司马懿为什么看到空城计上的两个书童就退兵呢 只因书童等于“输同”-看世界

司马懿为什么看到空城计上的两个书童就退兵呢 只因书童等于“输同”



Why do you see the book boy and retreat? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, let's get to know with you and give you a reference.


This is an interesting question. I also want to answer it in an interesting way. Don't blame all the teachers.


The empty city plan is a very familiar allusion. It is about the battle between Shu Han and Sima Yi of Cao Wei. However, it is embarrassing that Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi have never performed the empty city plan in history. Since the subject is based on the romance, the author makes his own intelligent answer according to the romance.


Schoolboy is equal to "lose the same"


When Zhuge Liang sat in the city, he didn't go alone. He was followed by two schoolboys, which made many people wonder. Since Zhuge Liang wanted to sit in the city and drink and play the piano to scare Sima Yi away, why did he take two schoolboys to go there? Let's transliterate it first. Book = lose, child = same, which means lose together. Zhuge Liang's two schoolboys are for Sima Yi. There are no generals or soldiers behind Zhuge Liang, and there are only two schoolboys who have no hands. They mean to tell Sima Yi, "brother Sima, do you see the schoolboy behind me? If I lose this war, brother Sima, you will lose with me." After reading Zhuge Liang's meaning, Sima Yi immediately called for gold.


This makes many friends curious. If Sima Yi doesn't retreat from the army, Zhuge Liang will surely lose the battle. How can we say that Sima Yi will lose with Zhuge Liang? Don't worry, listen to the author's rambling.


Zhugeliang lost his life when Shuhan lost the Northern Expedition


Why did Zhuge Liang set up the plan of empty city? It was because the Shuhan people lost the Street Pavilion at that time, Sima Yi led 150000 troops to take advantage of the situation. At that time, Zhuge Liang had only 5000 soldiers and horses, and they were all soldiers carrying grain and grass, and there were no generals, all of them were civil servants. At this time, Zhuge Liang wanted to run away, but he could not fight, and he was about to die in Sima Yi's hands. At this time Zhuge Liang thought it over, took two schoolboys and a piano to the city. Zhuge Liang played a song in front of Sima Yi's army. If Sima Yi didn't withdraw and invade the city at this time, Zhuge Liang would die. The first northern expedition of the Shu Han Dynasty also directly declared failure. Maybe there was no chance of the subsequent northern expedition. So if Sima Yi didn't retreat, Zhuge Liang would lose.


Cao Wei wins the war and Sima Yi loses


Cao Cao had much fear of Sima Yi in his life, and often advised against Sima Yi. However, after Cao Cao died, Cao Pi did not listen to Cao Cao's advice but used Sima Yi. However, Cao Pi used Sima Yi, which did not mean that he also used him. After he ascended the throne, he began to use a lot of confidants to put Sima Yi's dismissal aside. During Zhuge Liang's first northern expedition, because of the corruption of the regime, Cao Wei was defeated. Under the circumstances of necessity, Emperor Ming of Wei again used Sima Yi. Sima Yi also knew that his military power depended on Zhuge Liang's Northern Expedition. If there was no foreign invasion, he would never get the military power of Cao Wei again. At this time, Sima Yi chose to go to the city and kill Zhugeliang. The rest of the regime of Shu Han continued to march to the south. It was in the morning and night to defeat Shu Han. Attacking Shu Han was a great feat. Maybe it was something that others wanted to accomplish very much. But for Sima Yi, attacking Shu Han was like cutting their own lives. There were external troubles. You can still save your life for later use. If there were no external troubles Well, what's the use of keeping you? If Cao Wei wins the battle and attacks Shu Han, Sima Yi will surely die.


Sima Yi is naturally a wise man. When he saw the two schoolboys behind Zhuge Liang, he knew what Zhuge Liang was suggesting to him, so Sima Yi chose to withdraw directly after hesitation. Zhuge Liang laughed a few times when he saw Sima Yi's retreat. It's estimated that Sima Yi was a timid and afraid of death. After all, 150000 troops, even if there is an ambush in the city, can give Zhuge Liang a direct peace.


The author also expanded Zhuge Liang's music of playing Qin in the city, "look at this piece of Qin, it's long and wide, just like the city, it's big and round, you, come, in front of the empty city, think, I'm very suspicious, brother Sima, you, the pace of retreat, just like, I'm playing Qin in the city, just as happy. Skr... "


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