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In history, the relationship between the power minister and the power minister is often very tense. The power minister is generally unwilling to return to the government. Only when the emperor has to clear the power minister can the power return, the end is typical. Therefore, the tragedy of the Qing Dynasty had already planted seeds when he was in charge of the imperial court.


From Shunzhi's succession, Dourgen did not regard him as an emperor, but as a puppet, and took measures against him:


First, we should carry out the system that the harem is not allowed to do politics and strictly restrict contact with Shunzhi.


"When Prince Rui was regent, the emperor and I lived in separate palaces. After many months, they could see the real record."


Shunzhi was only a child at that time. He was separated from his mother alive. He didn't see her several times a year. Would he not hate Dourgen?


Second, on the issue of Shunzhi's education, Dourgen adopted the way of free education in order to avoid his "sensible". He hired five teachers, three Manchus and two Han. But in learning, let Shunzhi love. Children's poor restraint ability, only to play, so that later Shunzhi repeatedly complained about Dourgen.


Third, in dealing with military and political affairs, Dourgen asked Shunzhi to listen to the government. That is to say, Dourgen points out the mountains and rivers, gives orders, and Shunzhi is watching.


All the imperial power was controlled by Dourgen, and the center of power was transferred from the palace to the Regent's palace. He did not let the princes and ministers serve the emperor, "but he made the court himself, and ordered him to wait in front of the palace." In particular, the title of "Regent of the emperor's father" has a great tendency to replace Shunzhi.


Later, Shunzhi said with great dissatisfaction:


"The only way to sacrifice is to bow your hands. I didn't anticipate or give details to me about all the affairs of the country in the world -- the record of the Qing Shizu"


The uniqueness and exclusiveness of imperial power decide that if Dourgen doesn't, waiting for him is liquidation.


Children who have been suppressed for a long time are more likely to rebel when they grow up. As Shunzhi grew up and was influenced by the Han culture, he would only be more dissatisfied with Dourgen.


The counterattack of dignitaries against Dourgen


In the process of fighting against the world, Dourgen relied heavily on the two white flags. Therefore, when distributing the fruits of victory, the two white flags are in the limelight, and the territory, position and property are all in the ascendant, which is easy to offend other flags. Other flags found an agent, jierharang, because of his rich experience, and because he was originally the assistant king, and was later attacked by Dourgen, who resented him.


Since the contradiction between Dourgen and Shunzhi came into being, it will be used sooner or later. At this time, due to the lack of leadership and internal conflicts, Dourgen group was divided into two groups, competing for power and profits, and attacking each other.


Therefore, after Dourgen's death, the suppressed Manchu dignitaries headed by jierharang made full use of the emperor's urgent mood to visit the world and began to settle accounts for Dourgen. They first took back Dorgon's seal and reward book, and then weakened his family's military strength.


Dourgen's main military power was given to him in his lifetime. When Douduo died, only azig was left to pose a threat to erharang in Jinan. Azigg used to ask Dorgon to give him a place to assist in politics, but he was refused. After Dourgen's death, aziger wanted to expand his influence and tried to swallow two white flags by himself. As a result, Dourgen was opposed by the old white flag Department.


Jierharang took the opportunity to attract the old part of Dourgen, jointly wrote a letter to impeach azig, denounced azig's disrespect for Dourgen, and easily pulled it down.


On the 12th of the first month of Shunzhi's eighth year, Dourgen passed away for only one month. Shunzhi was in charge. Dourgen's former confidants saw that the situation had changed, and many of them turned to jierharang. At this time, the two white flags did not lead the way, and alegge became a prisoner. According to jierharang, the time was ripe for him to write to the emperor in February of Shunzhi and expose Dorgon:


"There is a rebellious heart. Once upon a time, all the officials were afraid to swallow their voices. It is because of this that the situation has not been reported. I'd like to risk my death and listen to you. I hope the emperor can do it quickly. "


Jierharang listed 16 counts of Dourgen, roughly divided into four categories:


First, "swearing to the contrary and being arrogant", he deprived jierharang of his power and set dodor as the "assistant king";


2. Over regulation. The etiquette is the same as that of the emperor. The palace is similar to the imperial palace. The emperor's exclusive yellow robe and Dongzhu are used for personal use;


3. Disrespect to the emperor and his predecessors;


4. To persecute to death and marry his wife.


Suksaha and others in the white flag also came out to expose Dourgen's "usurpation of the throne".


Shunzhi tolerated Dourgen for a long time, and long ago expected someone to impeach him. After seeing the memorials of jierharang and others, Shunzhi was depressed for many years, and his discontent erupted like a volcano. He resolutely ordered Dourgen to "cut off the Marquis, withdraw the temple and enjoy, stop, and remove the patriarchal clan and property into the palace".


In a blink of an eye, Dourgen, who has boundless scenery, became a sinner in the Qing Dynasty less than two months after his death.


Qiu Mei said: Dourgen is in the high position of the Regent of the emperor's father, which not only threatens the throne ruled by Shunzhi, but also suppresses the status of the prince of the Manchu Dynasty. He usurps the throne upward, and will be convicted if he withdraws. It's more difficult to land safely and become more difficult.


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