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晚餐吃九种食物易得病 吃晚餐的大禁忌



What's good for dinner? It's also a problem that many urbanites worry about. Because they are busy during the day, they always want to have some delicious or nutritious food at night. In fact, the general requirement of dinner is to eat less. Modern people basically like to eat dinner. Because after work is their own, time and dinner belong to their own. Lunch as a dinner, now this habit is gradually broken, dinner seems to be the most important meal every day. So, what should we pay attention to for dinner? Let's follow 360 common sense.


Six diseases are easy to get if you don't eat nutritious dinner


1, many dreams


Overeating at dinner will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and cause pressure on the surrounding organs. This information will be transmitted to the brain. Once the excited "waves" spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, people will have a variety of dreams. Nightmares not only make people feel tired and sleepless, but also cause neurasthenia over time.


2, obesity


In the evening, people generally have less activities, low heat consumption, and a large amount of excess energy to synthesize fat, which gradually makes people fat.


3. Hypertension


When people sleep, the blood flow slows down, and they eat too much meat for dinner. For a long time, such a large amount of blood fat will deposit on the blood vessel wall, which will cause atherosclerosis and make people easily get high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.


4. Diabetes


A person who has too much supper for a long time will repeatedly stimulate the secretion of insulin, which will cause metabolic disorder and often lead to diabetes.


5. Stones


According to the test, * the peak of micturition is generally four to five hours after eating. If the dinner is too late, the peak of micturition will be postponed to midnight or even early morning. At this time, people sleep soundly, and often do not get up to pee, which makes the high concentration of calcium salt and urine stay in the bladder and combine with uric acid to generate calcium oxalate. Over time, urinary stones will form.


6. Colon cancer


After dinner, there will be less activity, and some digests will not be absorbed. These substances are affected by anaerobic bacteria in the large intestine and produce harmful substances. During sleep, the intestinal peristalsis is reduced, which promotes the retention time of these substances in the intestinal cavity and increases the incidence of colorectal cancer.


Nine kinds of food are easy to get sick


Dinner was too spicy


More and more people like spicy food for dinner. Hot pot, spicy hot pot, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine and other "heavy taste" restaurants are often full at night.


If you eat too salty and spicy food at night, such as a large amount of chili, garlic, raw onion and other spicy food, it is easy to burn your stomach and stomach, resulting in gastroesophageal reflux or constipation, dry stool, indigestion and other problems, thus interfering with sleep.


No main food for dinner


Once upon a time, rice, noodles and steamed bread were common staple foods on people's dining tables, but now some people only eat fruit at night in order to lose weight.


Studies have shown that eating fewer staples increases bad cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease. However, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes "five grains for nourishment", and the main food intake is insufficient, which is likely to lead to deficiency of Qi and blood and deficiency of kidney qi.


It is necessary to ensure that cereals and other staple foods in the diet provide 50% - 60% of the energy needed every day. Eating only fruit for dinner is very easy to cause malnutrition and malnutrition.


Soup for dinner


After the beginning of winter, many people can't leave a bowl of hot meat soup on their dinner table.


But the fat content of paigu Decoction and Zhuti decoction is very high, especially the saturated fat which is harmful to cardiovascular system is very high, so it is not suitable to drink it often; the patients with hypertension are not suitable to drink too salty soup; the patients with gout should not drink more seafood soup, because the purine content is high. People with poor stomach and intestines and poor appetite usually have poor fat digestion. If they want to drink soup, they should discard most of the oil slick.


Therefore, the meat soup is not suitable for eating at night. It is better to eat it at noon.


Meat is indispensable for dinner


In most people's dinners, meat is the absolute protagonist. No matter in social activities or at home, there are often braised pork, stewed pig's feet, fried chicken chops on the table


Excessive consumption of red meat and processed meat products, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, etc., at night increases the risk of colorectal cancer. After frying or barbecue, the red meat will produce isocyclic amines, which may also lead to colorectal cancer, and the content of red meat fiber is low, which is easy to cause constipation, thus affecting the neutralization of cholic acid and stimulating colorectal epithelial cells.


Always eat leftovers for dinner


Many old people are afraid of wasting. They always eat leftovers at night. Statistics show that many pancreatitis, especially acute pancreatitis, are related to unhealthy eating habits, such as overeating, eating bad food and so on.


In particular, the fish and meat with high protein content may also cause bacterial infection and further induce pancreatic lesions.


Have gas food for dinner


In the evening, eating some foods that will produce more gas in the process of digestion, such as beans, cabbage, broccoli, green peppers, eggplant, potatoes, taro, corn, banana, bread, citrus fruits, drinks and desserts with Xylitol (sweetener), etc., will make people feel bloated and hinder normal sleep.


Dessert for dinner


Many people like to eat dessert after dinner, but Yu Kang told reporters that too sweet and greasy things can easily cause a burden on gastrointestinal digestion. On the other hand, there is little activity after dinner, so the sugar in the dessert is difficult to decompose in the body, and then it will be converted into fat, which is easy to cause obesity. In the long run, it may also cause cardiovascular disease.


Dinner "cold and sticky"


Raw and cold, generally refers to uncooked, relatively cold food, such as watermelon, cantaloupe, raw tomatoes and other raw and cold fruits, or cold cucumber, cold jellyfish and other cold dishes; while sticky and hard, refers to Tangyuan, niangao, cut cake and other hard food that is not easy to digest, as well as dry fried, dry fried, dry and hard food with little water.


In the evening, the stomach and intestines need to be digested gently. After these foods enter the stomach, they will directly affect the work of the stomach, make the digestive activity become extremely hyperactive, and easily lead to acute and chronic gastritis and other stomach diseases.


Excessive drinking at dinner


Some people like to drink wine before going to bed to help them sleep, others have to drink because of evening entertainment, but in either case, we should try to put an end to it.


Drinking alcohol before going to bed will make a lot of harmful substances in wine accumulate in the body, poison the body, damage the retina, reduce the resistance, and make snoring and sleep apnea syndrome significantly worse.


Therefore, try to ensure that you don't drink within 4-6 hours before going to bed, and have less social intercourse at night. If you have to, drink wine before going to bed, then drink some green tea to relieve the wine, or drink some warm milk to protect the gastric mucosa.


Dinner taboo:


A ban on eating too much for dinner: eating early for dinner is less likely to cause stones. Related studies show that eating early at dinner can greatly reduce the incidence of urinary calculi.


The peak period of calcium excretion is usually 4 to 5 hours after meals. If the dinner is too late, when the peak period of calcium excretion comes, people will go to bed * and urine will remain in the ureter, bladder, urethra and other urinary tract, which can not be discharged in time, resulting in the continuous increase of urine calcium and easy deposition to form small crystals. So it's better to have dinner around 6 in the evening.


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