在冬天 10个让女性变得更丑的时尚穿搭 并且都已过时-看世界

在冬天 10个让女性变得更丑的时尚穿搭 并且都已过时



Some women seem to find it hard to give up the fashion trend they used to like, so when it comes to winter, we can see some women wearing leather leggings, short skirts and down jackets, which is the same this winter. Now, let's take a look at this article with 360 common sense. Com: in winter, 10 fashionable dresses that will make women uglier are out of date, but many women still wear them.


1. A-line down jacket


Loose A-line down jacket has been popular for many years. However, this kind of down jacket has one disadvantage, that is, manufacturers often make it thinner in order to make it look more elegant and beautiful, which is also the reason why the thermal insulation performance of this type of clothing is significantly affected. And this style is not so good to match. So you'd better choose a straight cut down jacket, and try to reduce the decorative elements.


2. Thin and tight knit dress


Tight knit dress can easily and quickly make a person lose appearance, and it is very easy for people to see or think of pantyhose, panty seam contour and other issues. So in 2019, designers suggest wearing a free cut sweater with a tight mid length skirt. The most daring but stylish choice is a wide sweater with a silver pencil skirt.


3. Knee socks and skirt


Some women want to wear short skirts in winter, so they will choose Golf skirts with knee socks. Many women naively think it's a lovely image. But even if it's really cute to look at, it's out of fashion, and it's not as warm as tights and skirts.


4. Hat with decorative elements


In the shop, you can easily find hats that can damage the overall style, such as those with rhinestones, canopies and various decorations. Surprisingly, such products are still very popular. But in fact, it will destroy the image. So, you'd better choose a simple cut ordinary hat.


5. Matching of sweater and shirt


Many years ago, the shirt or T-shirt under the sweater was very popular. It looked like a big Necklace under the collar, but now it seems that this style is very boring.


6. Belt on clothes


Of course, it doesn't mean that you should give up the belt completely, but you should control it. For example, the belt that is matched with ordinary coats, fur coats and even down coats will make you look more ugly.


7, collar


For a while, the neckwear has become a more interesting alternative to the scarves that people have been familiar with all the time, but as time goes on, most people find that this thing is not so practical, because it is easy to fit, cool and loosely stick on the neck, not as comfortable and warm as the regular scarves. Nowadays, real fashion women prefer loose wool scarves.


8. Open shoulders


Clothes with one or two open shoulders are now out of fashion. Maybe you will think that they look very romantic in the photos we prepared, but in reality it will bring a lot of inconvenience to people. For example, in the daytime, you need to constantly check and correct your clothes. In addition, you also have the embarrassing risk of exposing too much underwear.


9. Leather Leggings


In the early 21st century, leather leggings appeared in almost every fashionable woman. Over the years, designers still haven't killed people's love for this kind of vulgar clothing. You know, this kind of clothing won't warm at all in winter, and certainly can't make anyone slim. For women, there is a better alternative, which is to choose pure black jeans, which are easy to mix and match with many things.


10. Traditional fur coat


It seems that the classic fur coat made of natural fur is more difficult for many women to give up than leather leggings. But if you really want to look fashionable, you should choose artificial fur coat, because this style of clothing is in the peak of popularity. Moreover, they can also make people look younger in this kind of clothes, while traditional fur coats make people feel more rustic.


Do you wear this kind of clothes in your daily life?


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