his mother Lou. In the second year of Huangjian (561), he was summoned to the throne. In the fourth year of the Heqing Dynasty (565), it was said to be located in the prince, who was himself the emperor of the Supreme Court. In the fourth year of Tiantong reign (568), he died of excessive drinking and lust. It was named Taining, Heqing, Wucheng emperor and Shizu temple. When Emperor Wu Cheng was in power, he destroyed the clan, was fatuous and incompetent, indulged in beauty, favored villains, and did not think about state affairs. The Northern Qi Dynasty was in danger.


Life of characters


Early experience


Gao Zhan's appearance was magnificent when he was young, and he was loved by his father Gao Huan. In the Xiang years of the Eastern Wei and Yuan Dynasties, the Duke of Changguang was appointed; in the early days of Tianbao in the Northern Qi Dynasty, he became the Lord of Changguang. Together with his brother Changshan Wang, he planned to kill Yang Xuan and other people, and to abolish the emperor. After Gao Yan succeeded to the throne, Gao Zhan became Prime Minister of the right, and his power fell into the court.


Soon Gao Yan was seriously ill. Gao Zhan and his nephews, Gao Yuanhai and Gao Guiyan, had a secret discussion. They were preparing to send troops. The wizard divined and said, "if it's not good, it's good. If it's quiet, it's good." Gao Zhan didn't usurp it. When Gao Yan was dying, in order not to let his son Gao hundred years fall to Gao Yin's fate (Gao Yin was the son of Gao Yang, who succeeded because of his father's death, Gao Yan was assisted by Gao Yan before his death. Soon, Gao Yan decided to kill his nephew Gao Yin by launching a coup and decided to pass it on to his brother Gao Zhan.


Accession to the throne


In 561, Gao Yan died. Gao Zhan's imperial edict was transferred to the Datong and changed to Taining as Emperor Wu Cheng. Gao Bainian, Prince of Xiaozhao, was granted the title of Princess of Leling. Li Fei Hu's family is the queen, son Gao Wei is the crown prince.


Kill the meritorious officials and favor the crafty


In his reign, Emperor Wen Xuan imprisoned his brothers, Wang gaojun of Yong'an and Gao Huan of Shangdang. Emperor Wen Xuan came to the prison in person. Gao Jun and Gao Huan sang songs. Gao Yang wept sadly and would forgive them. Gao Zhan, who was the king of Changguang at that time, took the opportunity to say, "the beast can go out of the cave." Emperor Wen Xuan was silent. Gao Jun called out Gao Zhan's small words: "step down to Ji, and heaven will see you!" Later Gao Jun and Gao Huan were killed.


At the beginning of his reign, Gao Zhan put Gao Guiyan, the great uncle of his family, king of Ping and Qin, outside as a governor of Jizhou. Soon after, Gao Guiyan rebelled in Jizhou. Gao Zhan sent a large army to encircle the city, captured Gao Guiyan, and took him to Yecheng. "He carried his car to the open, tied it with a piece on his face, and 15 of his descendants abandoned the city.".


Among all the ministers, Gao Zhan is the most favorite. The ancestors of Heshi were Hu merchants in the western regions. His family name was Suhe. Later, he lived in Linzhang and gradually settled in the Central Plains. Gao Zhan likes to hold the body (a kind of chess play) before he ascends the throne. He and Shikai are good at it, so they are good friends. "It's out of the way when it's skillful, and it's good at talking about Hu pipa, because it's favored by relatives.". At that time, he Shikai flattered Gao Zhan: "Your Highness is not a man, but a emperor." Gao Zhan replied, "Qing is not the world, but the world God." After being emperor, Gao Zhan had to meet Shi Kai in a moment He Shikai admonishes Gao Zhan: "since ancient times, the emperor has been in the ashes. Yao, Shun, and Xianjun can make Zhou faint. What's the difference after his death! Your majesty should cherish the year of youth, play around and be happy with the enemy for thousands of years in a day. State affairs can command ministers as much as possible, why bother yourself! " Gaozhan Dayue, from then on, three or four days later, went up to the court and put on a pose, just signed a word, "a little wordless, just a moment before entering", and returned to the harem to continue playing. He Shikai "rapes and flatters the sun, dotes on milong, rewards before and after, and can't be remembered", and passes on the Hu family, the empress of Gaozhan.


Forced to rape the emperor's wife and maim the clan


After Gao Zhan succeeded, he forced empress Wenxuan (then known as empress Zhaoxin) to commit adultery with her and threatened her: "if you dare not, I will kill your son." Empress Li promised him for fear, and she has been loved since then. When she was pregnant, Gao Shaode, the king of Taiyuan, came to her palace. She didn't see her. Gao Shaode said angrily, "you don't see your son because you have a big stomach.". Empress Li was so ashamed that she killed her daughter by herself.


When Gao Zhan saw that his daughter had been killed, he was furious. He took Gao Shaode to the palace and raised his sword to drink angrily: "if you kill my daughter, I will kill your son!" Gaoshaode panicked and begged for mercy. Gaozhan scolded gaoshaode again: "I was beaten by your father, and you didn't come to save me!" Kill Gao Shaode with a knife ring on the spot. He whipped empress Li again, put her in a silk bag, and threw her into the channel and let the water drift. Empress Li woke up and sent it to Miaosheng temple to become a nun.


Gao Xiaoyu, the eldest son of the king of Henan Province, advised empress Hu not to write with his courtiers, and said that Gao Chen, the father of Gao Rui, the prince of Zhao, died of a crime and should not be too close to him. He Shikai and Gao Rui slandered them. Gao Zhan is furious. He orders Gao Xiaoyu to drink thirty-seven cups of wine at a banquet, and then he is poisoned on his way home. Gao Xiaoyu was bored with heat and impatience. He was extremely upset and drowned.


Gao Xiaowan, the third brother of Gao Xiaoyu, is the legitimate son of Gao Cheng. It's said that the eldest brother was poisoned, and he was so angry that he killed the grasshopper to shoot arrows to vent his anger. When he Shikai heard about it, he said to Gao Zhan, "Gao Xiaowan shoots the cursive man as you!" Gao Zhan orders Ju Xun, and Gao Xiaowan, a concubine who is out of favor, falsely says, "Xiao Wan draws his Majesty's figure and cries and gnaws his teeth at night." In fact, that image is Gao Cheng, the father of the king of Hejian, and his son's memory of his father, who often shed tears. Gao Zhan is furious. He grabs Gao Xiaowan into the palace and sends his guards to beat him with a whip. Later, he killed Gao Xiaowan himself.


In July of the third year of the Heqing Dynasty (564), due to the appearance of the astronomical images of "white hongguanri" and "Red Star", Gao Zhan thought it was ominous. He wanted to kill Gao Yan's Prince, who was king of Leling for a hundred years to suppress and subdue the disaster. At that time, there was a Boling man named Jia Debao who taught Gao Bainian calligraphy. Gao Bainian once described several words of "Chi". Jia Debao secretly reported this to Gao Zhan. Because the word "Chi" has the meaning of the emperor's order, Gao Zhan seized this excuse and summoned his nephew to enter the palace to kill Gao for 100 years.


Wang Gaoyan, the fourth brother of Gao Zhan, died in Jinyang in the third year of the Heqing Dynasty. Some people think that he was also poisoned by Gao Zhan.




In the fourth year of Heqing Dynasty (565), when Gao Zhan was 27 years old, comets appeared. Taishizou called it "the image of removing the old and setting up a new cloth. When there is a change of ownership", there should be a new emperor. In order to respond to the sky, Gao Zhan passed on his throne to his prince, Gao Wei, who called himself the emperor of the Supreme Court,


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