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老年人选择去旅游 准备旅游需要注意的十个地方



When I was young, I always had no time to look around because I was busy. Now I am old, I have retired from my work, and it is quite good to go around the country. Many old people have plans to travel. As the physical strength and physical condition of the elderly are different from those of the young, the following details need to be grasped when preparing for the tour. Now follow 360 common sense net to understand!


1. Be accompanied by family members. It is also a natural rule that some old people refuse to grow old, but their physical strength has gradually declined with their age. The best way is for the old to go with a younger person so that they can take care of each other.

2、临行前要体检 老年人出门旅游前都应体检,征得医生同意,方可前往。然后再根据各自的身体状况和病情,选定旅游点,安排旅行日程,能远则远,不能远则近,不要勉强。出发后要及时向随团保健医生介绍病情,独自或结伴旅行时,要有人陪同照顾。

2. Before leaving, the elderly should have a physical examination before going out to travel, and they can go there only with the consent of the doctor. Then, according to their physical condition and illness, we will select tourist spots and arrange the travel schedule. If you can go far, you can go far, you can't go far, you can't go near. Don't force yourself. After departure, it is necessary to introduce the patient's condition to the group health care doctor in time. When traveling alone or in groups, it is necessary to be accompanied.


3. Choose a reasonable place to travel. According to their own preferences and conditions, the elderly can choose places of interest or resort. Pay attention to what you can do, and don't use up too much physical strength to climb mountains or travel long distances. In addition to wearing non slip, light, soft and elastic travel shoes, try to use a walking stick to enhance the support ability of the body.


4. Pay attention to reasonable diet and hygiene. When traveling, you need to take enough food, choose easy to take, nutritious, fresh and sanitary food, and eat more fruits. When traveling, there is no need to eat out. Be careful not to eat raw and cold food or unclean food.


5. Prevent diseases. In spring, the temperature is not high, the air humidity is very high, the damp heat and poisonous evil are easy to attack the human body; the old people have poor rest and resistance during the journey, and they are easy to suffer from rheumatism due to cold and humidity. High humidity is also easy to induce migraine, skin diseases, etc.; older people do not want to sit on the ground, so as to avoid getting damp and causing disease.


6. Carry common drugs. In addition to the drugs taken at ordinary times, such as antihypertensive drugs, vasodilators and hypnotics, there should also be drugs such as cold, diarrhea and pain relief. Take first aid medicine with you in case of emergency. If you are dizzy, you should also take anti dizzy medicine.


7. Prevent cold. Spring and autumn travel season, the climate is changeable, so spring travel does not reduce clothing, but also bring rain gear, in case of unexpected situation, so that the body cold. The temperature difference between the morning and the afternoon in autumn is large, and the immunity and disease resistance of the elderly are decreased. The clothes should be increased or decreased with the climate change to prevent cold.


8. Food should be hygienic. During the journey, the diet should be light, less instant noodles, more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation. Do not eat unsanitary and unqualified food and drink, and do not drink spring water, pond water and river water. Try to eat in the restaurant where you live, and provide your own tableware and water fittings, which is convenient and sanitary.


9. Avoid excessive fatigue. There are many crowded passengers on the train, the carriage is also dirty, and the car is bumpy and tired. Therefore, if the elderly come to Xinjiang for tourism, it's best to take a sleeper or plane for a long journey, or go to Xinjiang in sections. The travel schedule should be loose rather than tight, and the amount of activity should not be too large. During the tour, the steps should be slow, step by step, and climbing the mountain should be done according to your ability, so as to avoid overwork, aggravating the burden on the heart, myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, causing the recurrence of old diseases. In case of dizziness, headache or abnormal heartbeat, rest on the spot or seek medical treatment.


10. The elderly need quiet accommodation for traveling. Comfortable and quiet accommodation to ensure 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day, accommodation conditions do not need luxury, but for comfortable and quiet, choose 2 to 4 rooms, with the companion or travel companion in a room, convenient for care. Do not try to save money to live in a humid, dark, crowded room, so as not to affect sleep, lack of energy, or induce disease.


Old people are different from young people. They need to pay attention to a lot of places to prepare for travel. They can't act arbitrarily to avoid getting into trouble. As long as all aspects can be prepared in place, it is good for the elderly to choose to travel. First, they can relax and relax. Second, they are also a way of fitness, which is good for longevity.


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