睡衣要选择什么样的面料为好 睡衣洗涤晾晒方法大全-看世界

睡衣要选择什么样的面料为好 睡衣洗涤晾晒方法大全



With the improvement of the level, modern people pay attention to clothing and sleep. Due to the close fitting clothes on the impact of sleep is not small, so pajamas should choose what fabric is good? Take a look with 360 common sense!


Pajamas have long been a symbol of Western lifestyle. When it comes to the origin of this word, you may be surprised, because such a "foreign flavor" thing is a real loan word.


The original word paejama comes from Hindi. It is a combination of Pai and jamah in Persian. Pai stands for "legs" in Persian, while jamah stands for "clothes.". Pajamas, as the name implies, is the leg clothing pants. It was originally a kind of loose pants for Middle East and Indians to wear out, but European colonists gave it a new role -- pajamas.


Pajamas can be generally divided into two categories: nightgown and nightgown. The Nightgown is a whole piece, covering from the collar to the legs. The Nightgown is divided into coat and pants. Dressing in pajamas or pajamas is completely determined according to one's hobbies, but no matter which one you choose, it's better to be soft and broad, which is close to the body but not tight, so it's very convenient to turn over and get up and down in the bed. The less buttons on the pajamas, the better, so as to avoid discomfort on the skin after sleeping. Light color is the best color for pajamas. Sky blue, light blue, lake green, pink, light yellow, white and other colors are good for sleep, while bright red, big green, big purple, black and other stimulating colors are bad for sleep!


Since it's a close fitting dress, it needs to be worn for 6-8 hours every day and night. Of course, its texture should be selected. Cotton fabrics are the most absorbent and comfortable to wear. If you sweat at night, it will be easily absorbed and your body will feel comfortable. But pure cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle after washing and needs ironing, which is not very convenient. Hemp fabrics are relatively straightforward, but also have a certain water absorption, wear better in summer, the southern region is often used to make pajamas. Silk fabrics are very soft and beautiful, but they have poor water absorption. They are easy to stick on in summer and too cold in winter, so they are suitable for air-conditioned rooms. In addition, it is more difficult to iron silk pajamas after washing. Wool is not generally used for pajamas.


Now, cotton and chemical fiber are commonly used as pajamas, accounting for 50% - 60% of the total, which not only has water absorption, but also is easy to maintain the style, not easy to shrink, easy to clean, and do not have to iron after washing, so it can be used as the preferred fabric.


With the material of pajamas updated day by day, the birth of new fiber injected new vitality into pajamas. Red baby pajamas in the material selection of each season, all grasp the trend of fashion, design a product that you can't let go of. But a good Pajama must be carefully maintained to continue its life.


I. washing instructions: the maximum temperature of hand washing water is 40 ℃


Do not put it in the tumbler dryer


No ironing.


Non dry cleaning


Do not use chlorine bleach (household bleach)


Dry in the shade


II. Washing method


1. The best washing method is to wash by hand with warm water and neutral emulsion by light pressing.


2. Wash by hand with cold water or warm water (below 40 ℃) slightly lower than the body temperature. Do not use hot water.


3. It can use general neutral detergent or special neutral detergent for underwear.


4. Use a proper amount of detergent, too much detergent will bring a burden on the texture, thus damaging the pajamas.


5. The detergent should be completely dissolved in 30 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water before putting down the clothes.


6. Detergent shall not be directly touched on pajamas to avoid uneven color.


7. Never use bleach. Chlorine bleach will damage the material and turn pajamas yellow.


III. drying method


1. Wash by hand.


2. Dry in a cool place. It is easy for the clothes to deteriorate and turn yellow in the sun, which shortens their service life.


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