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户外旅行准备装备 选择旅行背包的选择



With the improvement of the level, many people choose to make some outdoor trips with friends during the rest time. When you travel outdoors, you need to prepare some outdoor equipment, which will be put into outdoor backpacks. So, what are the types of outdoor sports backpacks? Below 360 common sense network for you to collect and sort out the outdoor sports backpack types, hope to help you!  




Four kinds of outdoor sports backpacks


There are many kinds of outdoor backpacks on the market, which are mainly divided into four categories, namely travel bags, bicycle bags, backpack bags and mountaineering bags.   


1. Travel bag


Travel bag, also known as travel bag, is a product of the development of travel and tourism. At present, tourism projects are developing rapidly both at home and abroad, and travel bags have evolved into various kinds. In the process of travel, it can bring us convenience, so that the items are easy to pack and carry. Therefore, according to the length of travel time and distance, we need to choose the appropriate travel bag.   


First of all, the types of travel bags can be divided into backpacks, handbags, and trolley bags according to their shapes. According to the daily use, the travel bag can be divided into daily urban travel or short-distance travel.   


Travel bags usually have detachable top bags or waist bags. After arriving at the destination, you can put the commonly used things in the top bag or waist bag, leave the big bag at the destination, and then pack lightly.


Although carrying a big travel bag and full of luggage, it seems that a cool posture will attract many eyeballs, but as long as I understand the weight of my body, no one is in charge of your arm's fatigue, so when you travel, you must do what you can, and when you choose a travel bag, you must "measure your body and choose your bag".   


When choosing a travel bag, you must try the weight, that is, put the appropriate weight in the bag to try the function. Maybe you can try the back with your partner's travel bag. When you try the back, you should pay attention to whether the travel bag is close to your back, whether the belt and chest belt are suitable, and whether men and women should be separated, etc.   


With a good travel bag, it will make your back ache if you don't load it. According to the shop assistant of Pathfinder's field supplies store, the general items to be filled are sleeping bags and clothes, lighter equipment, heavier equipment, materials and drinks.   


When purchasing travel bags, it's better to ask professional people to help purchase them in a professional shop. When purchasing, you must be picky. Don't just look at the brand. If it's not suitable, you'd rather not buy it rather than make do with it.   


2. Bicycle bag


It can be divided into two types: hanging bag type and knapsack type. The hanging bag type can be carried on the back or hung on the front handle or back shelf of the bicycle. Backpack type is mainly used for bicycle travel requiring high-speed cycling. Bicycle bags are equipped with reflective strips that reflect light to ensure the safety of riding at night.




3. Back frame bag


This kind of bag is composed of cladding body and external aluminum alloy frame. It is used for carrying large and hard to pack items, such as camera box, gas tank, etc. In addition, many backpacks often indicate which sports are suitable on the signs.   


4. Climbing bag


Two types: one is a large backpack with a volume of 50-80 L; the other is a small backpack with a volume of 20-35 L, also known as "assault bag".   


The big climbing bag is mainly used to transport climbing materials, while the small climbing bag is generally used for high-altitude climbing or peak assault.   


The special backpack for mountaineering is designed to cope with the extreme environment. It is unique and exquisite. Generally, the bag is thin and long. The back of the bag is designed according to the natural curve of the human body, making the bag close to the back of the human body, so as to reduce the pressure of the straps on the shoulders.   


These bags are waterproof and will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are widely used in other exploration activities (such as rafting, desert crossing, etc.) and long-distance travel besides mountaineering.


Purchase of climbing bag


Soft Backpack


There is no internal and external support, no good carrying system, similar to students' backpacks. Light and small. But the simple system can't bear large load, so it's uncomfortable to carry. Only suitable for general urban tourism, one-day hiking, or one-day suburban climbing activities.   


Outer shelf package


The metal skeleton is on the outside of the backpack, which is now rare. This kind of bag has an H-shaped metal frame (aluminum alloy is the most common) outside, which can be hung with camera boxes, furnaces and other devices, so it is very large.


But compared with the inner shelf bag, there is more space between the body and the backpack, which makes the air convection between the body and the backpack better, and can keep cool and comfortable when carrying.   


However, when the package is fully loaded, the center of gravity of the outer frame package is higher, which is more dangerous in poor road conditions. For example, when drilling in dense forest and bamboo grove, the backpack is easy to be caught and stuck, and the center of gravity is easy to shift suddenly and lose balance when climbing. So this kind of bag is more suitable for carrying large luggage on a flat road.




Inner shelf bag


Moving the metal skeleton to the inside of the backpack, which makes the skeleton and the backpack more integrated, is the current mainstream climbing bag type. The backpack is more comfortable and close to the body, making the center of gravity more stable.   


Compared with the outer shelf package, this will make you more flexible and easier to master the balance. Especially now most brands use adjustable shoulder system, which can be adjusted to fit your body shape. It will be very comfortable to carry.   


Characteristics of outdoor Backpack


1. The backpack strap is wide and thick, and has a belt to share the weight of the backpack.   


2. The materials used in the backpack are waterproof and wear-resistant.   

3、背包在标牌上往往写明用途,如“MADE FOR ADVENTURE”(为冒险而设计)、“OUTDOORPRODUCTS”(户外专用产品)等。   

3. The use of backpack is often indicated on the label, such as "make for adventure" and "outdoorproducts".   


4. The large backpack has an inner or outer aluminum frame to support the bag, and the small backpack has a hard sponge or plastic plate to support the bag.  




How to maintain outdoor Backpack


1. When traveling, avoid the contact between the outdoor backpack and some sharp stones or branches and thorns, resulting in the scratch of the outdoor backpack.   


Prevent rats or other animals from biting through outdoor backpacks at night. You may say that these things are inevitable, but if you have the heart, you can minimize the probability of these events.   


2. The outdoor backpack should not be too full, which will lead to the deformation of the outdoor backpack, and the durability of the material will be greatly reduced. Outdoor backpacks are under great pressure for a long time and may break down at any time.   


3. Don't put some hard and sharp articles in the outdoor backpack, which is easy to cause internal injury.   


4. When cleaning outdoor backpacks, if there are some places where it is difficult to clean with water, it is recommended to use a brush stained with alcohol to clean them. After washing, put them in a dry and ventilated place to dry. Don't expose to the sun.   


5. When not in use, fill the outdoor backpack with newspaper, keep the shape of the bag and put it in a dry place.   

结语:通过上文对户外背包的介绍,相信大家对 旅行包怎么装都有了一定的了解。上文的详细介绍,希望大家在以后的户外旅行中都能够正确的运动起来,让自己更加轻松的进行 户外运动。最后,也祝大家在户外旅途中能玩的开心,玩的尽心!

Conclusion: through the introduction of outdoor backpack above, I believe you have a certain understanding of how to pack the travel bag. The above detailed introduction, I hope that everyone can exercise correctly in the future outdoor travel, so that they can more easily carry out outdoor sports. Finally, I wish you all have a good time in the outdoor journey!


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