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夏天穿短裙全攻略 偏胖女生穿出去也是美美哒



After May Day, it's getting hotter and hotter. For many beautiful girls, it's the hottest time of the year. How hot is it? It's no exaggeration to say that walking in the street in summer, facing the sun, is like baking. So, there are many good ways to avoid the summer heat, good clothing came into being, so in the summer, what is the most popular girl? Short skirts, of course. Let's take a look at it with 360 common sense.


Yes, it can be said that short skirts have changed the way many people spend summer. Skirts have existed since ancient times, but short skirts are not very common. After all, most of the former girls wear Hanfu, which is basically not exposed. Today, most of the girls wear short skirts. It can be said that how cool it is, how cool it is. It's just beautiful not to want it.


In the hot summer, wearing a short skirt, matching with a suspender top or T-shirt, it can be said that it is cool and sexy, which is a beautiful walking model. Generally speaking, the length of the skirt is higher than the knee, which is basically a short skirt. Some even go to the thighs. Many girls especially prefer short skirts, which should be worn all the year round. No wonder short skirts can highlight girls' beautiful legs and sexy figure.


However, many girls also say that short skirts are good, but for overweight girls, it's a fashion disaster. After all, short skirts will make the fat legs stand out, so it's hard to have aesthetic feeling. So how to deal with it?


In fact, for the overweight girls, it's not that they can't wear short skirts, but they should pay attention to the matching skills, that is, they want to wear skirts to show their legs and don't want to appear overweight, that is, they should wear suspender skirts and try to choose black ones, because black is thin.


In the wardrobe in summer, there are always several pieces that everyone has, such as skirt. Although the skirt is good to match and versatile, but different styles of skirt always have different taste, which one is the most suitable for you? How to look best? It's still a matter of thinking.


Of course, these have something to do with your unique temperament, body proportion and leg shape. Only by choosing and matching the skirt that suits you best, can you develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and show your body well. Today's little dress will give you advice!


A word skirt


When it comes to A-line skirt, the feeling of youth comes to you. A-line skirt is full of girlhood. If you want to look young and lovely, A-line skirt is a good choice. All the big and small flowers in the entertainment circle love A-line skirt!


Liu Shishi, who has a fresh temperament, and MI, a beautiful girl, have put on two pink A-shaped skirts respectively, which make her skin white, legs long and young. It seems that no matter mature and beautiful, or the female stars with fresh temperament can control the beautiful A-line skirt.


A-line skirt is so popular, not because of its clever design! The advantage of short skirt is that it can quickly change the proportion of legs and create the effect of large long legs. The special feature of A-line short skirt is that it can get a good neutralization no matter whether it is a full body or a lean body, so that you look tall and thin!


A-line skirt + T-shirt, this pair of gold partners, can basically contract your whole summer! Can wear this year's most popular letter T, simple but not boring, fashionable and still!




The length of a few centimeters under the hip skirt can create an elegant retro feeling. Its high waist design and scattered skirt are full of retro atmosphere. For Asian girls with pear shaped figure, it is absolutely a magic weapon to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.


In order to show their feminine charm and highlight their graceful posture, female stars like to wear hip skirts. Especially model Miranda Kerr, such a good figure does not show much waste!


Because the skirt is more slim, it has higher requirements on the shape and line of the waist and buttocks, which is suitable for the paper with good proportion of the waist and buttocks. The girls with cocky buttocks have obvious advantages in wearing hip skirt, which is sexy and straight. Many girls sit for a long time, resulting in sagging and flat buttocks, so it is not very good to wear a hip skirt. If you want to wear a skirt with buttocks on, you need to work out a little buttocks~


Wrap hip skirt + shirt, let you both have sexy feminine taste, but also a layer of formal sense, wear to work, the most eye-catching is you in the office!


Wrap buttock skirt + suspender can show women's lazy charm without politeness, which is both casual and sexy! It's hard for you to attract people's attention!


It looks good. It's not only cute, but also not fat. In high-heeled shoes, it still looks very loving. But back to the point, when wearing a short skirt, what's better with the upper body? Let's popularize it today:


1. Matching with shirt


In summer, short skirt with shirt can be said to be a classic match. It looks like a lady with white shirt. It looks lovely with plaid shirt or flower shirt. How to match it depends on your personal interest.


2. Matching with T-shirt


Short skirt with T-shirt, or lazy, or leisure, or lovely, in short, how comfortable to come, sometimes the most suitable match is jeans short skirt with white T-shirt, appropriate campus style, lovely.


3. Matching with suspender top


With a good figure, don't let others know, that's intolerable. The most eye-catching thing in summer is probably the sling. As the saying goes, no sling, no summer. It's just a beauty to wear a sling in summer.


But for many girls who love beauty, wearing short skirts may mean inconvenience. After all, short skirts are suspected of going out. What should I do? Safety pants, of course. How do you think? Ha ha ha.


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