"Where is the emperor in the pavilion now? The Yangtze River flows in the air outside the sill". Look at the historical river, feel the vicissitudes of history, and walk into the story of understanding with Xiaobian.


Although the word "Shi Zu" began to be popular after Sima Yi, its predecessor was the aristocrat and aristocratic family. At that time, the aristocratic family was the so-called Shi Zu, and at the Qin autumn and Warring States period, it was the aristocrat, and then it was the so-called big and small princes.


Before ancient times, the whole China was still in a slave society, and the common people were dependent on the nobles of all sizes in the world to live. It can be said that the nobles at that time were almost one side's ordinary existence.


And the influence of aristocracy almost belongs to hereditary, that is to say, as long as they are aristocrats, their children will always be aristocrats, as long as there is no big problem, they can be inherited indefinitely.


However, this tradition was broken because of the change of law, which gave the slaves of the Qin State hope to fight hard. So the number of slaves began to change. It can be said that the six countries were unified, so that the slave profession disappeared in the long river of history.


Suppression of the gentry


In fact, the group is the combination of the literati and the Hans.


That's why the Xunzi family at that time did not support Cao Cao's self-reliance as emperor. To put it bluntly, they did not agree with Cao Cao's idea. After all, Cao Cao wanted to establish the coexistence of the literati and the humble family.


But this idea will do great harm to the interests of the literati. We should know that the literati have been high and enjoy all kinds of privileges for so many years, and Cao Cao wanted to list the literati and the children of the humble family, which made the literati who have always been high how could they accept it.


It's just for this reason that Cao Cao's generation didn't fulfill his dream of emperor, but with the same reason as Cao Cao's, Liu Bei can be said to have been formed by Han men. Although a large number of Han men's children have brought about a considerable number of talents in Shu, they are just the most basic talents, and they are similar to those who have passed on for hundreds of years There is no comparison at all.


And the situation of Sun Quan and Liu Bei in the eastern Wu is even more, which is also the main reason why they have not wanted to fight with the eastern Wu. We are all in the same boat. Why do we have to suffer.


In fact, it can't be said that the eastern Wu is made up of Han clan's children. Most of them are represented by the scholars in Jiangdong. But the relationship between the scholars and Han clan has been well handled in the eastern Wu. To be honest, Sun Quan has been in a defensive state for so many years since he took control of the eastern Wu. To put it bluntly, he is balancing the relationship between the scholars and Han clan, so that they don't have big conflicts. We can say that we have all of them All of our energy is wasted on settling conflicts, and there is no time left.


The rise of gentry again


After pacifying the world, I thought that I could finally get along with the scholars peacefully, but the scholars headed by Sima Yi couldn't sit down.


For so many years, because they wanted to unify the Three Kingdoms, the literati had never had the chance to take back their privileges again. Moreover, Cao Cao was quite intelligent. He had no idea how many literati forces had been eradicated during the war. For example, the intelligent people were all the literati who Cao took the opportunity to eliminate.


But these were all petty quarrels, because the literati were not alone. Even if Cao Cao killed a hundred Yang Xiu, he would not let the literati hurt their muscles and bones. Just like the Xunzi family and others at that time, Cao Cao hated them to death, but he did not care about them.


It was not until Cao Cao felt that he had taken control of the situation that he really started to deal with them. However, the influence of the literati was not just the Xunzi family. Although the Xunzi family could not go to the front row of the literati again under Cao Cao's pressure, the Sima family sneaked to the front of the stage in this opportunity.


On the surface, Sima Yi pretends to be ill in his own home, and he is quite low-key, but the scholars all know that this is their hope, so many scholars support Sima Yi unconditionally in private, that is, they are waiting for opportunities.


And this opportunity is finally realized in, including 5000 family members were almost wiped out. At this time, Cao's family can't solve the problem with a low head and a weak head.


We should know that Cao Cao has been using his wisdom to wander among many scholars, which not only suppressed the scholars but also improved the status of the Cao family. It can be said that Cao Cao was the most outstanding talent at that time. Even if Cao Cao was dead, but the monarchs of the Cao family must have how to suppress the inheritance of the scholars again. As long as we give the Cao family another chance, maybe the whole family will again In the face of the Three Kingdoms period, he was beaten step by step by Cao Cao to the level of sitting with the civilians.


It can be said that this is intolerable for the scholars. Most of these scholars have passed on for hundreds or even thousands of years. The pride in their bones has long prevented them from being equal to the common people, because it is an insult to the scholars.


In order to prevent the history of Cao Cao's suppression of the gentry from happening again, Sima Yi was forced to cut off all 5000 members of Cao's clan. In fact, we also know that at the beginning, Cao Shuang would surrender because Sima Yi told them to be rich, so Cao Shuang and others would surrender on the spot, waiting for the opportunity later. Who would have thought that these gentry did not think about it at all Cao's family will be released, so the whole 5000 Cao's clan will be cleaned up, thus breaking the inheritance of Cao's family.


Since the Sima family took charge of the whole world, the literati had the most exaggerated growth, especially the implementation of the system of occupying land and shadow guest, which means that the literati can occupy a large number of land and population under reasonable conditions, and also give a large number of economic privileges to the literati. The direct result is that the whole Central Plains fell into the middle and the northern Hu people saw it The opportunity to enter the Central Plains, from then on, the people began to enter the hot water, until the reunification of China, only to stop the pace of the literati, but the struggle for quick benefits let the literati once again see the opportunity to reappear on the stage of history, and then completely eliminate the literati.


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