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小学生防拐防骗的安全小知识 发现被拐骗的解决办法



On TV, we can always see the news that primary school students have been abducted. Cheaters always catch the simple heart of primary school students to commit criminal acts, which also makes parents panic every day. So, what kind of safety knowledge should primary school students have? Here is the relevant information provided by 360 common sense network, hoping to help you.


Elementary school students' safety knowledge of anti abduction and anti deception


1. If you are not your own family member to pick up at school, you should inform the teacher in time. The teacher should contact the parents and cannot go with others without confirmation.


2. When you go out to play, you should ask your parents for permission and inform your parents or other family members of the itinerary, indicating the approximate time to return home.


3. Form the habit of closing the door when entering or leaving the house. When a person is at home, he or she meets a stranger to knock on the door, do not open the door.


4. When going to and from school, going out to play and shopping, it's better to go with classmates, friends, parents, etc. there are more people on holidays. When going to the street or going out to play with parents, you must hand in hand and follow the parents closely.


5. Do not take the hitchhike of strangers, do not accept the money, toys, gifts or food of strangers, and firmly refuse their temptation.


6. When strangers ask for directions, they should keep a certain distance from them. They should not be close to the car body.


7. Do not go through narrow streets and dark underpasses alone, or go to remote parks or public toilets without management.


8. Don't hang the key at home on your chest. Don't show off your parents' status or wealth in front of outsiders or friends.


9. Discuss with your parents and teachers in advance. You can't think that you will solve everything. Making decisions without permission often leads to danger.


Find a solution to being abducted


——In case of being cheated or threatened in public places, they shall immediately approach or run into the nearby organ units from places with many people, and call for help loudly;


——If personal freedom has been controlled, keep calm and try to understand the address, number of suspects, accent and other basic information under the condition of ensuring safety;


——Preach the national laws to the traffickers, buyers and relevant personnel, inform the serious consequences, and wait for the opportunity to go out for help or escape;


——Suggest your situation, ask for help and try to get in touch with the outside world by sending small notes and other ways;


——Don't give up. Try your best to find an opportunity to report the case to the public security organ (call 110 for help), call the police as soon as possible by calling, sending a text message or through the Internet and other ways to contact the outside world, indicating your location, the name or contact number of the buyer (employer).


Guide to new students' deception prevention


I. friendly help. I can't go back with my luggage.


Characteristics of deception: liars "bully" freshmen who are not familiar with their life, pretend to be new receptionists at the gate of the station and school, help them to take care of suitcases and other items enthusiastically, and then "divert the tiger from the mountain" to steal their luggage.


Precautions: when strangers are too enthusiastic about you, you should be alert. Don't leave your belongings easily to avoid being cheated.


2. Pay the tuition fee for you, take the money and go nowhere.


Characteristics of deception: after the swindler gets on the bus as a student or a parent, he can chat up with the students and parents as a school usher. After gaining the trust, they took the opportunity to defraud by paying tuition fees on behalf of others and taking money from the bank.


Preventive measures: new students should not hand over money and things to strangers when they report to the office, and the registration fee must be handled in person or by parents.


3. Pretending to be a fellow townsman, stealing money and property while talking and laughing.


Characteristics of deception: at the beginning of enrollment, the freshmen didn't know each other. The swindler just used this to pretend to be freshmen or villagers and students, to cheat their trust, and to take the opportunity to steal students' financial affairs.


Precautions: find a way to confirm the identity of strangers. In addition, remember to lock the dormitory in time.


4. Fake teachers and swindle in broad daylight.


Fraud features: fake teachers or student cadres, directly into the dormitory to charge the freshmen a variety of items, such as class fees of 100 yuan per person.


Preventive measures: get familiar with your tutor and student cadres as assistant counselors as soon as possible after entering the school, and check and verify in time in case of such matters.


Methods of safety education.


One is to always predict. We should adhere to the principle of safety first and prevention first, often find out unsafe factors and various potential accidents, and take targeted rectification measures in time to prevent accidents before they happen. This is the basic method to cultivate students' safety awareness. Tell students what unsafe factors exist in the campus, what kind of consequences will be caused and how to prevent them. The class safety officer and the dormitory chief shall frequently check the possible hidden dangers, and report the situation to the teacher in time to let the safety alarm ring for a long time.


Second, regular education. To do a good job in safety publicity and create a good atmosphere are the basis and premise of enhancing safety awareness. The methods should be diversified, making full use of posters, safety science and education films, television and slides; inviting the public security, transportation, justice and other relevant outpatient department personnel to give special lectures; also carrying out safety education exhibitions; carrying out safety education, on-the-spot visits, on-the-spot education, introducing accident cases, especially warning education anytime and anywhere. A new traffic accident picture exhibition will definitely enhance the students' awareness of traffic safety, carry out safety week and Safety Month activities, and promote the safety work of the school.


Third, always remind. For each activity, the safety precautions shall be explained first, and the morning meeting and afternoon meeting time shall be used every day to remind the students of the safety problems that should be paid attention to. Find some typical cases of safety, analyze the causes and lessons of accidents, and carry out safety education. In safety education, the education of safety thought and safety attitude is the most important.


Fourth, regular inspection. We should always pay attention to the hidden dangers of accidents and make a big deal out of a molehill. Frequently check teaching and living facilities, and rectify problems in time. Check whether the students are carrying prohibited articles. It is forbidden to enter the campus with knives, inflammable, explosive and dangerous articles.


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