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净网2019 如果你被电信诈骗,第一时间这样做!



Fraud routine


I. credit exchange, pseudo base station group transmission information


1. Loan fraud: through mass distribution of information, it is said that it can provide loans for those who are short of funds, with low monthly interest rate and no guarantee. Then carry out fraud in the name of prepayment of interest, margin, etc.


2. Financial transaction fraud: in the name of a certain securities company, criminals spread false insider information and trends of individual stocks through the Internet, telephone, SMS and other means to defraud the funds of the victim.


3. Medical insurance and social security fraud: falsely claiming that the victim's medical insurance and social security are abnormal, and enticing the victim to remit money to the so-called "security account" for fraud.


4. Swindle of exchange points: falsely claim that the victim's mobile phone points can be exchanged for smart phones, and the other party requests the victim to remit money to the designated account for reasons such as making up the difference; or send a text message to remind the victim that credit card points can be exchanged for cash to carry out fraud.


5. Provide fraud on examination questions: call the candidates who are about to take the examination and claim to be able to provide questions or answers, and require the down payment of the benefit fee to be transferred to the designated account for fraud.


6. High salary recruitment fraud: through mass distribution of information, a certain type of professional is recruited under the guise of high salary with monthly salary of tens of thousands of yuan, and fraud is carried out in the name of training fee, clothing fee, security deposit, etc.


Police remind: lawbreakers use fake base stations to send SMS or make phone calls by pretending to use customer service phones such as banks and operators. They can obtain the bank account information and password of users by exchanging points for prizes, so as to cheat money. When receiving "bank card password upgrade", "point exchange" and other SMS messages with links, check them through the official website or customer service phone of the bank and operator, and do not click the links in the SMS easily.


2. Winning SMS, winning information of entertainment programs


1. Winning mail fraud: send winning mail through the Internet, and ask the victim to remit money for various reasons such as "personal income tax", "notarization fee", "transfer fee".


2. Fake winning fraud of well-known enterprises: fake the name of well-known enterprises, print fake winning scraping cards, send them by mail or delivery, and then carry out fraud under the pretext of paying handling fee, deposit or personal income tax.


3. Winning fraud in entertainment programs: in the name of the popular entertainment program group, short messages of winning awards are sent to the victims' mobile phones in groups, and then serial fraud is carried out under the pretext of paying handling fees, deposit or personal income tax.


Police remind: in the name of "Spring Festival Gala" and other program groups or "tmall" and other shopping platforms, lawbreakers send short messages or e-mails in groups, claiming that they can obtain huge prizes, and then carry out serial fraud on the pretext of having to pay handling fees, deposit or personal income tax, to lure the victims to remit money to the designated bank account. After receiving the winning information, first recall whether you have participated in such a lottery and verify the authenticity of the information; second, see whether the winner needs to pay personal income tax, transfer fees and other fees, if any, it is generally a winning fraud.


More scams,


Will be revealed one after another!


Yongchuan public security warm tips


Don't trust a stranger's phone call. The customer service of the bank asks after all;


If you have a security account, think twice about a large remittance;


Personal information is the most important, password account is well kept;


Beware of illegal fake online banking, log in the website clearly;


Online shopping is more convenient, and the payment limit should be set.


Spring Festival is coming. I wish you all a safe and peaceful return home


Happy New Year!


Reprinted from: Lanzhou net police patrol and law enforcement


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