出境旅游的自我保护 避免卷入不必要的麻烦-看世界

出境旅游的自我保护 避免卷入不必要的麻烦



With the prosperity of China's national strength and people's wealth, traveling abroad has become a fashion. As far as the popular overseas destinations are concerned, the public security is relatively good, but it does not exclude the increasing number of criminal cases in a few countries or regions, especially for Chinese tourists (groups). Therefore, Chinese citizens who travel abroad can avoid getting involved in unnecessary troubles only if they have a good understanding of the local public security situation and take proper precautions and self-protection measures according to local conditions. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Preparation before going abroad


Before going abroad, tourists should make preparations, including applying for passports, visas, buying plane (car, ship) tickets, handling all kinds of necessary insurances, understanding the customs, climate, culture, religion, public security of the destination country, laws and regulations, the address and contact number of Chinese embassies and consulates in the country, so as to know each other.


If the destination country or region has not established diplomatic relations with China, you should know the address and telephone number of our relevant escrow agency. For details, you can consult the foreign affairs office and Public Security Department of the province or city where you live, or log in the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people's Republic of China to find relevant information.


Preventive measures after going abroad


1. Enhance the awareness of prevention and self-protection, avoid paralyzing loose emotions, and pay attention to anti-theft, fraud, fraud, robbery and beating;


2. On the way to travel, strictly obey the direction and arrangement of travel agency or guide, abide by the activity time, try to travel together, and do not act rashly alone, especially female tourists;


3. Take the means of transportation and behave peacefully in public places with a large number of people. Don't make noise or highlight yourself, so as not to arouse disgust or the attention of lawbreakers;


4. Valuables, such as digital cameras, laptops, jewel ornaments, famous brand clothing, etc., should be kept properly. Valuables not used in daily life can be deposited in safe deposit box at the place where they stay;


5. Try to avoid going out with all kinds of frills and jewels, especially participating in night activities to avoid being robbed;

6、不要随身携带大量现金,最好使用信用卡或旅行支票,不要在黑市上换汇;信用卡要随身携带,不随便出示,在人多嘈杂的地方和就餐地要注意保管好随身的贵重物品和皮包 ;

6. Don't carry a large amount of cash with you. It's better to use credit card or traveler's check instead of exchanging money on the black market. Keep your credit card with you and don't show it casually. Keep your valuables and bags in noisy places and dining places;


7. Generally, don't contact or talk with strangers to avoid being cheated; just look at the quarrel on the street or public transport, and don't involve in it; if something is found on the street, it should be handed over to the police for handling, so as to prevent being blackmailed or framed;


8. If the local police want to check your passport and other certificates, they can first show their certificates and record their police number and police car number; when paying the fine, they should not directly hand it over to the police, but hand it over to the bank and other designated places with the ticket;


9. When traveling by self driving, do not place valuables in the open place of the car; if the tire is stuck, lock the door before getting off the car for repair; do not take a taxi in the dark; do not let strangers take your car or walk with strangers;


10. Copy and backup the passport, visa and ID card, and store the copy together with the backup photo and the original certificate separately. When carrying with you, do not put it in a bag that is easy to be cut open by sharp tools;


11. Do not go to red light district, special residential area, no one back to the street and other places where cases are prone to occur; try to go out as little as possible before sunrise and after sunset;


12. Remember the emergency telephone numbers of fire, police and first aid in order to help in case of emergency;


13. After arriving at the destination country, if you are not a temporary visitor, you should first go to the Chinese Embassy and consulate to register, so that in case of an accident, the Chinese Embassy and consulate can contact you or your family in time.


Self protection in case of emergency


If you are involved in an accident or involved in an incident or case in a foreign country, please inform the reception unit or tour guide immediately and take the following measures:


1. When encountering robbers, keep calm and restraint. Women should not shout loudly. Men should not resist rashly. They should see the situation clearly before taking action. In case of armed robbery, tourists must not over stimulate each other to avoid irreparable consequences;


2. Under the condition of ensuring personal safety, if you can wait for the opportunity to escape, try to escape to a place with many people; if you can't escape, don't resist in vain, hand over a proper amount of cash to the other party, record the personal characteristics, time and place of the hijacker, report the case to the nearest police station or police in time, and seek the assistance of the police;


3. Ask the police to issue necessary lost certificates and contact the nearest Chinese Embassy and consulate in time;


4. Visit the hospital in time and issue a diagnosis certificate;


5. If you lose your passport, please contact the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a travel document for your return. Please help the reception party to report the lost visa to the nearest Administration Bureau, and ask them to reissue the visa or take corresponding measures;


6. Get in touch with the credit card issuer in a timely manner and ask it to stop the relevant credit card business;


7. In case of being detained or arrested, a consular notification to the Chinese embassy or consulate shall be submitted to the police. The Chinese Embassy and consulate will visit the detention center as the case may be, contact the relatives of the parties concerned, and introduce appropriate lawyers according to the wishes of the parties concerned;

8、为尽量减少旅途中因发生意外而遭受的财产损失,建议游客及时购买足够的保险,如具有意外保障和医疗补偿功能的双重保障的境外旅行保险, 就比较合适。其次,还应充分考虑保险的保障期限,可根据保额和天数投保,最好选择有境外合作救援机构的保险公司的产品。

8. In order to minimize the property losses caused by accidents during the journey, it is suggested that tourists should buy enough insurance in time, such as the overseas travel insurance with double guarantee functions of accident protection and medical compensation, which is more appropriate. Secondly, the insurance period should be fully considered. Insurance can be covered according to the insured amount and days. It is better to choose the products of insurance companies with overseas cooperative rescue agencies.


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