Many people have made up a summary from the film and TV series. In ancient times, there were generally four consequences.


The first is the worst: burned or ruined.


As we all know, ancient chastity is so important. In ancient times, the concept of chastity did not exist from the very beginning. At that time, people's concept of chastity was not strong. It can also be said that people had certain animal nature. Chastity comes with clans and civilizations.


China has entered the mode of production of settled agriculture for a long time. In the social division of labor, women are excluded from the auxiliary labor, and their identity is thus transformed into subordinate status. The ancient society was consanguineous. In order to ensure that the family power and wealth can be inherited in their offspring, it is necessary to ensure that the children born to their wives and concubines are of pure blood. In order to ensure the purity of "species", we must put an end to the extramarital sexual relationship between wives and concubines. Before marriage, we must be virgins, and after marriage, we also require women to be "single" in their sexual life. In any case, the birth of a variety of isolated men and women, closed female isolation system, palace sand and so on. Of course, when it comes to the consensus of the whole people, it mainly benefits from the deepening.


Therefore, under the premise of this system and environment. If it is a widow, once it is found out that the widow is pregnant, then in the clan society, it is likely to be killed or even burned directly by the family elders using private law. We need to find the adulterer and take him to the government for punishment.


If it's an unmarried girl, i.e. she is pregnant without marriage, it's also very sad. If she is known, her whole life will be ruined. After that, no one should dare to marry you, and your parents' family will not look up.


Of course, not all of them are like this, and there is room for moderation. For example, look for the pan man.


The second is to find the plate man.


This is not an unrealistic possibility. In fact, in ancient times, widows or women were accidentally pregnant, usually only their parents or a small number of people knew about it. At this time, if you can communicate well with the man in time, you are willing to marry, and the other party is willing to marry you, then marry when you have no stomach, which can cover up the ugly.


Of course, if the man doesn't agree, the average parents will immediately look for a pan Xia. Even if you are married or looking for a disabled person, you should get married at the first time, so that you can have children immediately after marriage. But for the pan man, I don't know.


The third is abortion.


One is to take abortion drugs. This is probably the best way. There are records about abortion drugs in Treatise on Febrile Diseases and compendium of Materia Medica. Especially in compendium of Materia Medica, there is a special column for abortion drugs, including more than 40 kinds of drugs. Although this method is relatively good, it does great harm to women's bodies, and many of them can't have children for life.


The second is to use external force to vibrate, squeeze and hit the abdomen. This kind of pain to bear a huge pain, the pain is not a little bit two.


Third, acupuncture abortion, which has been used since Song Dynasty, has a success rate of about 70%. "Yizong Jinjian" said: "the fetus does not come out, the son died in the abdomen, should stab the son "Yang Jingzhai acupuncture book" said: "stillborn, take the middle pole, Hegu, Kunlun (points)."


Fourth, massage abortion. According to the records in yijianzhi, Pang Anchang, a famous doctor, used massage to assist the delivery of pregnant women with dystocia. "She asked her family to warm their waist and abdomen with soup, and she pushed her hands up and down to rub them. The pregnant woman felt a slight pain in her stomach and intestines, and gave birth to a man while groaning. Both mother and son were safe.". This kind of midwifery massage can cause abortion if it is applied to the pregnant women at the early stage of pregnancy with greater force.


In addition to the above three, there is the last one, which is born secretly.


The general method is to move directly to another place, give birth to a child and say that the father of the child is dead, or directly hide and give birth to someone else to raise. The consequence of this is that women can't get married any more and can only be single mothers to raise their children alone. This is rare.


These are the four outcomes of the unmarried and pregnant women in ancient times. Compared with ancient times, we don't know how lucky we are now, so we should cherish our life now.


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