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领略不常见的风景 探秘锡金走进世外桃源



I have seen the bustling metropolis full of cars and rivers, and I have enjoyed the beautiful island scenery. When these famous tourist sites can't satisfy people's more comprehensive exploration of the world, more and more Chinese begin to walk in the remote countries and enjoy the unusual scenery. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


Now there is a special itinerary. The destination is an Indian landlocked state at the foot of the Himalayas, the second smallest state in India, Sikkim.


Sikkim, a name many people have never heard of. This remote and quiet land nourishes 610000 people. Here is engraved with the original and magnificent nature. The majestic snow mountain is majestic, and the endless deep forest echoes the natural cry. There is a hanging stream between the mountains and rivers. Yaks running freely on the grassland. The blue sky sets off a lot of white clouds. Smoke curls up from the hills on the plain.


Xijin's beauty is a kind of primitive beauty, which has an inexplicable attraction for people living in cities for a long time. Let go of all things, pack on your back, return to the embrace of nature, and take a deep breath with the forest mountain.

她的一次旅行 情定锡金

Her trip to Xijin


Yang Yi, the daughter of Singapore's famous psychiatrist Yang Xinfa, launched a "journey to Xijin", saying she initially went to Xijin with curiosity.


Before the end of University, she went to the Himalayas once, and thought it was very beautiful. Later, she wanted to go there again. This time, she chose a different village, Xijin, because that place was very mysterious to her at that time, and few people had heard of it, so she wanted to go to find out.


It was such a trip that she fell in love with the place and the idea of bringing a group to visit.


"Xijin's natural resources are very rich and the scenery is very pure. I think we Singaporeans in the metropolis, sometimes if we can go to the very primitive place of nature, it is very good for our body and mind. "


At first, she just invited her family and friends to go with her. Later, through introduction, more and more people want to join in the journey of Xijin, which is close to nature.


Now Yang Yitian takes a group of Sikkim for half of the year. She enjoys every trip very much. And Xijin gave her not only the beauty of nature, but also a beautiful love.


In the course of taking the group for several years, Yang Yitian met the local boy Namgyal through a friend's introduction. They got married after a period of communication, and now they live a life of singing with their wives, and Namgyal has also become the director of the "Xijin Exploration Tour".

一日锡金 四季美景

Beautiful scenery of four seasons in Xijin


The special geographical location gives Xijin a unique climate environment, which is built on the mountain. The temperature difference between the foot of the mountain and the top of the mountain is huge. On the way to the north, people can experience changes all year round. Up to the top of the mountain, you can feel the beauty of the snow and the joy of playing in the snow.


This is a rare experience for tourists living in the tropics. The tourists with the group said that they had experienced four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in one day. Although it was cold to the top of the mountain, it was a pleasure to play in the snow.


In this land surrounded by nature, enjoy snow mountains, step on the plain, taste organic fruits and vegetables, and breathe fresh air. Make a pot of tea and talk with the simple local people. Enjoy the tranquility of a modern version of "paradise" between mountains and rivers.


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